Heeey friends 🙂☀️
Popping back in here for a little #SkinCareSunday because I've been using @freskincare skin care routine and I am obsessed 😍✨
Literally after the first day of using it my skin felt so soft. It honestly feels so good to love my skin without putting product on it. Aaand not to mention that this is such a good defense against sweaty skin and sun damage, which I need in this Nevada heat! 😍😅☀️
Babes, you have to try this out-
And... 😻
For the next 48 hours you can save 25% on your order by using my code: AURORASFIT25 when you make a purchase 😍🌸💕

So, I started using this skincare system called @freskincare . Naturally, I've never had much of an issue with my skin except for on my back. I've never really had too many problems with acne on my face before.
But, I also was not really intuned with my skin until I started using this product. After a little over a month of use, I've noticed overall my face is SO much more hydrated, soft, and glowing. I didn't realize that I had such dry skin until using @freskincare .
FRÉ is made with a unique blend of organic Argan oil, Argan leaf extracts and Argan stem cells. It is 100% vegan AND cruelty free. On top of all that, for every set sold, @freskincare plants an Argan Tree to support women who harvest Argan in Morocco and fight deforestation. 🌳
FRÉ is a MUST skincare routine for women who sweat. If you're an athlete or work out consistently, you need to try @freskincare ! Plus, it lasts for 3 months ✨
Get 25% off on your first FRÉ set by using my code "ALEXYOGAA25", valid only for the next 48 hours @freskincare !! The link is in my bio! ⚡️ #FreSkinCare #LoveYourSweat

Ok guys so I've been using a new product for a few weeks now and I've got to say I'm definitely in love! When I heard that FRE' was designed specifically for people who sweat a lot I was hooked. As you know I'm in the gym 5/6 days a week and I'm sweating constantly!! After a sweaty gym session the first thing I wanna do is go home and clean my face!! These products are 100% vegan, made with organic argan oil and even the smell was super amazing. I'm not a fan of most skin care products you buy from the drugstore because most of them smell like chemicals. But these do not smell bad whatsoever! The smell is so clean and refreshing. Last week while on the boat I used the moisturizer as my sunscreen, it left me feeling hydrated all day long and prevented me from getting sunburnt!
The most amazing thing about this company, is that every set that's sold an Argan Tree Of Life is planted in Morocco to empower the women who harvest the Argan!! I'm so grateful to have found a product that I truly believe is making a positive impact on my skin and for the first time ever I spent my whole day yesterday running errands going to dinner and such make up free! Which is a huge deal for me since I've always been incredibly self conscience of my skin!
Bottom line, if you're are someone who sweats a ton and really cares about the products they put on their skin I highly recommend trying this set out! And for the next 48 hours if you use my code "BRITNYC25" you can get 25% off your first FRE' set @freskincare ! The set will last you 3 months and its 100% worth it. Link will be in my bio =))
#freskincare #loveyoursweat

I guess you could say I've become a bit of a beauty junkie since starting at L'Oréal💁🏼‍♀️. So when @freskincare messaged me asking if I wanted to try their skincare set which is specifically formulated for women that workout, as you can imagine I was pretty pleased.
So here's my completely honest review:
Working out wreaks havoc on our skin, the sweat can cause breakouts, dehydration and aging. This set seeks to combat these problems.
It consists of a cleanser, a serum and a moisturiser. The cleanser is a very light exfoliator which is perfect for hydrating and cleansing the skin without stripping it. The serum and the moisturiser are light and non greasy (which is especially surprising considering the high spf value of the moisturiser!).
I've been using the set for a few weeks and can confidently say that I saw results after just a day. My skin is softer than it has ever been and I haven't broken out in any spots. I have quite oily skin, and definitely found the set worked for me, reducing my oil breakouts on my nose and forehead and making my makeup much last longer. I'm a definite fan, and will continue to use this set, and would highly recommend it to anyone else too.
But don't take my word for it, by all means check out their reviews online, 96% of which are⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. -
It's also 100% vegan and cruelty free🌱🐒. -
Any questions please feel free to ask, I also have a discount code if you guys want to use it for 25% off for 48 hours only: HANFIT25 😊
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I did it! 30 days of an actual skincare line for the first time in about 7 YEARS! And I think beau loved it as much as my skin did! 😂👅 Y’all I have such sensitive skin I was honestly afraid this would break me out, but it DIDNT 🙈 @freskincare formulated a line specifically for people who sweat, and it’s 102 freakin degrees outside right now so I think we all qualify lol. It smells super refreshing and tbh the cleanser is my favorite part bc I am a clEAN WOMAN NOW 💦💦 —
Update: snagged a discount for you guys! “PALEOISH25” for 25% off 😍💰💸

