💦Self Care Sundays💦
😜Just flexing around while I wait for my @freskincare #detox Mask to work.
What’s your favorite #selfcare routine to start the week off with??
Peep my story for the full skin regimen💁🏾‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Code 👉🏾 GKBFIT for 30% until 9/26!
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Happy #Sunday 🙏🏽.

I always try to make sure I do a #Facemask on Sundays because I tend to #eat and #drink more random foods/drinks over the #weekend because #Yolo ......with that being said, I feel like Sundays are the best time to #detox my skin. I just got my detox mask from @freskincare a few days ago ...and I absolutely LOVE the way it tingles and the way it makes my skin 👀 look and 👐🏽 feel once I rinse it off, it is truly a skin game changer 🙌🏽Right now @freskin is running a #Campaign “DETOX OUR PLANET” until #Wednesday September 26th.....for every single detox trio kit sold they are planting THREE trees 🌳 🌳 🌳 AND everything on their website is 30 % off until the campaign ends! Their link is in my bio, do your #skin a favor and stock up while you can #Freskincare #loveyourface #selflove #loveyoursweat #detox #earth #loveyourskin #loveyourglow #organic #vegan #yourskinisyourlargestorgan #skincare #revive #fresh

#Ad Hey guys! So, I got the cool opportunity to try out @freskincare 123FRÉ set over the past couple weeks. Even though I love to stay active and wish I could spend more time doing beautiful hikes like this one, as a busy working woman, I find it hard sometimes to keep up a consistent workout routine and fit in all the things I love doing.. like beachbody workouts, hiking, yoga, soccer and dancing. What I find even harder is keeping up a consistent skincare routine and taking the time and effort to find products I love. Lucky for me, FRÉ fell right into my lap.
FRÉ was designed for women who sweat, to use as a compliment to your workout routine and hectic schedule. They use a unique blend of Argon oil, Argon leaf water extract and Argon stem cells to leave your skin looking and feeling its healthiest. PLUS, an Argon Tree of Life is planted for every set sold to empower women who harvest Argon in Morocco and fight deforestation.
My skin hasn't felt this moisturized and looked this glowing in a long time. I use the face wash morning and night, the serum before I go to bed and the moisturizer before I head out to work in the morning. First of all, all three products smell AMAZING. Secondly, what I love best about this set is that the serum has made my skin tighter and my pores appear smaller, which is something I've always been a little self conscious about. The moisturizer also protects my skin with SPF30 and is much much lighter and leaves my skin feeling way less oily than the previous moisturizer I was using. In all honesty, I do still need to use acne medicated products on top of this set, but some of my scars have started to fade and the 123FRÉ set does not interfere with the acne medication. This is definitely a set I'll be keeping as a part of my routine for a long time.
Use code HEYYBER25 for 25% off your first set for the next 48 hours!! Link in Bio! That means over 3 months of skincare for less than $1 a day! #freskincare #loveyoursweat

