I believe it is something that everyone should learn to have. It is easy for us to not have it in the day and age we live in. It’s 2018 and will soon be 2019, we walk around with a small device that we can literally do anything with. You have the whole world at the tip of your fingers, just because of the internet. We are basically programed to not have patience because we can have anything we want within a matter of seconds. You can get any type of product you want off your phone, or go to just about any storefront in any city and also have it without waiting, everything is brought to you now days as FAST, including success.

I have been teaching myself guitar for about 3 months now, and last night I noticed something that is probably already known by most. Depending on which hand you are more dominant with, I strum with my right and use the frets with my left. My pointer finger and middle finger, are more dominant on my hands than the others. Learning to use my whole hand with all my fingers being a priority is probably the hardest part right now, BUT! By having patience inside your mind and knowing that the only way to fix this issue is to slowly teach yourself the basics and master it, is how you get better at something.

I am not saying, have patience, and just sit around and wait for something to happen. No, have patience by simply understanding that it will take time for you to become good and especially great at something. In order for it to happen you have to act fast by putting in the time to practice and work for it!

La desserte des établissements Arcelor à Bruyeres sur Oise est assurée le lundi vers 11h30 ( peut etre d'autres jours dans la semaine?) en tout cas le convoi me parait de plus en plus court....voici à Precy sur Oise le convoi vu hier avec seulement 2 wagons.
Ajout Dessertes lundi, mercredi, vendredi.
A Precy vers 8h15 le mercredi et vendredi.
Composition théorique le 17/10: 12 wagons
Info Michael Dran
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Vous souhaitez acheminer des marchandises (effets personnels, colis...) par voie maritime vers Matadi Boma en RDC?
KIZATRANS met à votre disposition des conteneurs en mode complet ou en mode groupage (FCL ou LCL), de la France vers la RDC.
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The Black pickguard is on - one more round of polishing and #fret levelling and this one is done! I couldn't afford a 60s #pbass so I made a replica instead! #fenderbass #bassporn #bass #lutherie #guitar #guitarporn #bassgear #lowend

Wie is er hier “de bitch van de bank” ? #Lola #Maddy #Bitches #Bank #Fret #Frettenpret #staffordshirebullterrier

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