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Сегодня #Рига отмечает День независимости Латвии: 18 ноября 1918 года была провозглашена Латвийская Республика. Небо над столицей государства в этот важный для страны день будет освещено красочным фейерверком!
Today #Riga celebrates Independence Day of #Latvia: on November 18, 1918 the Republic of Latvia was proclaimed. The sky over the capital of the state in this important day will be lit by colorful fireworks!
#города #Латвия #мкс #космос #iss #space #Latvija #fromabove #natgeo

earlier this week we debuted our spring '18 showroom in NYC! swipe through for behind-the-scenes highlights & prepare to be swept away
#oldnavystyle #spring

It's a wet old day here. Chores done, it's movie in front of the fire time ✨Feeling grateful for all the wonderful and inspiring connections and opportunities that I have made through @instagram and tagging all the lovely inspiring creatives involved in Thursday's workshop #whpthankful

When the sky is grey it’s always worth looking down instead 🌷💫

I hate packing for long trips. I either bring too many clothes, or not nearly enough! So I’m taking a quick break with my @d1milano watch, just to make sure I don’t get to the airport too late and miss my flight! 😜⌚️ #d1milano #d1waytotaste ad

I had been waiting for this week of @deliveroo Taste Tour most because it is… the Japanese week! Well, I am not totally honest, we didn’t wait, we ordered a huge tray last Sunday, and today it’s yet another excuse. This family is always up for sushi!
What about you, sushi yes or sushi no? 🍣 ///
Любите ли вы суши, как любим их мы?
Этой недели в кампании @deliveroo мы ждали больше всего, все-таки Япония! Ну, это не совсем правда, не ждали мы, каждую неделю почти суши заказываем 🙊
С нашего с Мидасом путешествия в Японию пару лет назад мы огромные поклонники всего, связанного с этой страной, и в первую очередь - суши.
Авелин нас тоже с первого года удивляет, она любитель оливок, сыра с плесенью и японской кухни тоже 🙋🏻🍱

"Przejście na papier" z monitora komputera zawsze sprawia mi dużą radość, nigdy nie sądziłam,że kiedyś będzie mi to dane😊 Tymczasem w najnowszym numerze @womenshealthpolska na stronie 46 pokazuję Wam mój pomysł na modną fryzurę! 😃🤷‍♀️ Artykuł możecie zobaczyć na moim story albo w gazecie ofc 😗 A do poduchy Sinatra - jak tylko w tle moich story lecą jego piosenki, zawsze dostaję całą masę pytań o tytuły - klasyka najlepsza 😗 A co dzisiaj gra w Waszych słuchawkach? #womenshealth #flatlay #cosy #teatime #flowers #fromabove

Dancing daisies, just because.
And in reply to my own story, 4g improves it, switch off WiFi. But it’s still not as sharp as it should be 🤔


What goes up must come down (and give you spectacular views in the process!) Thanks @alejovizcaino for this time-lapse on board the Star!

I've been sick for the past almost week. It's kind of ridiculous. .
But on the bright side, I made a BIG move for my future today and I'm so excited to share more with you soon. It's huge 🎉 and I'm so, so thrilled to tell you everything!!!

Speechless moments...

322/365 - A Different Perspective
From Above | Outside Your Normal | Move

I don’t usually take photos from above, as I try to get down to their level. Torin is waiting to pounce...which he did right after I took the photo. 😆

Canon T6i; 50mm, ISO 400, 1/250, f/4.0

#cy365 #potd #dailyphoto #adifferentperspective #fromabove #canonphotography #november2017 #nature #naturephotography #snowydays #mybackyard #firstsnowfall #huskies #huskiesofinstagram #wannaplay #ilovemydog

A great bird's eye view of the vastness of the Everglades National Park on the flight over from Mérida to Miami with @americanair. Unfortunatetly I wasn't able to spot any of the abundant wildlife from that high up 😉. @evergladesnps @nationalparkservice #fromaplane #everglades #florida #travelphotography #natgeotravelpic #lonelyplanet #wanderlust #adventurer #explorer #globetrotter #fromabove #airplanepics #beautifulearth #nofilter #planewindow #sky #naturephotography #windowseat #birdseyeview


My kind of mornings! 😌

Drone patterns #dronephoto #djimavicpro

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