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⚡️How to Keep Your Focus:
It's officially my biggest week of summer:
I reveal our official launch w/ @adidas. My @bonappetitmag project goes live, I'm hosting @samsungusa's event launch for #ChefCollection & shootin 22 segments for Samsung tomorrow, starting at a 3:30 am call time.
I post my first stories on #matcha for @byrdiebeauty + I'm shootin w @sephora. I'm writing book #6, running my small biz in NY & LA + continuing to keep it all beautifully, together.
How you may ask?: Here are my top 5 ways to stay on your mental game:
1- ✨Chill with friends who make you feel amazing:
Friends who uplift, who make me crack up, who have always supported, these friends are your golden ticket! My girls like @stephareen @sajelejas @mollysandman @chrissiecolgan @cwootton @mcsherwood @livelikeitsthewknd @cday6 @courtscl all made me laugh this week! I got to hug a few of them + do dinner, even tho we are all miles apart, they are so supportive + compassionate. Love you girls for always telling me to keep going! ⚡️When you choose a new path, not everyone is going to be thrilled for your success, note that you've got to hang with the people who keep you up!
2- 🍵Matcha for the win!
Not just saying it. Matcha is my mental medicine for the am. It's full of l-theanine + a streamline of light caffeine, plus antioxidants. It keeps me on point with all my writing, meetings and I'm happy!
3- 👯Workout Daily:
My workouts are my sanity, they keep your blood flowing, serotonin levels up, abs tight, your energy levels up. Even when I hate going to my workout of the day, I always know, I'm one workout away from being in a great mood ⚡️
4- 🌈Look to the Bigger Picture:
I know if I continue to work hard, play big + I follow my dreams, they will lead me to success, to fulfill my wildest dreams. I've been more creative these past few years bc of this notion. The man, the kids, the home all of that will follow.. I worry not, I dream big.
5- 🦄Stop Giving AF:
This one is always the hardest. You're gonna have to let go. See a friend, a therapist do whatever it takes to clear the noise. Talk it out, meditate, hike, let go of what doesn't serve you. ✌🏼

Embrace the glorious mess that you are 💛
#smilebright #friendsalways #laughtillithurts #goofygirlsarethebestgirls

"SAHABAT ibarat MATA dan TANGAN,saat mata menangis tangan mengusap,saat tangan terluka mata menangis"
-pengalaman yang tak akan dilupakan

Meeting this one in bangalore and a stroll down the memory lane :) #adultingtoofast #bangalore #friendsalways

Life is always better with friends. Make more of those & thank me later! #friendsalways

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To our darling friend and #song23 attorney, a very happy birthday. We miss you ohhhhhh @greentima #friendsforkeeps #friendsalways

Marvin and Stevie... #friendsalways


Couldn't of asked for a better holiday with these beauties, I love you both 😍🍹✌🏻#purerelaxing #bestholiday #grancanaria #lovemygirls #friendsalways @karelialucy @leemarie137

Happy birthday to my @lucelu92💖 my oldest best buddy 👭 23 years still going strong 🙊#happybirthday #bestfriends #23yearfriendship #mynearestanddearest #loveher #friendsalways #birthdaygirl #oldfriends #childhoodmemories

This Man-cat is always making me chuckle!!! We finally madenit to Kugane last night so looking forward to more adventures with @ffxiv_lithirael_delsys and @koskiusko_elvonia 💙💖💙💖💙
#ffxivonline #ffxivfanfest #ffxiv #ffxivarr #ffxivhw #realmreborn #heavensward #stormblood #omegaffxiv #omegaserver #miqote #miqotelife #kittygirls #kitty #onlinegamer #mmorpg #ps4 #warrioroflight #warrior #bahamut #friendstime #friendsalways #smn #summoner xxxx

Life is always better with friends. Make more of those & thank me later! #friendsalways

Amici , certi li hai da una vita e riescono a ricordati che sei meglio di quel che credi di quel che pensi di quel che ricordi, di quel che immagini. Perché a modo loro osservandoti nel silenzio che li dai a malincuore senza volerlo per i periodi no, loro sorvolano, per il bene che ci ha cresciuto nel peggio del peggio del peggio , riescono a farti ricordare la forza che avevi perso che credevi di non avere più , ti ricordano che la vita fa schifo , può fare paura ma ne hai passate tante e puoi passarne ancora . Certi ti guardano semplicemente per quel che sei non per quel che appari, pazza, testarda , inverosimile , e ti ricordano che la vita è una e non ne devi avere paura ne hai passate tante , sei forte , abbattila e vincila, ne sei capace ! Se non per te, almeno per chi crede in te . #cenèsempreunamatupassaletutte #graziedituttocuore #friendsalways #🌸 #annieannieannieannieancoraannilontanimasemprequa #ilbeneèbene #eiosevogliobenenevoglioperdavvero #buonanotteeGRAZIE

Embrace the glorious mess that you are 💛
#smilebright #friendsalways #laughtillithurts #goofygirlsarethebestgirls

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