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Dear #Vegans of Instagram: Thanks for being here, we need to support one another. Love, Bonnie. #peace #compassion #friendshipismagic #friendsnotfood🐶❤️

Beautiful babies 😍😍😍
Friends not food !

Happy World Vegan Day! Eating a rainbow made easy with this delicious soul bowl from @mildredsrestaurant. #vegan #friendsnotfood🐶❤️

Come stop by for a slice of our white pizza today! We topped our homemade crust with tofu ricotta and Daiya mozzarella cheese, roasted garlic, broccoli, red onions, fresh arugula, artichoke hearts and black olives. #youdeserveit #veganpizza🍕 #friendsnotfood🐶❤️ #veganfoodshare #redbanknj

Finally met my sister puppy #loveatfirstsight Trying to understand how anyone could hurt animals that are so innocent and look at you like Zola does. #whyloveonebuteattheother🐈🐕🐩🐶🐺🐱🆚🐄🐓🐖🐣🐑🐎🐐🐏 #friendsnotfood🐶❤️ #goveganfortheanimals💚🐷🐮🐣🐖🐗🐰🐔🐟🐬🐋🐵🐐🐏💚 #vegan

Loving animals means loving all animals, not just the cute and cuddly ones. Although, Koda is very cute and very cuddly. Loving animals means not eating, wearing, using for entertainment or abusing animals. They are family. #GoVegan #FriendsNotFood🐶❤️ 📷: @jake_tahoe Shout out Koda's dad for letting me hang with her! @mizzlyadams


Hey there, chicken..Hey there, dog. Introductions never get less awkward ;) Our new family members. The breed of chicken is called Red sex link. Female chicks are brown/red, and males (what the egg farmer does not want) are white. If you are interested in adding a hen to your family and can drive to their rescue in California, contact @_animalplace . They rescue hens from commercial egg production farms. Another group will be rescued in July. Hens are useless to the industry after they can't meet their egg quota (sometimes at only 72 weeks old ). Butchers don't want them since layers do not produce the quality of meat carnivores desire. But I am glad bc now I have a new friend to watch, protect and share my garden with (but I am NOT sharing my toys)! And now mom wants to teach them tricks like Chickpea @abbie.loves.minnow .#friendsnotfood #friendsnotfood🐶❤️ #furandfeathers #companions #welcomehome #mastiffmix #koreandogmeatfarmrescue #chickenrescue

Bholu was slaughtered before he turned 3 weeks old. You can change things for millions of Bholus by spreading the message of cruelty free living.
Get active and join the #LivingFree volunteer network in your city today- link in bio.

Vegan "chicken salad", roasted Brussel sprouts and live dark green salad 🥗 #vegan #bewell #veggies #veganfood #vegandinner #vegandiet #eat #healthyeating #eattherainbow🌈 #friendsnotfood🐶❤️

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