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Double workout days especially call for @freskincare My skin has never looked better! If you’re someone who sweats A LOT like me you need this! 💦Plus it’s vegan and cruelty free! Try there 123FRE set your skin will thank you 😊 #freskincare #123freskincare #mindbodyandsoul #fitchick #fitness #skincare #vegan #crueltyfree #arganoil #takecareofyourskin #selfcare #skincare #skincareroutine #skinthatsweats

You could be bigger than your fantasies
My weekend is all about ☆listening to Bazzi on repeat ☆working on that 🍑 with @toneitup
☆massage & reiki
☆getting real with myself thanks to @freeandnative workshops

P.S. TOTALLY self conscious about that arm hang but posting this anyway because I think I'm cute 💁‍♀️ and my body is getting stronger every day regardless of what a little arm hang has to say about it 😏

It’s a shame we have zero fun together 🤣♥️ #sarcasm
There aren’t enough words to explain what my sister has done for me and has brought into my life in the last few years.
In south Asian culture, older siblings are supposed to be the mentors and there is all this pressure to pave the way for your younger siblings! Well we switched the roles on a few things 🤣🙌— big surprise there🤪
One thing is a fact, the minute you stop caring about what society thinks, you are free to live the life you are meant to❤️
We are maintaining our tradition to meet in another country and are off to Aruba. Since I promised her to take a digital break.. my posts will be a few in between♥️.. see you in a week🤟
BE GOOD, BE NICE + SPREAD LOVE while I am gone😘
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Yesterday was the most successful FRÉ Day in FRÉ Day history!!! 💗🌎✨ @freskincare reached it’s goal of 1,000 FRÉ sets sold, which means they will plant 1,000 Argan trees in Morocco, as well as support summer camps for the Izourane Women's daughters. 🌳🙌🏻💙 So proud an ambassador for such an honorable company!!! If you want to learn more about FRÉ check out the link in my bio & if you want to make your skin sparkle & glow use my code!!! The code: SEQUIN will give you 15% off at checkout & if you just want to laugh swipe through my many bloopers of attempting to catch my FRÉ protect me bottle tossed by the lovely @ktmogilski & filmed by @dandrea6 . 🤣🤣🤣 Happy Friday FRÉnds!!! 💗🙏🏻✨ #fré #freskincare #skincare #crueltyfreebeauty #arganoil #vegan #ambassador #crueltyfree #discount #code #natchbeaut #freday #suncare #spf #sunscreen #crueltyfreeskincare #argan #argantree #giveback #selfcare #selflove #loveyourself #loveyourglow #glow #sweat #loveyoursweat #bloopers

Smiles and SPF is how we get through our days. Okay maybe there’s a little bit more in our day but one thing is for certain, my @freskincare routine and teaching her how important SPF is for us all. This skincare changed my skin for the better and it’s made for girls who workout. Get 30% off on the set through tonight using my code LIVING15 💦💙👌🏼 #freskincare #partner

Happy Friday!!! Did you see my last post?!?! I am so happy to announce that I am now an ambassador for an incredible company @freskincare!!! FRÉ is a skincare company that is formulated for sweating skin!!! ✨💗💦 It is vegan, cruelty free, it is composed of quality organic argan oil, & every 123FRÉ skincare set sold an argan tree is planted in return!!! 🐰🌳🌸 So let’s plant some trees and work on our glow!!! It is as easy as 123FRÉ!!! Check out FRÉ by clicking on the link in my bio & use code: SEQUIN to get 15% off your order!!! #fré #freskincare #skincare #suncare #loveyourskin #loveyoursweat #loveyourself #loveyourglow #glow #suncare #selfcare #selflove #vegan #crueltyfree #crueltyfreeskincare #crueltyfreebeauty #arganoil #argan #natchbeaut #ambassador #tiugirl

