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💟💌Believing is seeing! I recently realized how deep the meaning of believe is. Believing in something is going beyond what the 5 senses are showing you in the external reality. A believer is a person who operates completely on inner vision. They see beyond their current circumstances and know they create their experience through their thoughts and their level of believe.
We're simultaneously living two forms of reality. A spiritual and physical reality. When we forget our spiritual concept, we become solely physical and operate mainly through the 5 senses. The 5 senses show you what has already manifested through your thoughts and beliefs. Whatever is in front of you has already been created by you. If you're not so happy with what you see, than now is the time to shift.

You have to start becoming more in tuned with your inner reality. Understand this is where all creation stems from. The reason why people have so much fear, doubt, and worries is because they haven't been taught about this part of themselves and how to use it. Fear and doubt is when your whole energy focuses only on what has already been created externally. Instead of going back in to recreate the vision you want, you become a hopeless victim thinking things are just the way they are and nothing can be done about it. I was stunned to find out that you can shift, change, and alter any circumstances by a shift of focus. The only question is where is your attention? The external world is a complete reflection of our internal state. If you want to change don't fight with what already is, go in and visualize, see, feel, and live the reality you want. Day by day you'll start to notice the external reality shifting to your new belief.
Start putting faith in your vision. Start believing in yourself. Don't let what you already created scare you or intimidate you into thinking that, that is all there is to life. No, you can change, you can become better, and you can start over. Just shift your inner thoughts to see the life you want and constantly believe in that vision no matter what the outside is showing you. Just keep believing..!
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I seriously have the most amazing friends/family! Thank you for coming out to celebrate my birthday with lots of tacos and beer! 🌮🍻 #friendshipgoals #ilovethem

To all you mamas to be or loved ones to a future mama, I am now hosting Blessingway ceremonies at the lovely and picturesque Sherwood LA in the Los Feliz Hills. Blessingway ceremonies honor the mother in a nurturing and supportive way, bringing together the power and bond of sisterhood and female magic. This Navajo tradition fills the mother with love and confidence she will carry with her through her birth experience. Contact me for more details and bookings! I am honored to be a part of your lives ❤️ #Blessingway #love #sisterhood #magic #divinefeminine #positivemind #goodenergy #birth #babyshower #losfeliz #losangeles #friendsforever #mama #tribe #unplugged #navajo #ancientwisdom #mother #momtobe

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