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😱 Scars just VANISHING 😱

This is a very personal post from a very happy customer of these amazing products which I just had to share with you all.
This is exactly why I have aligned myself with this company and products that are changing people's lives everyday. Here is her story.
Just over 4 years ago I had major surgery on my face to remove a very large basal cell carcinoma. It was so big that had I left it much longer I would have lost me eye. I was very lucky.
Very lucky but I was left with massive scars on my face from eye to chin in a big triangle shape. I was shattered. All the shocked looks and pitiful glances were hard to get used to. I'm tearing up now remembering what it was like to catch the bus to work every day.
My plastic surgeon did an amazing job but even with all the specialist creams and scar repair lotions I used my only choice for any chance at 'normal' skin was expensive laser or painful needling. For many reasons these were not options I could take.
Until now.
The below photos were very hard for me to post but I need to show everyone just first hand what these products can do. Got wrinkles? Got a few age spots? How about a face full of lumpy scars? Mine are disappearing. In just 3 short months I no longer have to wear makeup like spakfilla, I just wear a light powder. My friends and my family are commenting on how good my face looks and I feel amazing!!! Yes I still have a bit to go but imagine what I'll look like in 6 months!! Just what can this do for you?

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Now that I'm almost immobile, I'll post about what I accomplished yesterday. Big shout out to Pandora Premium for playing offline for the first 14 miles #freetrials #coloradomarathon #26onmy26th

Senior Prom was better than I could have ever hoped for with the greatest group ever created and the most beautiful date at the dance❤ #freetrials

Happy #ass #wednesday! 🍑 I love interacting with my fans exclusively on #clubstarfall. #freetrials #nosnapchats 😆

Registration for Summer Dance 2017 has begun and is already a hit! We are offering over 60+ FUN dance classes for 5 weeks of summer. Sign up online or in person for your favorite dance classes! #summerFUN #newgenres #trysomethingnew #18monthsthruadults #freetrials

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Our sub inters working on some new skills. We still have some vacancies in our Acro classes along with other styles so if you would like to book your FREE TRIAL for 2017 contact dancexpress@outlook.com #acro #acrobatics #dance #danceclass #freetrials

Amazon prime, how you gonna charge for the full year bruh? #thestruggle #freetrials #relatable


Gotta get use to these emails!
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⭐️Creativity is Key to Originality
Junior Contemporary || Thursday 5pm
Teacher || Matthew Lambden
email - variations@hotmail.com

***Motivation Friday***
Smile even though you know it's hard!
Lace Up and Enter The Ring! We got you sorted out. Book your Free Trials by visiting our website www.thering.sg or call us at 63851488. .
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Honestly loving this mask!! It's now part of my routine skincare regimen. 🌚🌚🌚 #MaryKayNYC #CleanSkin #CharcoalMask #Charcoal #Mask #DeepClean #PoreCleaner #Love #Like #Awesome #Skincare #Tryit #FreeTrials #FreeFacials

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