💯 Hilangkan Daki
💯 Merawat Masalah kulit
💯 Melembutkan kulit Kasar
💯 Merawat Kulit Bermasalah
💯 Menghilangkan Bau Badan
💯 Mencerahkan Kulit
💯 Melembabkan kulit Kering

♒Basahkan Badan
♒ Sabun dan gosok Freskin White 5minit keseluruh badan
♒Bilas dengan air Bersih
♒Boleh guna spongebath
♒Gosok lebih dari 5minit detempat2 berdaki seperti belakang leher.ketiak.Siku.lutut.celah pelipat


Mandian Yang mencetus Revolusi Teknology terkini 💯 merawat dan mecantikan kulit wangian berkekalan

Boleh digunakan dibahagian
Leher ,Pelipat ,celah peha ,Ketiak dan seluruh Badan

1 botol 500ml untuk kegunaan sebulan tau ...soooo JIMAT !! Sesuai Untuk semua golongan 👉kanak kanak 👉Lelaki 👉Wanita 👉Ibu Mengandung 👉Ibu Menyusu 👉Ibu Berpantang

#freskinwhite #freskincare #freskinwhitemurah

LOVE YOUR SWEAT // I’ve always had decent skin in terms of breakouts, but the last couple of years I’ve struggled with really dry skin on my forehead. Every time I get a facial, they point out how dehydrated my forehead is and tell me to drink more water...but it seemed like no matter how much water I drank, my forehead was still SO dry. .
Enter @freskincare’s 123FRÉ set! I’ve been using the 3-step skincare routine for several weeks now and have noticed a big difference in my skin. @freskincare is 100% vegan, cruelty free and made up of a unique blend of organic Argan oil, Argan leaf water extract and Argan stem cells. The best part is that it was designed specifically for women who sweat so doesn’t dry out my skin! Between working out, playing hockey, spin classes and the summer humidity, I’m sweating in one way or another everyday and FRÉ has helped to rehydrate my dry forehead!
I’m so excited to offer you ladies a 25% off code so you can get your own set to try! Use the link in my bio to buy your first set using the code “ALEXISA25” for 25% off at checkout, valid only for the next 48 hours.
#freskincare #loveyoursweat

Jumping into summer with @krogerco! One of my fave stores in town now has lower prices and I'm all for it!
My budget needs all the help it can get from the amount of avocados I consume 🙊
My favorite summer nights include guacamole (duh), lettuce tacos, and plenty of fruit! Especially watermelon and bananas 🍌

P.S. taking this photo took a while with people staring and the kids running around trying to be in it 😂 #Kroger #KrogerPartner

hey y’all guess who has a discount code for ya from the cutest lil skincare company?! i’m now on my second round of the @freskincare set so I can honestly say i love it! ✨ •

i struggle with hormonal acne and my skin gets super dried out from the prescription-grade acid my dermatologist prescribed (super jealous of all the people out there with flawless skin BUT THAT AINT ME) and it’s hard to find something that hydrates without making my skin oily. finding something made for skin that sweats has honestly been a lifesaver because it’s gentle and i actually have softer overall skin now 🙏🏼 •

plus for every set sold, an argan tree is planted. being vegan & cruelty-free ESPECIALLY when it comes to things i put on my face is super important to me. code AMYLOO25 will save you 25% over the next 48 hours, so go get your glow on ✌🏼 #crueltyfree

