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Title: [e-Book] The Great Capacity Crunch: The Current State, Future Outlook, and How Shippers Can Thrive in Any Capacity Crunch Intro: The shipping capacity crunch is not a new topic, but the end of 2017 is shaping up to reveal an unprecedented crunch. To successfully mitigate the potential setbacks from shipping capacity crunch, your organization understand more about its current and projected driving forces.

Title: What Transportation Modes Are Most Affected by Capacity Crunches?
Intro: Current and future capacity crunches are often analyzed for impact in the U.S., but they exist around the globe. The same holds true for their impacts on varying transportation modes. All modes of transit feel the effects of capacity crunches, but those that suffer the biggest effects tend to involve ground-transit, including less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (FT) and parcel shipping. Since shippers in the U.S. rely on these three dominant transportation modes, let’s look at how capacity crunches affect them.

Title: Why the Great Driver Shortage Is Now Top of Mind for Shippers & a Driver of a Capacity Crunch Intro: The Great Driver Shortage was already starting to weigh on the minds of carriers and shippers early this year as experts predicted tightening capacity, said William B. Cassidy of the Journal of Commerce (JOC), and the continued climb of the stock market alludes to an imminent, modern-day Industrial Revolution. At the same time, carriers have turned to leaner operations to keep costs down, and the transportation industry is ready to implode with a capacity crunch that lasts well into 2018 and may only get worse from there. Now, the driver shortage is more than just a slight hiccup in the industry. It is the top concern for shippers, and you need to know what it means for the capacity crunch.

Title: How the ELD Mandate & Other Regulations Will Impact the Capacity Crunch Intro: Within one month, the electronic logging device mandate will take effect. While shippers have known about the mandate for two years, truckers, shippers and carriers are still concerned about how it will impact capacity.

Title: 2018 Outlook of the Capacity Crunch: Buckle Up… Intro: Shippers need to understand the capacity crunch. 2018 is on track to be one for the record books, and those that fell to recognize this game-changing catalyst will be doomed to fail.

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Title: Digitized Trucking: Turning The Logistics Value Chain Upside Down
Intro: Just as the arrival of Hybrid electric cars has been a complete game changer for automobile manufacturing industry, digital trucking is ready to change the way freight is transported forever. The introduction of digitized trucking marks the beginning of a new era and is set to turn the logistics value chain upside down.

Title: How Freight Forwarders Can Lower Their Bonding Costs
Intro: As October 1 approaches, some freight forwarders may need to renew their freight forwarder bond. While that is not the renewal deadline for all forwarders, many of them renew around that date as the requirement to get bonded was introduced back in October 2013, and applied to those who were in business then.

Title: The Five Top Packaging Tips to Help Avoid Damage
Intro: Nothing is more disappointing than receiving a damaged parcel through the post. It’s the sender’s responsibility to make sure the parcel is packaged correctly but accidental damage obtained through transport is possible. Before you head to the post office compare parcel delivery quotes to make sure you get the best price for your delivery. You could save as much as 80% on potential shipping costs! Read our top five packaging tips to help prevent damage below.

Title: 7 Misconceptions of Parcel Audits’ Impact on Transportation Costs Intro: The impact on transportation costs through parcel audits is often forgotten. Shippers may feel parcel audits lack value, and still, others avoid them for irrational reasons. As explained by Jared Fisher of Parcel Magazine, shippers may be able to recoup up to 5 percent of parcel shipping costs through proper auditing procedures. But, the word, audit, can be frightening to businesses trying to stay out of the spotlight. Therefore, it is important shippers understand the top misconceptions of parcel auditing and how parcel audits can add up to big savings.

Title: What Is Free or Freight on Board (FOB), and Why Should Shippers Understand This Term?
Intro: Today supply chains stretch around the globe, and few supply chain can exist within a single country without selling or purchasing products or raw materials from other countries. In the course of international trade, compliance with international trade laws and cultural differences can lead to confusion when interpreting contractual terms and obligations.

Title: Parcel Dimensional Weight and Package Density: Breaking Down These Parcel Shipment Rules
Intro: Parcel dimensional weight and pricing have become standard in the shipping industry. But, many shippers continue to fret over how dimensional pricing (DIM Pricing) will impact their bottom lines. To the untrained eye, DIM pricing looks like another way for carriers to get more money from shippers, and with carriers changing DIM weight factors every few years, the suspicion grows stronger. However, DIM pricing is not a fad or something to fear if you know what it means and how to calculate it. So, let’s look into DIM weight and what it means for your company.

