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If you feel like your self worth is based off of likes and approval from strangers on the internet; then you thoroughly need to cleanse yourself and seek Professional help! If you feel like you need to portray or pose as something you're not to get attention and seek validation, I feel sorry for you as a human being. If you let these things ruin friendships, relationships, and anything else potentially good in life I feel you are a lost ass cause and truly may have no soul. I hope that versad you put on , comments, and likes are there for you when shit gets real.

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This hair.
People now stop me in the street and love on it, they say:
"It's so you"
"It's your brand"
"Ugh you're so lucky to have hair like that"
My hair crosses barriers, right now "it's in"
But that hasn't always been the story.
Most of my life I straightened it.
Most of my life I was ashamed of it.
Most of my life I wasn't connected to:
This fro.
These curls.
And I darn sure didn't feel like I "was in" 🌀
After weeks of having my hair in its natural form, I would straightened it and get so many compliments. "You look like Pocahontas" they would say.
"Your hair is so pretty" they would say (never complimenting my hair prior to)
And what did this do to me?
It told me that I wasn't enough. My hair "as is" wasn't enough. That my hair without being straight wasn't pretty enough therefore it was ugly. 👇🏾
So what would I do?
I would straightened it often because I needed that validation that I was enough. I wanted to feel whole.
It told me that society didn't except my hair...my blackness. (And that's another story for another day) And it was white people, black people and Hispanic people who all reminded me that my hair was better straight.
These stories I hold about my hair are an implication of the stories we carry about race, gender, and class both here in America and all around the world.
But I also recognize my hair has privilege too.
I've been told I have that "good hair"
And because of my "good hair" it's more accepted. It's easier to maintain. I don't know the struggle of kinkier or "nappy" hair. I've never had to perm my hair. And these are all privileges that I don't think about often. 🌀
But this is me and this hair is mine. My hair does not define me but it is a part of me. It is a part of what makes me all that I am. And I love it and sometimes I want to cut it all off and that's ok too lol
This post is a part of @WholeSelfLiberation Already Whole storytelling campaign where they have asked us to share a story we wish to claim/reclaim. You can share your story at bit.ly/alreadywhole [Link in Bio] #wholeselfliberation

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