well, if you haven’t seen my story, here’s some gay doodles i did in class.
second pic is pro rev!frank and dd!frank if it wasn’t obvious. it was inspired by a comment i saw on one of that.fragile.capricorn’s post. (not @ ing bc lowkey id hate for them to get a notifcation for this lol)
third one is 2007 frikey.
anyway, enjoy.
i plan to do more current gerard stuff tomorrow.

#gerardway #frankiero #mikeyway #frikey #frerard #selfcest #mcr #mychemicalromance #mychem #frerardfanart

I'm sorry but.. iHad2doItToEm

help lines:
US: (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline)
Canada: (Kid’s Help Phone)

Oh lord his eyes

i had to post these today so oof

Y r his legs so hot like it’s not fair

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