Title: Freight Consolidation for Full Truckload: The Hidden Gem of Full Truckload Shipping Intro: Full truckload shipping rates are not regulated by the NMFTA, and as a result, shippers have an opportunity to take advantage of lower than LTL shipping rates through freight consolidation.

Title: The Invaluable Role of a TMS in Managing Full Truckload Shipments Intro: Using a TMS for full truckload shipments is about finding cost savings wherever possible, and since the Big-Box retailers are only growing, shippers can leverage the power of a TMS to tap into the valuable resource of FT shipping.

Title: What You Need to Know About Full Truckload Freight Allocation Intro: The difference derives from the ability of companies to leverage technology and information to drive freight spend down, but how? Find out here.

Title: How Do You Budget Better for Full Truckload? Intro: The lowest cost doesn’t necessarily make the best deal, so understanding how the industry responds to changes in volume within transportation hubs and the market is crucial to making informed decisions.

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Title: Full Truckload Technology: The Various Technology Involved in Full Truckload Freight Shipping Management Intro: Logistics technology is evolving, and full truckload technology will continue to get a bigger plate at the logistics dinner table. Shippers should begin the process of migrating systems to the cloud and consider outsourcing to 3PL providers.

Title: How to Mitigate Risk of Full Truckload Shipping: Freight/ Cargo Insurance! Intro: Cargo insurance must never be an afterthought. Full truckload freight can represent millions of dollars of product, and the risk, even when it is an unforeseen risk, will always be present. Read more about how to reduce that risk here.

Title: The Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping: How to Make Sure You Are Getting More Bang for Your Buck Intro: Freight consolidation to transform more LTL shipments to full truckload freight is critical. Even though truckload rates are rising, shippers can use full truckload to vary freight shipping options to move more product and lower operating expenses.

Title: Reducing Parcel Transportation Costs Thru Parcel Audits Intro: Shippers talk about the low-hanging fruit in managing transportation spend, but no fruit hangs lower than that available through outsourced parcel audits. Grab the low-hanging fruit by outsourcing a parcel audit program now.

Title: The Importance of Proper Packaging to Reduce Parcel Shipping Claims Intro: There is no doubt about it. As the demand for parcel shipments continues to grow, and more customers expect free or low-cost shipping, the time for guesswork has passed and the time for a cost-effective cartonization process is here.

Title: 5 Considerations for Parcel Spend Management Intro: By understanding the top five influencers of parcel rates, shippers can meet customers’ expectations, prepare for higher rates in the future, and keep parcel freight spend in check.

Title: 7 Clues That Game of Thrones Is Really About Hazmat Shipping Intro: What’s that? You don’t think Game of Thrones is about hazmat shipping? Here are seven uncanny similarities that will prove you as wrong as Ramsay Bolton.

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Title: Shippers of Consumer Products Impacted Most by Capacity Crunch Intro: In some instances, accepting higher prices is just part of today’s reality. But overall, there are some steps shippers can take to mitigate how high rate increases stretch.

Title: 5 Parcel Shipping Trends to Optimize Shipping & Reduce Costs Intro: We hope to see you at the Webinar on May 23rd, at 10 AM CST to learn more about Parcel Shipping Trends.

Title: The Wonderful World of Managing Parcel Shipping Spend Intro: Cost management of parcels can be a source of reprieve in today’s chaotic, omnichannel-driven world, and shippers need to know to take back control of parcel shipping spend.

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