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The moment we dropped my first Mommy off at the airport.. The moment she said goodbye to me.. The moment my Mommy left me..
The moment I tearfully said "Bye Mommy.. But WHYYY?" 👋🏻😰🤧 Daddy had to hold it down after that as a single Father.. I got to give him credit, he did his thing.. But at the same time there's nothing like a Mommy, a motherly figure.. the gentle love, the gentle touch of a female I miss..
I think that's why I get SO attached whenever Daddy introduces me to a new potential Mommy.. but unfortunately they've all eventually left.. Is it because I try to hump them too much? I'm just showing them my love.. 🤦🏼‍♂️😲😬😐😩
Who knows.. And Yet, I'm still hopeful.. #tbt #SadGomi #Gomithefrenchie #lilgomitheillesthomie
PS: On a happy note 🤗 I've been so lucky to have one constant female in my life whenever she comes to visit.. My amazing Grandma 👵❤️ #GrannyLove

The foggy doggy... morning hiking adventures in the Pacific Northwest. 👌🏼

My lil bro 😘

When you a frenchie but you also a baby #babybinky


Mommy made me a special flower-necklace. It's made of real flowers! Do you like it? 🌼🌸

Friyay-ing ☀️🎉🍾🍭🍩🍬💥

Mom: what do you want to do this weekend?
Me: already doing it 🤗😃
#weekendengage #friyay #Friday #frenchiefriday #playball

cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run ❤️ #flashbackfriday

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