Hey friends, guess what?! FRÉ day was yesterday but the sale continues! 🤗 And I’m so excited to share about this because this skincare set has been a game changer for me!! By now, if you’ve been following my journey you know I loveeee my sweaty gym sessions, but that also means that I’m constantly washing my face or wiping it with a towel which takes a real toll on it.
So when I heard that the @freskincare set was designed specifically for those who #sweat I said yaaassss🙌🏼!! I’ll be honest, my skin is very sensitive so I can’t use just anything and I’m always nervous when switching skin care products. But I wanted to give this a shot because my face was constantly going back and forth between feeling overly dry after washing it to very oily in the middle of the day.
Concussion: I’m in love!!!
💧 Purify Me: a cleanser that hydrated my skin while the micro beads gently scrub away the dirt and sweat. Hello clearer complexion!
💧 Revive Me: a deep replenishing serum that is sooo soothing and keeps my skin hydrated, but doesn’t make it oily either!
💧 Protect Me: arguably the most important because it’s a ultra-light water resistant moisturizer with 30 SPF. Protect your skin peeps!
So if you want to give your skin the TLC it deserves and try out this vegan, cruelty free Argan-based skincare set, I’ve got a code to save you $$$ 👉🏼 WHATICFIT25
PS: for every set sold an Argan tree is planted 🌎💕
#whaticfit #loveyoursweat #freskincare #sweatday #selflove #sweat #activelifestyle

I've been using @freskincare 123FRÉ set for just over a month now and I can honestly say I LOVE it!! ❤⁣ Swipe ➡️

💧 Its a 3-step routine that prevents dehydration, sweat induced skin damage, breakouts and the signs of ageing.⁣

🌞 Not only has it helped reduce the redness around my nose, but it's also left my skin feeling so soft! ⁣

❤ My favourite things about using this set is how refreshing it smells and feels on my skin! And the moisturiser has an SPF 30 so helps protect me from sun damage! ⁣

🌱 Not only that, but all these FRÉ products are cruelty-free, 100% vegan AND every set sold they plant an Argan Tree of Life to empower the women who harvest Argan in Morocco and fight deforestation! ⁣

⭐ I can't recommend @freskincare enough and if you'd like to try it you can get 25% OFF your first FRÉ set by using my code EMILYB25. It's only valid for the next 48hrs, so don't miss out!⭐⁣

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High impact workouts + environmental factors can cause facial skin damage and premature aging.

I’ve been struggling with facial acne for the past few months and it felt like no product was helping to clear up my skin. It got to the point where I couldn’t go a day without wearing a high coverage foundation 🤦🏼‍♀️ Luckily, @freskincare reached out to me and gave me an opportunity to try out their 123FRÉ skincare kit. It’s a natural, cruelty free skincare kit that is made for women who sweat and live an active lifestyle!

I’ve only been using it for a few weeks but I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. My acne has cleared up MAJORLY and my face feels so much more hydrated! FRÉ is formulated to fight sweat induced breakouts and it supports a healthy glow ☀️

This is now my go-to skincare product and I highly recommend that y’all try it out (I promise you will NOT be disappointed)! You can get 25% off your purchase by using the code RHRH25 during checkout! Link to this product is in my bio 😊#freskincare #loveyoursweat

Skincare 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 so 👏🏼 important👏🏼 As someone who spends a large amount of time working out and being a sweaty human 💦 finding the right products had been a challenge until I came across FRÉ. My skin is super dry beneath the glistening sweat and lately had been weirdly prone to breakouts, but not anymore! 😁 @freskincare products are made with a unique blend of organic Argan oil, Argan leaf water extract, and Argan stem cells, helping hydrate my skin and keep it clear. On top of being amazing for my face, FRÉ is also a 100% vegan🌱 and cruelty-free😻 brand that goes one step above and beyond by planting an Argan Tree of Life for every set sold to empower women who harvest Argan in Morocco and fight deforestation. 🌳I'm heading out for the day so of course I am applying my Defense Facial Moisturizer as it is formulated for sweating skin and has SPF30! FRÉ is a MUST skincare routine for women that sweat.💙 Use the code "JIGSAW25" for 25% off at checkout to buy your first FRÉ set valid for only the next 48 hours, link in my bio to shop! 😘 @freskincare #freskincare #loveyoursweat #loveyourglow

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