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Today I lost my best friend. The sweetest and coolest baby girl that ever lived. You would know if she ever greeted you with a wiggle butt or witnessed her skateboard skills! Hoping she catches all the squirrels while skateboarding in dog heaven. Hope she's greeted with all the cheese bones. I love you Frida. ❤️ #fridabulldog

Thank you to everyone that has donated towards Frida's treatment. Thank you @bridgetpprater for sharing and for your donation ❤️ means so much to me. Frida is home resting. She feels a bit better today 🙏🏼❤️ #fridabulldog

A big kiss for Khaleesi the Bulldog! Because of you Frida can go to therapy and hopefully get back to skateboarding. 🙏🏼 Wishing Khaleesi all the love and treats in the world ❤️❤️❤️ Your kindness has made a huge impact on my heart and Frida's life. #lovelove #khaleesithebulldog #fridabulldog

Quem mexeu na terra? Não fui eu!! #bulldogfrances #fridabulldog #frenchbulldog

Por motivos de segurança contratei uma segurança particular! #frenchbulldog #fridabulldog #bulldogfrances #amantesdofusca #fusca63


Throw back 2012 when Frida was just a kiddo. Miss you 😇 #fridafriday🐶 #fridabulldog

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