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No better sight than this 😍 Come on, summer! ☀️⛵️ #CrabIsland

Another glorious day in #florida! Saw a dozen manatees and some dolphins. #jupiter #juplife #friendswithboats #lighthouse #jupiterinlet

Salty hair, don't care✌🏼️⛵️ 📷:@juliannecantwell #SpringBreak #CrabIsland

☀️ Sunny Sundays ☀️ #caymanlyf #friendswithboats #livewhereyouvacation

Waiting on a summer #SundayFunday.. ⛵️☀️📷:@crabisland_cruises #CrabIsland

Boating season has begun 🙌🙌🙌 🍷🍷🍷#thankful #friendswithboats #wine 🚤🚤🚤🚤 #lakenorman #boatlife

Happy Friendaversary to this amazing incredible hilarious woman! I never wanted to celebrate a friendaversary before meeting her and since she’s not on social media I get to brag about her a bit. We met a year ago today at a rehab projected she opened her doors for a tour for our REIA members. After the tour we started talking and kept taking for about 2 hours straight! As an new entrepreneur making my way through the business, I take any time anyone is willing to give me. I call it sponge-mode. Entrepreneurs can get lonely and mentorship is more powerful than any business tool you could ever buy. We talked about life, travel and she told me if there was one thing I could do to be successful it was to read and understand #thinkandgrowrich. I ordered the book for that day and started reading. I shot her a follow up text letting her know I purchased and read the book. She was totally impressed and since that day, she has been one of my closest life advisors. She helped us buy our boat, we scuba dive together and other baddassery ensues on our adventures. Meeting her marks a significant shift in my life. Where there was no movement and disappointment after every corner, she shed light and helped me see opportunities! Every decision I sought council on helped me towards me goal. It is magical experience when something or someone is enters your life and trough their counsel you feel “in the groove” of the universe. I could get all kinds of metaphysical on the subject but just know this energy that she brought into my life is what fuels me. She’s helped me understand it and use it to my advantage. She’s my soul sister and I’m so grateful to have plopped into her life. She encourages me to give myself credit for things, she raises me up, and I return the favor. Thanks to her I am living an elevated life. Cheers to Jenna White, the other JW, the Quint in my life, the adventurer, cosmologist, the adrenaline junkie, the smartest business woman in the room. #entrepreneurship #thinkandgrowrich #realestateinvestor #boatbuddies #friendswithboats #adventuresininvesting #womeninvestors #girlsthatscuba #lifelevated #quintfromjaws #boatlife #lawofattraction

5 o'clock somewhere 🍻📷:@ashlynelizabethbowers #CrabIsland

WHO'S READY ⛵️☀️📷:@heritage_band #CrabIsland

How I’d rather be everyday....peaceful, calm and no one to judge! Everyone is your mate on the water 🎣👌🏼 #bestdaysarefishing #itsallineed #friendswithboats #givemethatanyday #friendships #fishing

Who's ready for SUMMER? ☀️⛵️🌴📷:@__lis_alejandra #CrabIsland

Suns Out, Buns Out! Hello, #SpringBreak! 📷:@sammi_loves_squats #CrabIsland

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