Super excited about these barrel aged coffee beans by @mostracoffee in collaboration with @bottlelogicbrewing and @3sonsbrewingco! Honored to have been able to design this on behalf of @digitalcliq 😍 #digitalcliq #digitalcliqdesign #freshnsteezydesign #graphicdesign #coffee

Rarely get to do this anymore but damn it feels good. #freshnsteezydesign

I wish I could explain how much time, love, and energy that @jelynnsophia and I expended on the design for only and just these 12 oz. cups... I can recall how we adjusted the colors, the scaling of the floral, the layout, and all that sort of stuff, but the handlettered “Mostra” you see here was pretty much the one element that stayed in place, becoming a big part of the current branding for Mostra. The way that we executed the branding for Mostra is exactly how I always hope for branding projects to run— organically, and with lots of passion and intent. It also helps when your client/friend’s team has great vision and style! With all that Lynn and I both respectively do on our own sides of our businesses, when she and I are able to work together, a lot of magic happens... She gives me her ideas and what she’s ultimately trying to accomplish, I work diligently to try and make it come to life, and all of the sudden, it all becomes entirely as it should. Our angels must be working together to make a lot of this happen. A big huge shout out to Lynn for giving me the opportunity in making so much of their branding come to life, but also for being a great friend. I am grateful for you. We are so protected. 💗 #mostracoffee #digitalcliq #freshnsteezydesign #graphicdesign #handlettering #fauxligraphy ——- Photo credit:
@workingmamaonthego (beautiful shot!!! thank you so much for sharing!!! ❤️)

We had the honor to help @mostracoffee with their new retail space! Check out our time lapse video!!

So proud of my friends at @mostracoffee for their first retail location’s grand opening on Saturday! Not only is their coffee amazing but the design inside the space encapsulates the quality and care they put into their products and performance. I am very proud to be a part of their team and journey! Congratulations Mostra Coffee!!!! As you grow, we grow, too! ❤️❤️❤️

✨💖 Love & light on MLK Day 💖✨

Super proud of this right now. #freshnsteezydesign on behalf of @digitalcliq #digitalcliq for @mostracoffee 🙌🏽 #graphicdesign •••
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Bottles are all filled, capped, wax topped (vanilla scented!) and ready for our release party this Saturday (12/9) during Mostra Saturday! Infused with a blend of vanilla beans from around the world, this decadently rich cold brew reminds us of a melted chocolate vanilla marshmallow affogato 😋 •••
300 bottles available and are first come, first serve. Four(4) bottle limit per person and are $13.00 a bottle. Hope to see you all there! ☕️🍦

It’s officially the start of the holiday season! 😍 Hoping you and your families collect lots of memories and eat some really delicious food during the holiday. So thankful and grateful for my family, friends, my angels, and my life. Keeping those who are less fortunate in my heart. #freshnsteezydesign

I can’t even handle it today. So much happiness right now!... @jelynnsophia of @mostracoffee sent me this photo earlier and I’ve been on cloud 9 since. She and I had been, and continue to be, working non-stop to get things ready for all the amazingness that Mostra’s been getting into... It took me by surprise that she was already setting up the Mostra Coffee dispensers at a Vons in Solana Beach today because it seemed like only yesterday when she was telling me this was going to happen someday. That someday was today. They’re also at The Bruery today setting up the Mostra Tuesday bags which were also a Jelynn x Kmae Collab! I’m so proud of Mostra and how far they’ve come. I’m also super humbled and proud to be part of their journey. The product is amazing and a lot of that is due to the intent that drives the people that make up Mostra Coffee. Super proud moment right now. ❤️ #waof #digitalcliq #freshnsteezydesign #mostracoffee #mostra #graphicdesign #packagedesign #coffee #coffeelover

In the works! This @mostracoffee and @thebruery collaboration for Mostra Tuesday is bound to be off the hook! Mostra Coffee beans barrel aged in Black Tuesday barrels... Can’t wait to try this for myself! Gets yours soon at The Bruery. Designed by yourself truly for Mostra, on behalf of @digitalcliq. #freshnsteezydesign #mostracoffee #digitalcliq #coffee #beer #thebruery

Nothing solidifies your work and new business like a new logo. Congrats @lifeprooflipstickbysteph on your new logo and your business ventures!! 💄 ❤️💋 #freshnsteezydesign #logo #designer #handlettering #lipsense #senegence

Had a great morning with The McLeod Team and some remarkably amazing people. There's something special about learning how to be of service to others and realizing that you're in the most perfect position to do so. I've always found that I felt most fulfilled when helping others, but I'm realizing even more that I need to be focused in on bringing even more value to my @digitalcliq team. Excited to grow from these lessons I learned today. Hope you all had a wonderful day like I did!!

Some friendly reminders. In this world of so much distraction and disturbances, it's important to operate from the perspective of love. I hope you're all well, happy, and healthy. 💖


DIY New Kids on the Block sweater! 💁🏻

Happy Monday!! Check out the new business cards I designed for @thedoughnutparlor! I love using matte/dull finish on most of my printing. I feel like gloss (for the most part) is cheap looking (unless it's used as a spot on matte!!) and since matte/dull finish isn't any more expensive than getting glossy, why not go with the dull finish? It's not quite as soft as silk laminated paper but it's definitely a cheaper alternative! 👍🏽