Big hats are great for sun protection but H O R R I B L E for picures.
I’ll choose pale skin over a cute photo any day, but seriously how does anyone make these work when standing next to their other half?? Let me in on the secret!

Join Petrina this Friday morning for a Fast 15 minutes of HIIT Cardio! Stay for a class or to do Self Circuit in the front room #getyourheartrateup #fast15 #Fridayfunday #bodyfit #gisborne

Is it Friday yet??

Last Friday, San Jose LIFTers had the wonderful opportunity to tour Cisco’s Meraki Office in San Francisco and learn more about the Meraki Finance Team. Thank you @ciscomeraki for having us! #cisco #ciscolift #ciscofinance #ciscomeraki #lovewhereyouwork #fridayfunday

Friday set list is now finalised!
We've got @britneyspears, @pink , @kellyclarkson and @katyperry all lined up - some really big songs to blow away this miserable weather. £5 a family, in St Clements Church in Chorlton
10am for walking babies & 11am for non walking babies.
See you there!!

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