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this is really simple, it would’ve looked shitty with transitions and I was in the mood to edit this scene w/ this song. (ignore the glitches + the bad quality. It’s in 23fps because I didn’t re-render and instagram fucked the rest up)
ib; @divxnes
dt; haylijah stans :)

Oh my God are Haylijah in Manosque???? The bar & The piano?? Left are screencapes from 4x13 & the right are screencapes from Cadly IG story 😍😍😍

TO ladies at their most stunning 😍 they're simply always looking gorgeous and lovely and are so badass but they also do wrong sometimes which is why I stan every one of them ✨
Q: fav TO female?

TO [3x02]
omg I almost didn't post today it's too late but whatever
Do you ship Klayley?

the superior siblings
cc: @irrelysian | throwback audio 🀧
#omgpage | 16149

I need her to be happy in season 5
ac voidtargaryen
cc evilherself (edited)
fc 481


"You're a werewolf, like me"
1x08 (The Originals)
This scene was so awesome. Go Klaus!
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8.05 | tvd
wow can you believe they invented deserving better
btw i will probably change my filter in the next few days cause i am bored of it & it’s ugly af + it looks different in all scenes and it makes my theme look really ugly & messy πŸ™„
q: fav tvd female(s)?
a: bonnie my underrated queenπŸ‘ΈπŸ½
fc: 163

[TVD// 3.06]
Shen min was kinda cool to me. 😎
Shen Min or Tristan? ⚰️

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