Title: Comparing Parcel and LTL Shipping: When Do I Choose What in Order to Save the Most Money?
Intro: More than 25 million small packages, otherwise known as parcels, are shipped daily. Meanwhile, the top 10 commodities shipped tend to be bulky and require less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. But, the lines between parcel and LTL shipping have started to blur in recent years. Parcel carriers are spending less per shipment, and LTL shippers are spending less by reducing the “work” that goes into shipping. So, how do shippers know when to choose parcel or LTL shipping to save the most money? To find the answer, shippers need to ask several questions about the shipment and question and planned shipments.

Title: Time for This Year’s Freight Broker Bond Renewal
Intro: October is just around the corner. Since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) increased the 2017 freight broker bond renewal amount to $75,000 back in 2013 and set October 1 as the renewal deadline, that's the time when many freight brokers renew their bonds.

Title: [WEBINAR] Register for the “Technology Shaping Less-Than-Truckload Shipping” Webinar
Intro: Join Cerasis for an educational webinar on the technology shaping the Less Than Truckload shipping industry by registering to attend " The Guide to the Digital Revolution & Technology Shaping Less Than Truckload Shipping" on Wednesday, September 13th at 10 AM Central.

Title: NMFTA Announces Freight Classification Changes & What Shippers Need to Know
Intro: Freight classification changes are part of the growing shipping industry, and the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has again enacted changes to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC), which took effect August 5, 2017. Unfortunately, the NMFTA’s Notice of Disposition to guide shippers on how the latest changes will affect existing freight classifications can be confusing. In addition, shippers may feel worried or anxious about the new changes and how they will impact freight spend, their customers, and overall operations. However, shippers can effectively prepare for these changes by understanding them and knowing what they mean to their operations.

Title: What are the Characteristics That Make up Parcel Pricing?
Intro: Standard parcel shipping is evolving. Today, it has become one of the largest sectors within the shipping industry, and shippers are looking for ways to squeeze better profit margins from carriers and the consumers. Unfortunately, finding savings in parcel shipping costs can be difficult at best, especially considering the major carriers’ constant changes to parcel service guides. But, shippers who understand the top factors influencing parcel pricing, such as dimensional (DIM) pricing models, they can locate additional savings by eliminating unnecessary costs and maintaining better control over shipping practices.

Title: Regional Parcel Carriers – Why It’s Wise to Expand Your Basket Beyond the Big 2
Intro: In selecting a parcel carrier for your shipping needs, companies can go a couple of ways. Remember the old saying from the corporate CTO – “Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM”? The safe route would be to go with one of the global giants – UPS or FedEx. Now more than ever, many logistics leaders are considering what they call the “smart” route, selecting regional parcel carriers as a complement to their overall shipping strategy.

Title: [WEBINAR REPLAY] The Essential Guide to Freight Claims Management Intro: Cerasis Inc., held a live webinar entitled “The Essential Guide to Freight Claims Management” on June 6th, 2017. Those who were not able to attend can now download a live replay of this highly educational webinar on a very important subject. This webinar is perfect for shippers of all sizes. to get educational material covering all things freight claims. Download the Freight Claims Webinar Replay Now!

Title: What Will Become of the Automated Freight Industry In The Next Ten Years? Intro: Today's blog comes from our friends at Barrington Freight where they give us a glimpse as to what the next 10 years will look like for automation in the freight industry.

Title: [Webinar] The Essential Guide to Freight Claims Management Intro: Cerasis Inc., announces that their “Essential Guide to Freight Claims Management” Webinar is now open for registrations by shippers of all sizes. Cerasis will present educational material covering all things freight claims on June 6th, 2017 at 10 AM CST.

Title: [e-Book] The Essential Guide to Inbound Freight Management Intro: Inbound freight management is receiving a lot of attention as businesses continue to look for ways to manage shipping costs.

