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Tonight on the menu: strawberries, raspberries, apples, carrots and an egg fresh from this morning with eggshell (thank you for your delicious eggs my chicken ladies!) Khala will get her meat a bit later when she's done with the healthy stuff πŸ˜‰
Got a question? Ask away! #foxylady #foxesofinstagram #petfox #fox #healthyfood #heatlhy #chicken #fresheggs #chickencoop

Zoey: Mooooom! Stop. Don't get my face! [hides behind tree] It's turning all red and these weird flaps of skin are growing out of my chin and between my eyes! None of the other girls my age have that... I must be some kind of freak!
Me: [trying not to laugh] It's okay Zoe-face [oops, twinges]. No dear, I wasn't making fun of your beautiful face! That just means you're growing up a little faster than the other girls, and will start feeling the urge to lay eggs soon.
Zoey: Egg... what's, an egg?
Me: Food for Mommy and Daddy, sweet girl! [goes to fetch an egg from the coop and shows her; long detailed lesson of chicken anatomy and the reproductive cycle ensues]
Zoey: [face turning more and more red from sheer embarrassment and shock] Screw that. Not happening. Y'all can starve.
As she stormed off, I called out how proud she'll be one day, and how she'll want to sing it to the world.
Zoey: [turns to glare at me over her shoulder] As IF!
I'm glad I decided to save the "Rooster talk" and alternative egg destinies for another day πŸ˜’
11 weeks old today folks.
#thetalk #pubertysucks #teenagers #awkwardteen #sexeducation #deannasflock

Why yes, that's quite a bit of quail eggs we've got there! They have been steamed to perfection and will go towards being pickled and eaten as a great protein snack throughout the week.

The correct steaming time & our pickled egg brine can be found on our website, link in the profile! If you're not yet raising quail, I'd strongly consider it. Their meat is as fabulous as their eggs!

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How to tell when a Poppy is broody....as most of you know, Pops LOVES her treats- Like it's pretty much an addiction. She will come flying from wherever she is and land right on top of the @treats4chickens bucket I'm carrying πŸ˜‚ (thank goodness she has good aim). However, you can see here she's in her little broody trance so much she wouldn't even take a single seed 😳 so unlike her! It took me 4 days to break her broody but rest easy- she's back to her crazy daisy treat addicted self now ❀️ #Poppy #CrestedCreamLegbar #TreatWhore #TreatsforChickens #PulletTogether #daniellelovest4c

Breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day!
#hostilevalleyliving #romantufted #goslings

Hey sweet friends! Thank you to all who played along with #eggvignette this week! It's always so fun to see all the different ones! .
Here are this week's features!
πŸ’œPlease remember to include all three guidelines, for a possible feature! I just want to keep it fair for everyone!πŸ’œ
Tap the pic to see to whom each egg pic belongs, and to see their lovely galleries!
On Thursday we will start another round! I will do a feature on Monday! Please continue to share and play along! Have a Blessed evening!

Ladies are really liking this aerial predator hut I made for the youngsters


FRESH, LOCAL, PASTURED EGGS πŸ“Our chickens provide the most nutritious and delicious eggs! Studies have shown that pasture-raised eggs can contain twice as much vitamin E and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids as eggs from caged hens. Come say hi and pick up your pastured eggs, available at our farm stand M-F 8-5 and at select stores upcountry.
Farm Stand 186 Pi’iholo Road Makawao. 808.572.3433.
#supportlocal #eatlocal #pastured #hokunuimaui

It's whats for dinner. Veggie loaded frittata. Yummmm πŸ˜‹πŸ…πŸ†πŸŒΆπŸ„#backyardchickens #fresheggs #equalsscrumptiousdinner #thanksgirlsπŸ”

Finally getting an egg a day! The little ones are so cute! #fresheggs #freerange #happychickens

So proud how Lil Bella was able to capture the stages of this Lil Cardinal's life ❀️ (swipe left)

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