Never make anything for myself but a made an exception for Scott Hutchison. 💙

Was only planning on doing this one, but if ye want one give me a shout and I'll donate the profit from any others to SAMH.
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Can you hear the road from this place?
Can you hear footsteps, voices?”
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“Beyond the housing glow
Looking back will lose its points. So step forward into the void, the endless road “ .
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My sidewalk sign for the week. Go and make your tiny changes, you beautiful creatures. You will never know how big they can be.

Frightened Rabbit // Painting of a Panic Attack (2016, Atlantic)
“Get together now, find hope. There is a life beyond the one you already know.”
Favorite tracks:
“Lump Street”
“Get Out”
“I Wish I Was Sober”
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Snap decision last week to get this #frabbits tattoo. Scott, your music was beautiful, and I never want to forget how it made me feel. Big thanks to @gabrielalastratattoos for doing it, amazed with the results. #frightenedrabbit #frightenedrabbittattoo #blackwork #blindtiger #tattoo

"I got lost
Just hanging around
In a blur of the days and weeks and months
Took the calendar down
And watched everyone going somewhere
While I waited to be found." - Roadless, Frightened Rabbit

Still hurts so much to listen to these guys right now. 💔

One of the best songs ever written, thanks @frabbits
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Started a new series for @withdrumsandcolour in which I go through my record collection and review some of my favourites. The first one had to be special so I did it on one of my all time favourites from @frabbits - link in bio. 🖤

Mastersystem - Dance Music (Vinyl LP)

The debut album from the band formed of members from Frightened Rabbit, Editors and Minor Victories. Mastersystem's Dance Music is now taken in a different context after the recent, devastating passing of the late singer-songwriter of the band and Frightened Rabbit - the supremely talented and sadly missed Scott Hutchison. The album was released only a month before his death, and stands as the last music released by the Frightened Rabbit frontman. Dance Music is a brilliant no frills rock record with a nod to post-hardcore of the late 90's and 2000's like a heavier, rawer version of earlier Frightened Rabbit records. Hutchison leaves us with this little gem to accompany all of the superb Frightened Rabbit records he and his brother Grant (drummer in Mastersystem) released during his all too brief time on this earth. Thank you for the music Scott - we'll always play this one up to 11 and have a drink in your memory.

For Fans Of: Frightened Rabbit, Minor Victories, Editors, Post-Hardcore

Now available at www.venusvinyl.com

🎵I'm not ready to see you this happy 🎵

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Looking forward to getting these chilled raising one or two to @owljohn @FRabbits Thanks Pete! @downeastcider #frightenedrabbit #scotthutchison

Feeling sad about Scott Hutchison. Here's a bit of good arms vs bad arms - Frightened Rabbit.

It's Mental Health Awareness Week! ...at least it was - it was when Scott Hutchison of one of my favorite bands Frightened Rabbit took his own life - probably acting out the story of a song he'd written 10 years ago - 10 years ago when he had more hope.

I'm sad - I'm crying and angry and listening and trying to put into words what a life meant - what it meant to me - and - just - why - ... Why are we killing ourselves? Scott, Avicii, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell... Is it just coincidence?
I'm terrified of the idea that creation costs - the Norman Mailer "Every one of my books has killed me a little more" construct - go watch the Elizabeth Gilbert Ted talk for a more eloquent explanation.

I loved Scot Hutchinson's music - I love Frightened Rabbit - I loved his voice - his Scottishness - the brutally honest lyricism matched with superlative sonics.

I've been afraid I could be Scott.
I've considered suicide - a couple of times - possibly more - but - thankfully - not for many years - (so - please - you don't need to call someone ;-) But I know this space - I know the Forth - I know the manic gulls and the drunken waves - I know the bridges and I know how I'd do it too.

I know the difference between putting things off for a day and a year and that will always give me hope - and yet - ...it still bloody got him.

Thank You
I think ultimately what I'm trying to say is - Thank you.
Thank you Scott for what you created and what you put out into the world.

Went to see the mural in tribute to @frabbits frontman Scott Hutchison at the Barras Art & Design Centre today.
#RIPScottHutchison #FrightenedRabbit

Finally emotionally ready to listen to #frightenedrabbit again ♥️

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