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Friday Mood ☀️

You are the reality... @yogitea #fridaywisdom

All great ideas are formed while sitting on mounds of dirt, outside. In a dress. #fridaywisdom
@ashleythielphoto your photos are stunning & it was such a pleasure to work with you 🖤

Entre silencios se acumulan ganas. Entre gente la soledad. Entre pestañeos se pintan recuerdos. Entre sombras se escuchan besos. Entre minutos se tatúa el querer. Entre imposibles se revelan verdades. Entre planes vivo la vida. #EntreTeniéndolos los siento cerca. #Intensagrameando un rato jaja porque es 7-7-17 ☯️ #FridayWisdom

#buenviernes #felizfinde
Ayer nop lo podemos recuperar, pero el mañana es nuestro para ganar o perder.
Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.
#friday #fridaymood #fridayvibes #fridaymotivation #tgif #fonsecafamily #fridayfun #fridaywisdom 🤗

Dear young girl,

Do not Compare:

Stop getting distracted by your friends/schoolmates/colleagues. Every journey is different.Treat yours Uniquely!

With love Me 😊



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At first glance I was thoroughly delighted with this philosophy, but the longer I thought about it the more problematic it became.🤔#Friday #friyay


#FridayFeeling #FridayWisdom
Friday 20th Oct ~* RISK *~ Journey Marker.. This marker brings excitement to your path. you cannot know the outcome of the action you're being called to take until you do it.

In this way, you're required to be blind in the forest for a time, risking all that you know and all you've acquired on your journey for the potential of something better.
Perhaps the training that you require demands faith in what you cannot experience with our five senses, but reliance on the sixth sense- your intuition-- can provide you with another type of sight to aid you in your journey.

Very important questions can be answered now: "Is engaging in the situation worth the risk, or does my inner sight tell me to wait until another opportunity comes?" " Am I willing to learn a lesson of defeat in surrender to the promise of unknown potential?" Pray for guidance and ask for a sign. If the answer is yes, take the risk. If no, rest, regroup, and wait on the will of the Divine Mystery. Another Sacred Journey marker may reveal the answer... Brightest Blessings Leigh 💜💚💜

Winds of change... I feel some shit shifting, fer real. Hang on to your butts! #bertistheman

This week, 35 years ago, on October 18, 1982, The Girl Is Mine by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney which is the first single from Michael's sixth studio album Thriller was released. This is one of the two collaborations between Jackson and McCartney (the other one being "Say Say Say" which was released in 1983). The single reached #1 on the R&B singles chart, and reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart (it definitely should have gone #1 on the BB Hot 100 by the way). The song currently has a platinum certification. #michaeljackson #michaeljosephjackson #mj #mjj #mjfam #moonwalker #michael #thegirlismine #thriller #paulmccartney #legends #music #throwback #flashback #fridaywisdom #fridaythoughts

Friday Wisdom

It is. God is good.

Friday Wisdom

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