We spend so much time working out & eating healthy. But one thing we don’t talk about? Skin care health.
All that sweating from my workouts were causing some serious sweat-induced breakouts. And TBH, I wasn’t loving it.
Which is why I’m loving my @freskincare because it’s formulated for sweating skin.
I use their 3 step daily, but love detoxing my skin once a week with a mask. Which is why Fré detox me mask is my go to. It’s formulated to prevent post-sweat breakouts and acne, remove excess oils, & unclog pores. And while this has done amazing things for my skin, my fav part? It’s vegan & cruelty free. ❤️
Want to get 30% off & try for yourself? Just use my code STACYH. Link up in bio to shop!
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Happy self-care Sunday babe!!! 💗🙏🏻✨ One of my favorite ways to indulge in a little self-care is through skincare!!! I absolutely love taking time out of my day or night to paint on a mask & reset my skin for the upcoming week. 🧖🏼‍♀️💦👽 My current favorite products to use is the @freskincare detox trio!!! The trio includes a cleanser, a mask, & a serum!!! Currently @freskincare is running TWO amazing promotions!!! 1.) 30% off ALL FRÉ products when you use my code: SEQUIN 💎💎💎
2.) For every DETOX trio sold they will plant THREE argan trees in Morocco!!! 🌳🌳🌳
HURRY because this promotion is only available until September 27!!! Use the link in my bio to shop and learn more about this amazing company!!! #DetoxYourSkin while we #DetoxTheWorld!!! 🌎💙💦
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You know the truth by the way it feels🌱
& babygirl it feels amazing! ____
Recently, I was able to experience @freskincare 123Fré set and I never knew how much hydration my skin needed, it is a big component as to why I started breaking out crazyyy in my Senior Year in college (when usually you break out when you’re 16) #latebloomer But I am EXCITED to say, I partnered with Fré to be able to keep sharing its goodies. You can now get 15% off using my code in my BIO! #ad |
These are my top reasons why I have thoroughly fallen in love with #freskincare 💦
🔸SIS, it’s a 3-month supply
🔸made from Argania Active Complex (Argan Treeeesss, leaves and stem cells)▫️
🔸designed for women who sweat #hello
🔸prevents aging & promotes clear glowing complexion Y’all know I love a Glowwwwwwww bishhhh!
Basically, She, as in @freskincare , has blessed my skin from havoc & I hope you choose to be blessed 🌟

I’ve been using @freskincare for a couple weeks and 😳 I’m obsessed! I’ve never had a skincare routine before, but I’ve been wanting a daily moisturizer with spf 30, so I’ve been on the hunt! I’ve always thought that a skincare routine was too much work 🤦🏼‍♀️ but when I started to be consistent with my workouts again (10 straight weeks of 4 workouts a week!!!) my skin had a major FREAK OUT! I couldn’t keep my skin clear no matter what I tried 🤦🏼‍♀️ until I found #freskincare 🙌 I start my day with protect me then after my workout I used purify me and revive me! SO easy and not time consuming at all! Swipe to see the set!
For the next 48 hours (until Tuesday evening), you can get 25% off of your first set with the code SARAHBALANCED25 ✌🏻 and for each set purchased, they plant an Aragon tree! #loveyoursweat 💪🏻

I am LOVING😍 my @freskincare ! Since I have been starting my new fitness program, my skin wasn’t use to so much sweat💦 that I could tell my skin needed something, even though I am currently on accutane, I was still breaking out! I came across Fre Skin Care products on Instagram multiple times and got the opportunity to give it a try for myself, I am two week in and ❌ no more breakouts and my skin feel so good😊! Fre is a skincare treatment that specializes in combatting sweat-induced skin damage - such as breakouts, acne, dehydration and sun damage, perfect for girls who workout🏋🏼‍♀️ also that their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free👌🏻! If you want to try some @freskincare, they hooked 🤙🏻 me up with a 25% discount that you are welcome to use😘: AVILA25 ***code is only valid for 48 hours!! #freskincare #loveyoursweat

Giving the FRÉ detox mask a go on this #selfcaresunday
FRÉ is vegan & cruelty-free.
For every 123FRÉ set sold
an Argan tree is planted.

If you want to give it a try go to

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Cloudy fall feeling 🍁Sunday’s are for naps, comfy blankets(thanks @dakini_clothing ), and listening to what your body needs. Also lots of homework in my case 😂.
Usually changes in season find me excited, but my skin not as happy thanks to changes in humidity. @freskincare sent me some of their vegan/cruelty free products to try out about a month ago, and so far my skin is as happy as I am. .
If you guys have known me or followed what I do for any amount of time, you know that I don’t randomly endorse products and brands that I haven’t personally tried and liked. If you want to try some @freskincare , they hooked me up with a 25% discount that you’re welcome to use: LWS25
PS, they plant a tree for every skincare set sold 💃🏼
Do changes in season ever make your skin go haywire? If so, what’s your favorite remedy?

