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When you're so behind on the second week of school you need to bring #clublib to #clubbartol #freshmanprobs #omlette

48hrs later the dawgs have a win and I have a working phone #GoDawgs #FreshmanProbs

thanks for the amazing weekend @lauren.dunnett ! (and all the cruel fetus jokes #freshmanprobs )

only got lost about 5 (hundred) times this week 🙃 love them💓🐠 #btwhspva21 #freshmanprobs

if you need us, we will be in the back of the student section #freshmanprobs #godragons

Okay, so the world map tapestry you see in the background should actually be a campus map, because I'm basically lost 24/7. #freshmanprobs

Just walked out of my first live audition ever and even though I won't get cast since #freshmanprobs (also I don't know what I'm doing lol) I still had a complete blast! 😄 Thanks @lydbacker for taking this headshot that I used today even though it's like two years old 😂💕

only auburn's biggest fans show up to the game 2 hours early💙 #freshmanprobs

love ending our one week streak of not going out with you 😛#freshmanprobs #itsabigdeal


🚨VIDEO LINK IN BIO: freshman year tip #2 is people will go their separate ways, and that's OKAY! I felt so bad losing friends from high school while seeing new friends in college go off to new social groups or pursue new interests. But looking back, that was good because my good and actual friends stuck around to become my forever friends. So don't get stuck on friends who left, cherish friends who stayed who were actually good for you.

When you're so behind on the second week of school you need to bring #clublib to #clubbartol #freshmanprobs #omlette

"Freackin Freshman" #freshmanprobs

WEEK 4 TEXTURE • this might just be my favorite week yet! if it isn't apparent yet, i really like zooming in close (often way too close 😅), so finding the textured patterns in things i interact daily has been super fun. i really like the third photo since it's both the most uniform and the most varying texture at the same time (also it makes for a nice phone background change from my schedule #freshmanprobs) #MADDEN2DPHOTOARCHIVE #2D011

🚨 LINK IN BIO: college freshman survival tip #4 - it's okay to have feelings and struggle in school or life. You'll be surprised how many people feel the same way. Talk it out. But please don't be embarrassed to ask for professional help. I was embarrassed of my mental state and didn't admit to myself I needed help until very late in my college career and it was a huge mistake. So it's okay to have lots of mixed feelings, but don't bottle it in, look to heal and look for what's good for you.

social szn, its risky business #trideltatuesday

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