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Episode 19: Terry Gillian's Monty Python and the Holy Grail available now! Listen. Or I'll have your leg. (Link in bio.) #montypythonandtheholygrail #montypython #terrygilliam #freshmanfifteen #freshmanfilm #filmpodcast #filmdiscussion #podcast #podcasts #holygrail

Episode 19 is here! @jeaoure and @danielgarcialong consult the Book of Armaments and pull the pin of The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch as they discuss Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the 1975 freshman film of Terry Gilliam. Listen in on their conversation as they explore the confrontational nature of Gilliam’s art, as well as consider what his first offering may have in common with his later visions of dystopian futures? Thank you for listening. May your Monday feel like nothing more than a flesh wound. Link in bio.

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New episode tomorrow! We put our heads (and coconuts) together to discuss the first film of perennial oddball director and sometimes animator Terry Gilliam - Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Join us! And don't forget to bring a shrubbery.
#filmdiscussion #filmpodcast #podcast #freshman15 #freshmanfilm #freshmanfifteen #terrygilliam #montypython #montypythonandtheholygrail

Newsflash: Click link in Bio and discover how to overcome unhealthy eating habits! #healthyfood #collegeeats #collegelife #freshmanfifteen #food #anovamoments #newblogpost #blogger #bloggerlife

New episode on Monday, but don't forget to listen to our current episode on the freshman film of Tim Burton: Pee-wee's Big Adventure!

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@marykated10 sent me a photo of her meal that looked so appetizing and aesthetically pleasing, I just had to share it here- featured is the breakfast burger from Bullfinch’s, which is an 8 oz burger, topped with bacon and a poached egg, in between a Golden french toast “bun.” This breakfast/dinner combination may be high on calories, but low on price, and all of this food is only $13! It looks so tempting, I can’t wait to try it myself! 🍔🍞🍳😋 #breakfastburger #frenchtoast #bacon #egg #foodporn #freshmanfifteen #winterbreak

Good Morning and Happy New Year! 2017 thank you for the lessons and 2018 let's do this!💪💚👑😜♀🎉

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When you need the inspiration to get back to your pre winter body. #freshmanfifteen #ohwaitim32 🤔 #justsaynotosugar #ilovefood

Good Morning! I am walking into 2018 purposeful, blessed, and happy! I will trust the process and lean on Him and not my own understanding. What are some affirmations you're taking with you into 2018?🤔 Drop them below!👇👇👇 #Affirm2018

Yes, I'm an artist @sfmoma #freshmanfifteen

Whew lordt! Friday, I'm looking for you with a 🔦🔦🔦! I CANNOT wait!💦💦💦

I can’t believe I’ve known this guy for 15 years. Happy Birthday to my favorite son!!! #hesthebest #15thbirthday #freshmanfifteen

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