Happy Sunday! ❤️ About 3 weeks ago, I showed you guys the products that @freskincare sent me and I wanted to try them out before reporting back 🧐. Well, it turns out I LOVE THEM!

I’ve been on the hunt for a vegan skincare line so I was so stoked when Fré reached out to me. It’s designed specifically for sweaty skin aka those with an active lifestyle 💪🏼. When I started working out consistently, I began noticing small bumps on my forehead and just thought I would have to deal with it forever. But this facial cleanser has left my face smooth and me happy 🤩. The replenishing serum has my skin all glowy and feeling nourished after my workout and I love the moisturizer for days when I wear no makeup because it still provides the SPF I need 🌤. With the risk of sounding like an ad (if I don’t already 😂) I really love this stuff 💕. •

For the next 48 hours, you can get 25% off off of the starter pack (facial cleanser, replenishing serum, and moisturizer) 💛


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AHHH YAY BIG NEWS! I’m so excited to announce that I am officially an ambassador for @freskincare! 😭💙🙌🏼🎉
What really stood out to me about this skincare company from others is that it’s made SPECIFICALLY for women who workout and constantly have sweaty skin!
And let me tell y’all 😩 it’s soooo nice on the skin 👏🏼
I’m so grateful for this skincare because it has helped my skin feel so clean, soft to the touch, NOT super oily, and glowy! What more could I ask for? (Last pic/boomerang is me without makeup! Just lip balm 🤗)
It’s made with Argania Active Complex, a unique blend of Argan Oil, Argan leaf water extract, and Argan stem cells. This is amazing because Argan is very rich in natural antioxidants that prevents aging and promotes a clear glowing complexion 🌞
BTW (so freakin’ cool) this skincare is 100% vegan & cruelty free, and for every skincare set sold an Argan Tree of Life is planted to empower women in Morocco and fight deforestation 😩🙌🏼
I’m so happy to stand behind this amazing company and be able to share this with you all!
If you want to shop @freskincare, you can use my referral link in my bio or go to freskincare.com and use my code “AETFIT” for 15% off your purchase 🤗
Ahhhh you guys, I’m obsessed and that new face mask is bombbbb! Eeeeek much love 💙💙💙
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When you are skincare obsessed and sweat a lot 🙋‍♀️ I was the happiest to learn about @freskincare and try their 123FRÉ set formulated specifically for women who live an active lifestyle. These products have been saving my skin post-sweat, especially after my doubles at @exhalespa 🚴‍♀️💦 Plus they are vegan and cruelty-free 🌱🌿 Check it out for yourself and use my code GABRIELLAD25 for 25% off for the next 48 hours. I can’t wait to try the Detox Me mask next 🤗 #loveyoursweat #loveyourglow
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• My second favorite part of sweating now is this Detox Me mask by @freskincare • I’m obsessed with using this after a workout . Run. Sweat. Detox. Repeat 🙇🏼‍♀️ = My new favorite routine.
• Detox Me, is a natural clearing mask, it helps to avoid post-sweat breakouts and acne, remove excess oils and unclog pores. It helps to gently purify skin of dead cells, and liberates it from weekly build-up city pollutants and everyday impurities.
• I’ve been using this stuff for a couple weeks now and I have felt a difference in how my skin looks & feels. It’s soooo soft. I barely need a moisturizer after I use it. It’s made of a unique blend of organic argan oil, argan leaf water extract & argan stem cells. This company makes products for women who sweat. • A few of you have asked how you can get this mask. I highly recommend it!! Link in my profile for this product.❕You can use code TRAVELRUNREPEAT25 for 25% off your order. Valid for the next 48 hours. I’m obsessed. See what it’s all about! #loveyoursweat #freskincare #sweat #run #detox #detoxme #skincare

