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When the Prayers are TRUE, it REACHES

@ravidubey2312 may u get everything that ur heart desires ....
A moment in ur life that i got to capture fell rightly in place with the beauty of the backdrop, the soothing music in the background and most importantly the purity within u ....
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What is motivation? How do we get it? And most importantly how do we remain motivated even through our hard times.
Many people think that I live an easy life but they dont see the hard work thats done behind the scenes. First off, my level of motivation cant be explained in words. My expectations are so high that many laugh when I speak of them. This is only the beginning of my life and I have much more to accomplish. Ive been able to figure out my passion and it’s quite obvious what that is, #FITNESS. I live for this sh*t. My passion is my motivation  and to top it off, having the opportunity to share my knowledge to my clients is a privilege.
Today I want you guys to really ask yourself, what’s your purpose in this thing we call life? Why are you living today? What are you going to do to take your life to the next level? Even today, Tuesday, I want you all to take advantage of this day and just give it all you got. Whether you’re at work or in the gym, PUT IN THAT WORK CAUSE I KNOW I AM!!!
Let me help you take your body to the next level and I can promise you, you’ll not only get in the best physical shape, but your mentality of life will completely change. LETSGOOOO

En España me adelanto... Pero en Estambul ya estás de cumple!!!!!✨🎉🎈🍾 Por esa amistad que no tiene límites! Ni tiempo ni distancia! Por todos los momentos que hemos vivido juntas! Por qué toda loca debería tener en su vida otra loca que la comprenda y la quiera! Yo soy afortunada por tenerte a ti!!!'😜 Muchas felicidades pitutiiiiiii bella!!!! te echo de menos!!!!❤️ #friends #love #happybirthday #loquitas

So real it hurts.

Your third emoji is your reaction!😂

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😍😩 always been daddy
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Traugutt, Czachowski i Ekonomik na jednym ujęciu 💘😶🙈👌👍 #friends #friendship #spotkaniepolatach #polishgirls #tbt #holidays #L4L

Cafecito☕ Aguante los alfajores de Bocana😋😋😋 #friends #like4l #like4like

Этому городу нужен новый герой😂
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