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I think I wore the wrong ring to ring day #FreshmanProbs #RingPop 💍

throwback to freshman year, before i knew the football players wanted a little more than you wearing their jersey #freshmanprobs 👧🏼🎒--> 🤦🏽‍♀️👋🏼

hbd 2 my bestie!! i hope u pass ur permit test bc ur gonna get caught;)) #loveu #freshmanprobs

thanks for the amazing weekend @lauren.dunnett ! (and all the cruel fetus jokes #freshmanprobs )

Just look at the love in that BIRTHDAY GIRL's eyes. @rollman_hudson is a lucky man.
We fangirled over this this cool beauty for weeks before we asked her to go hiking with us... and the rest is history! Gosh I have never laughed harder, been more authentic, and loved just living more than after I met @caseyasheton! Through her, I have felt more grace and have been more challenged to be IN LOVE with Lord. And Lord knew I needed her to get through Sophomore slump. No worries fam, we got you now. 😜 I love you forever. #freshmanprobs

The age old tradition of battling your locker combination. #freshmanprobs #SA2020

back when I was a super cool videographer thanks to documentary class--but apparently not cool enough to realize I had my lanyard around my neck

Our track stars' last track meet😢 together. #austinout #freshmanprobs #guessitshooptime


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