@freskincare is for the athlete, the busy college student, & everyone who just wants an organic (amazing!!!) skincare product!! These products keep your skin so clear after you work out 💪🏻 I have seen such a huge difference in my skin after using these and I am hooked!! Get your set (lasts for more than 3 months!) for 25% off using my code “PREPPY25” 💙 Originally $115 but you can get it for $86.25!! #freskincare #loveyoursweat

Using a skin care line that was designed to help sweaty skin has become an essential part of my day as someone who works out regularly.
As you all know I’ve been using @freskincare for the last couple of months and it’s been the best change I’ve ever made in my skincare routine!
My acne has substantially improved and my skin actually GLOWS!
Another amazing thing I love about @freskincare is that they are a brand that really contributes to help save our planet!
For every skincare set sold FRE plants an Argan Tree of life in Morocco to fight deforestation, improve the quality of air, and support women’s communities who harvest Argan oil. On January 14th, FRE will have it’s yearly planting day and until then, they commit to plant even more trees than planned to increase our communities impact.
Until September 26th, FRE will plant 3 trees for every DETOX TRIO sold!! The DETOX TRIO includes my 3 favorite products based on Organic Argan oil and leaf extract (which btw are 100% Vegan and cruelty free!!): the Purify Me- Gentle Cleanser, the Revive Me serum, and the New DETOX ME mask (P.S im sooo obsessed with this mask!).
Best part????!! Right now you can get your DETOX TRIO for 30% off with my code IAMJOANNA which is usually good for 15%!!!!!
I’m definitely going to take advantage of this sale, and I hope you do too! The link for this promotion will be in my bio.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me 😊
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taking care of my skin with my @freskincare “detox me” post-workout face mask 💛 anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with trying new skin care products and this one did not disappoint!

I’ve never really had bad acne (and don’t want to start now) so when I try a new product I really watch to see if it negatively affects my skin. I tried this mask a few times before posting so I could be sure it didn’t cause any breakouts, and I’m happy to report it did not! It’s super light on your skin, smells nice, is easy to remove, and made me feel so fresh 🌸 which is perfect for after a workout or any kind of physical activity!

I’ve also become pretty picky about what’s in my skincare products (I prefer all natural) and @freskincare is awesome because it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free 🐰 AND for every mask sold an Argan tree is planted in Morocco!! Use my code ALEXFF25 for 25% off if you wanna give it a try! It’s good for the next 48 hours 💛 •

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Post sweaty Sunday yoga, pre Sunday brunch with bae @ccatan12 !
I am obsessed with the @freskincare Detox me post sweat clearing mask, which is part of the Detox me set that is on SALE now!! Follow the link in my bio, vegan 🌱 skincare that gives back 🌳

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The other day one of my girlfriends complimented me on how good my skin looked. I immediately told her it’s because of my skincare regimen. I love my @freskincare products. I know you see many girls promote this line, but I truly do use this everyday and love it. ✨I love @freskincare because they not only detox my skin, but are on a mission to detox our planet. ✨For every skincare set sold an Argan tree will be planted in Morocco. This will fight deforestation, improve air quality, and support the women’s communities who harvest Argan Oil. ✨My 3 favorite products are now available as a trio! PURIFY ME cleanser, REVIVE ME serum and the new DETOX ME mask! (Swipe for pic 😉) ✨Now until September 26 you can get any of your favorite @freskincare products for 30% off‼️: USE CODE TNC AT CHECKOUT FOR DISCOUNT! •

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If there’s one thing you guys need to know about me, it’s about my obsession with skin care! I take my skincare regimen very seriously - from SPF, to exfoliating, to moisturizing. I seldom wear makeup, and so it’s especially important for me to have skin that glows💫
That’s why I count on Fré to get my skin looking perfect. They cover all the bases with my 3 favorite products:
—» SPF moisturizer that’s specially formulated for a sweaty lifestyle, and doesn’t smell like sunscreen!
—» An exfoliating face wash that’s not harsh on skin but still lifts dirt and clears pores
—» A reviving serum that locks in moisture and rejuvenate dull looking skin
Use my code AILIN25 for 25% off your purchase!

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