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Vehicles in our carpool and toll lanes need to maintain an average speed of 45 mph 90% of the time during peak periods to meet federal requirements. Two thirds of those lanes in California do not meet those standards. @metrolosangeles is studying whether to add more tolls on carpool lanes, or increase the number of people needed to use the carpool lanes from 2 to 3. They are also looking at ways to prevent carpool lane cheaters. Officials need to find a way to increase carpool lane speed to keep federal funding. Thanks to Eyewitness @darelcarey for this pic from Downtown L.A. Share your photos with #abc7eyewitness !


2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
The 2017 Honda Clarity fuel cell finally gives credence to that platitude. It actually realizes the potential that hydrogen-fuel-cell engineers have long worked toward: to make the fuel-cell hardware entirely invisible from the driving experience. Built on a dedicated platform that also will spawn a battery-electric version and a plug-in hybrid later this year, the fuel-cell Clarity drives just like a battery-powered electric car.
Honda says the Clarity’s center of mass is slightly lower than that of the Accord hybrid, but the prevailing impression is that it feels far more nose-heavy in tight corners than its claimed 57/43 front/rear weight distribution suggests. The steering is precise, but it could be weighted stronger on-center.
Honda has been working on hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicles for 20 years, and in that time the fuel-cell stacks have gone from nearly steamer-chest sized to the volume of a modest carry-on suitcase. With this latest generation, Honda has pushed the efficiency of the stack over the 60 percent mark, increasing power to 103 kW, while cutting its physical volume by one-third.
The large hydrogen tanks enable a claimed 366-mile range, at the expense of cargo space.
Because the fuel cell still takes a few seconds to ramp up to its peak generation, an air-cooled, 1.7-kWh lithium-ion battery pack ensures that full power is always on tap. The pack acts as an energy buffer and has its own monitor at the far left side of the gauge cluster. Blast up to speed, foot to the floor after you’ve been puttering along, and it is the secret to the Clarity’s consistent and strong responses.
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2017 Bugatti Chiron
2017 Bugatti Chiron is how the $3 million price means. In other words, we could go on and on about how it is an exuberant, untethered overstatement in the service of generating delirious stupefaction, both in the nobles who luxuriate in it and the peasants who revel in its reflected glory.
it is a reboot of a last-decade idea for reviving a slumbering auto boutique with a moonshot engineering project intended to create shock and awe. The 1001-hp Veyron 16.4 was the busted sound barrier, the Everest summit, the four-minute mile.
Going from 1200 horsepower in the hottest Veyrons to a still drivable 1500 in the Chiron, required more than just a bigger blow.
The Chiron is improved in so many other ways as well. The throttle, able to summon a bonkers 1180 lb-ft of torque, answers with the slimmest delay in lag, meaning on country lanes you’ll often bawl-whoosh past dawdlers so quickly that you’ll be several dozen car lengths ahead before it occurs to you to pull back into your lane.
Eventually, nearly every single part number changed in the engine. And in the seven-speed transmission. And in the two clutches. And the wheels, tires, brakes, and self-adjusting suspension. And the body, aerodynamic devices, and interior. Even the hand-painted, solid-silver Bugatti grille badge got a facelift.
The relatively few people who have driven a Veyron will notice at once that the Chiron is quieter inside and that it has a gentler ride. In the European way, Bugatti quotes an acceleration figure in the zero-to-62-mph metric, stating that it’s “less than 2.5 seconds,” which is good because the first Veyron we tested hit 60 mph in 2.5.
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Sunbreak over the 84/i5 interchange. The waters have been creeping up for weeks, causing the floating pathways of the eastbank to sit flat rather than descending towards the water. The Colombia, joined by the Willamette miles North has been at a low floodstage since last week. The river has gone brown with little bits of every town and field North of Eugene and the debris washed downstream from every creek and backwater is catching around the docks and bridge footings. "Wouldn& #39;t take long for the rivers to rise / wouldn't be nothing but the sea and the sky" -- "Forty Days" The Devil Makes Three ----------------
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2017 Nissan Maxima
Having been completely redesigned for the 2016 model year, the Maxima receives minimal updates for 2017. Most notably, Apple CarPlay is now standard on trim levels, allowing iPhone users to connect and control their devices from the Maxima’s 8.0-inch touchscreen. Also new are the Medallion and Dynamic accessory packages. Both include 18-inch aluminum wheels, illuminated doorsills, and a rear spoiler. The Medallion package adds interior and exterior accent lighting, while the Dynamic package offers unique side rocker moldings.
With its 18.0-gallon fuel tank full, the Maxima should provide a highway cruising range of 580 miles, a longer trip than any of its tested classmates could take.
The Maxima is one of the quicker full-size sedans, and its V-6 engine sounds good when it’s pushed hard. Unfortunately, it’s mated to a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) that compromises fun for fuel efficiency.
The 3.5-liter V-6 makes 300 horsepower and moves the Maxima along with purpose. The CVT, however, detracts from the Maxima’s sports-sedan mission. Although it will mimic a typical automatic under heavy throttle, the CVT otherwise spoils the V-6’s fun. All Maximas are front-wheel drive, which is fine under normal circumstances. When pushed hard, though, the brutish engine can easily spin the front wheels, which seems out of place in this segment.
The infotainment system can be used as a touchscreen, but there also are redundant buttons on the center stack for quick access to common adjustments such as audio volume and climate control. The system also provides vehicle monitoring, remote access, and emergency services. Parents of teenage drivers may appreciate the speed, boundary, and curfew alerts, and the system automatically contacts emergency services when your airbags deploy after an accident.
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2017 Lexus RC200t
The Lexus RC Turbo coupe, badged as the RC200t, is one of the latest examples, having joined the lineup for the 2016 model year. Following in the turbo path of the Lexus IS sedan, it’s the cheapest model in the RC lineup, and it shares its small forced-induction four-cylinder with the NX, IS, and GS.
The engine is a 2.0-liter inline-four with a twin-scroll turbocharger helping to pump out 241 horsepower at 5800 rpm and 258 lb-ft of torque at 1650 rpm. The engine is paired with a fluid eight-speed automatic transmission that routes its output to the rear wheels and can be operated via paddles. Unlike some of the RC Turbo’s competitors, there is no option for all-wheel drive or a manual transmission on the RC200t.
Appearance is subjective, but for the most part, the other cars at the low end of the premium-coupe segment lack the extroverted flair of the RC with its gaping spindle grille, checkmark lighting graphics, and aggressively textured and layered bumpers.
The rest of the RC Turbo’s driving manners are competent and agreeable. The steering is nicely weighted, not too heavy or too light, and the car turns in eagerly.
Inside, the RC is soft and cozy. The thickly bolstered seats, the high beltline, and the raised center tunnel create a tucked-in feeling and combine with the coupe profile to make the RC hard to see out of.
The Lexus RC Turbo is for budget-conscious luxury buyers seeking visual rather than driving excitement. It looks fast and has an upscale badge, but it lacks overtly sporting tendencies. It has the style of a sports coupe, but it’s built more for comfort.
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