Merry Christmas to myself. Had my iPhone 6 for 3 years great phone but it was an way overdue upgrade.#iphonex #santacameearly #fringerprints #apple

Wow! What a testimony I got to hear after church today from my friend Marquice (wearing the Victory badge in the middle) — earlier this year he was in prison for getting caught selling drugs awhile ago on the street— when he got out of prison in the summer, several people like these two men in the pic & @a.j.__johnson crossed his paths and kept inviting him to @victorytulsa —he was at a crossroads in his life in September when he ran into an old friend inviting him back into drug selling & a new friend (Richard on his right side) inviting him to join the church and start coming to our Victory men’s discipleship class every Tuesday—he prayed to God because financially he was broke and needed the $$ that drug selling could bring him, but he chose to stick with his job and plug into church and discipleship class- trusting God for finances... LAST NIGHT he graduated our 11 week discipleship course, went thru growth track, and is now serving on the host team for 11am service—and he’s already witnessing and leading past friends back to Jesus and God is faithfully taking care of his $ needs!🙌🙌😭🙏🙏// I preached today on the butterfly effect of our spiritual decisions and how destinies are altered for eternity when 1 person makes 1 small move for Jesus like inviting someone to church, giving in the offering, attending a growth track class, joining a connect group or discipleship class , etc.. Marquice kept telling me that he’s a living example of the butterfly effect of people in the church changing his life & his family now that he’s been reunited with his kids! You never know who’s on the other side of your obedience to God!!! #Jesus #changedlives #victorytulsa #butterflyeffect #fringerprints #openhands

#Brotherlylove? 💙I think I can get #fringerprints from this😡#notNice


8th Cultural Family Festival Union City NJ. HALEA & NOBLE coming together for the youth fingerprint program. #ucpd #halea #noble #police #cop #cops #fingerprint #fringerprints #sheriff #hcso #countysheriff

Got our lab coats and glasses on! Felt like I was on CSI. #fringerprints #stlouis #sciencecenter #fun! #CSI

Every #family should feel safe with their choice of #Childcare. They should not be fearful of receiving a phone call from #socialservice asking you to ask you #child if their #caregivers or anyone in their home took advantage in any sexual aspect and if so would they testify? #backgroundchecks on everyone working or around #children would fix these issues we read about all the time in the news. #earlychildhoodeducation #advocate for #thumbsupforprints

Art I did today with my 2-3yr classs...

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