When the crew's all in #freightclothing, you know it's going to be a good time #freightnyc #freightcrew #befreight #iamfreight

Title: Six Best Practices for Working with Freight Brokers Intro: Working with Freight brokers is important for a business of any size to successfully deal with import and export by efficiently moving freight cargo through customs. Dealing with customs and waiting for shipments to be cleared for entry can be time-consuming, and time is money, but with a freight broker by your side, you can focus on running your business while they take care of logistics and ensure a smooth and fast transit.

Title: Why Is It Important to Work with a Licensed and Bonded Freight Broker?
Intro: Logistics professionals need to consider a myriad of factors in their daily operations. Making the right choice for a freight brokering partner is often one of the important tasks on their to-do list. Whether you’re a shipper or a carrier, working with a bonded freight broker is essential for your workflow. Brokers function like the middlemen who ensure a smooth transportation process and top service prices for all parties involved.

Title: [e-Book] The Essential Guide to Freight Claims Management: Laws, Fundamentals, Management, & Staying Proactive 
Intro: At Cerasis, we provide comprehensive freight claims management. Why? It’s something all shippers, at some point, will eventually face. Sometimes this involves a huge damage or loss claim, sometimes it’s much more simple. We provided this service, as a value add service in addition to many other services because as shippers used our transportation management system, we found that one area that most shippers are the least knowledgeable in is that of claims for freight loss and damage. However, this does not mean that an understanding of claims isn’t vital to running an efficient transportation and logistics department.

Title: 5 Ways To Help Avoid Freight Damage & Loss Claims Intro: Shippers and sellers have plenty of things to consider. They must think about what customers will want today, tomorrow and two months from now. Meanwhile, are freight costs going to rise or decrease? Will Mother Nature throw a wrench into a shipment, causing extra delays or even freight damage?

Title: Freight Claim Laws: The Various Laws You Need To Know 
Intro: Freight claim loss is almost a taboo subject in modern shipping. No one wants to touch it, but it’s important to know which freight claim laws govern certain modes of transportations, allowing everyone to understand when and if a claim is appropriate. Let’s look at some of these freight claim laws and what they mean for freight transportation liability.

Title: Freight Driver Shortage Update: Will 2017 Come to a Head & Cause Issues for Shippers? 
Intro: Growing woes over a forthcoming capacity crunch are not going away anytime soon. But, the capacity crunch may have a major impact on the freight driver shortage and vice versa. In a sense, fewer drivers mean that capacity will grow tighter. Yet, as capacity shrinks, the incentive for drivers increases. As 2017 moves forward, it may be a year that the driver shortage comes to a head, but it might not be as dismal as some shippers have been led to believe.

Title: Is The Freight Capacity Crunch in Trucking a Myth? 
Intro: The freight capacity crunch has dominated supply chain and logistics since 2014, and many shippers fear it will arrive sooner than many experts believe. However, the capacity crunch may be less severe than anticipated, and it could easily reflect growing pains in the industry. Thus, shippers need to understand why it has not yet taken hold, why some experts believe it may still occur and what preventative actions are needed now to prepare.

Title: Looking for Freight Broker Tips? Join These 5 Online Communities.
Intro: Launching your business in the freight broker and logistics fields can be an exciting journey. Yet there is so to learn about it - and learn it fast, so that you can be a competitive member of the transportation community.

Title: FMCSA Suspends Implementation of the URS 
Intro: After a number of delays, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has suspended the implementation of its Unified Registration System. The system was supposed to be fully rolled out on January 14, 2017.

Made cupcakes for my cupcakes lol #fivebelow crew #freightcrew #love my job ❤️❤️❤️enjoy ur nite all

Title: Aspiring Military Freight Carriers: Don’t Miss SDDC’s Open Season Intro: The Department of Defense’s Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) has announced an open season for accepting applications from freight carriers. This is a chance for transportation professionals who would like to move military freight to kickstart their working relationship with the SDDC. The period during which you can take advantage of the opportunity runs from January 9 to February 28, 2017.

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Title: 2016 Year in Review: Top Freight Stories in 2016 Intro: We continue our series on top articles of the year from our blog. We are featuring our most read articles of 2016 in our five main categories: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, and Freight. Yesterday, we published the top 5 Logistics stories from 2016. Next, we focus on the top 5 Freight stories of 2016. This year, our readers showed a massive interest in freight KPIs, how to increase efficiencies, and how to avoid popular mistakes. So, without further to do, here are the 5 top Freight stories of 2016.

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