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I really just miss the kid. I haven’t forgot about him it’s just I wanna see his face πŸ’”
- @ayefrimzy
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I missed you all πŸ’” miss me ?
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this is cute 😩😍πŸ”₯❀ #teamfrimzy #lxstsxul #frimzyboy #frimzy @ayefrimzy

comment "frimzy" letter by letter 😻
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Restarted feed πŸ‘€


😩😩🀀🀀 late night post πŸ₯€
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😞 it’s slowly fading away soon we’ll forget about each other and I’ll have to pretend it didn’t hurt me @ayefrimzy #teamfrimzy #frimzy #lxstsxul #brokenheart #broken

lock screen for you guys ❀️😻
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So I bit his ear
Ortixz:damn baby*holding his ear *what the hell was that for
Gia:I told you to put me down i feel better
Austin:ortixz take her to her room
Gia:damn butt hurt much and I ain't even do shit to you
Austin:that's e fucking enough
Austin walk over to baby with his fist up like he was gonna hit her but then he seen how terrified she was
Austin:baby I'm..... im sorry I didn't mean to scare you
Gia:you were gonna hit me😒
Austin:no baby i....
Gia storms into the house Cade fan after her but she looked her self in the bathroom and found a blade and................
15 likes for next chapter
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Ur love got me so crazy rite now u just don't know how bad it is! Ty for being my fans, my friends, & most of all part of my family & part of my heart as well! It means a lot to me to have y'all on here at my side. Y'all know I'm a Cancer Survivor, a pain in the ass at times, going through a lot of crap, dealin with STRESS & DEPRESSION, but u all also knows that I'm a sweet, kind, have a big heart, I love all of y'all, & more...Since I 1st started Musical.ly, making picture edits, making video edits, having YouTube, & Instagram u all have done nothing but shown me love, support, & friendship as well & I appreciate it so much. Yes I too love talking to y'all as well. It makes me smile to c so many nice comments under my stuff & the likes as well. I've only had to BLOCK a few ppl, but y'all have also token up for me as well being I'm not on here to those that puts or true to me down. I would ty all even Zak Bagans, BabyBoyOtMan, & Frimzy for being at my side & talking with me as well. Ty all ever 1 of y'all from all of our fans, friends, & families.. both old & new as well. Ty, babes for y'all mean the world to me..I love all of y'all so much πŸ’‹πŸ‘„πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ #TeamJackieB410


I just wanna πŸ˜‹πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ #frimzy #lxstsxulmxbersxonly

Just as ortixz was passing gia to Cade she threw up everywhere
Cade:Oh my god baby are you ok
Gia:no Cade 😒 I just wanna go home and lay down I don't feel good
Austin:we xanx go in there
Cade:ik we need to go to the safe house
Cade:ok baby let me Just clean this up and then I'll come back there with you and ortixz can sit in the front
Cade cleaned up the mess and got in the back seat with gia to make her fall back to sleep cause they still had a long way back to the safe house
Ortixz:Austin in hungry
Austin:ok I'll stop at McDonald's
They arrived at McDonald's
Austin:wake baby up are if she wants anything
Cade:baby wake up
Cade:do you want something to eat
Gia:no thanks
Ortixz:are you sure baby you haven't eaten all day
Gia:no I font want to throw up again
Cade:do you all least want something to drink
Gia:can I have a cup of Ice
Gia phone rings
Gia:hey can you pass me my phone please
Ortixz:Yeah here you go baby
?:hi how are you doing babygirl?
Gia:who is this
??:it's frimzy
Gia:Oh hi I'm doing fine
Frimzy:that's good to hear I called earlier but you were sleeping
Frimzy:ok I just wanted to see if you were ok I'll see you at school Monday bye
Gia:ok bye
Gia:omg it's 3 I'm the morning why are we still in the car
Cade:we had to take a few pit stops
When gia was in the phone Austin was riding the food and have gia her Ice
Gia pov
After what felt like an eternity we arrived at the safe house when I got outta the car Ortixz comes around to me and picks me up I was telling him to put me down and he didn't so I................
What do you guys think she did?
I really want some feed back from a you guys so don't forget to comment. I need help coming up with a name for this story @ayefrimzy @ayeortix #teamfrimxy #lxstsxul #frimzy #fan fiction

#MyNewPhotoEdit ....If y'all repost this plz all I ask is y'all give me credit on it...Thx, babes & enjoy

He saw nothing just then gia phone rang so ortixz answered it convo
Ortixz:who this
??:My name's frimzy
Ortixz:how did you get this Number??
Cade:who is it ortixz
Ortixz:some dude named frimzy
Austin:give me the phone
Ortixz passes Austin the phone
Austin: why do you have my baby sister Number
Frimzy:I just wanted to make sure she was ok I saw what happened in the office
Austin:she's fine now bye
After Austin hung up gia woke up again and whispers to ortixz crying
Ortixz:yes baby why are you crying?are you ok?
Gia:no ortixz I don't feel good😒
Ortixz:baby said she really doesn't feel good
Cade:here pass her to me
Just as ortixz was passing gia to Cade she.......
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Y'all this song lit plus the video ofc πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯@ayefrimzy #lxstsxul #teamfrimzy #lit #frimzy #frimzyboy

When they got there that door had been broking into
Austin:why the hell is the door open
after Cade screamed gia woke up confused
Gia:what happened 😯
Ortixz:Nothing baby go back to sleep ok
Gia:are you sure
Gia said scared
Austin:Yeah baby everything is fine
Cade:Just lay back down
Gia did what they were telling her to and feel rite back to sleep in ortixz arms
Austin otp (on the phone)
Austin:go check in the House
Body gaurd1:ok boss
When the body guard went in to the House he saw...........
#teamfrimxy #lxstsxul #frimzy @ayefrimzy

I love him in pinkπŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ”₯πŸ’¦
@ayefrimzy @frimzy #lxstsxul #frimzy #ayefrimzy #frimzyisbae #frimzyfreaksquad

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