Happy #ValentinesDay y’all! We are decked out in pinks and reds today. Are you? #thejewelryjunkie
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another one from the last show 👍👏@juliettnovak

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Just taking a dip 🍦

Live in the water, love by the moon 🌙 Mermaid Monday’s🧜‍♀️🌊✌🏻 (@svnswim promo code: ignite10)

Come visit us at @wwinshow.nv this week in the La Paloma Room, Booth L2912! We can’t wait to meet you! #thejewelryjunkie

#NeverMissAMonday 💪🏼🔥 Today officially marks the first day of Phase 2, and you know what?
It totally kicked my ass. 🍑
But in a really great way.
It was booty day and we had all new workouts, all new rep counts, all new weights and resistance — it was basically like starting a whole new program.⚡️
If you missed my transformation post last night, you missed me totally gushing over this program and talking about how I’ve lost 10 POUNDS + 8 INCHES IN 4 WEEKS.
Wild, right?
So to say I'm pumped for round 2 would be a gross understatement.
In the last 4 weeks my body has done things I never thought it could do, and it's starting to take a shape I never thought it'd have.
But that's what happens when you make a DECISION and back it up with some HARD WORK, a whole lot of HEART, and equal part HUSTLE.
You begin to get the things you've always dreamed of.
When your parents told you as a kid that you could have anything you wanted when you grew up, they weren't lying to you. They may have left out the "hard work, heart, and hustle" parts, but they weren't lying.
You CAN have everything you want.
Stop trying so hard to convince yourself and the world that you can't.
Wouldn't life be a whole lot better if we all just decided that we could and then actually did, instead of complaining that we can't?
Just go for it today!
No ifs, ands, or buts.
Set your sights on that thing and make it yours.
The only one holding you back is you, babe. 💖 #mondaymotivation

Keep walking and keep smiling 🤪

You had me at Aloha

Green tea makes takes the edge off of lectures... #greentealover #gradschoolgrind

It’s rainy and cold in New Jersey 🙃 but don’t worry I took enough photos in Miami to spread some sunshine for a while 🌞🌻

Sunday Morning Mood.. normally I drink tea 🍵 for breakfast but today is an exception because we got a new coffee maker and of course we had to try it out.
By the way this coffee maker looks amazingly gorgeous... Do you want to see it?
I will post an image of it in a later post 🙌🏻 Happy Sunday .
#breakfast #sundaymood

Made with love in the ❤️ of Texas. Shop #thejewelryjunkie this Valentine’s! Link in bio. 📷: @countryoutfitter

This has been true all of my life. #notintofads #mooddresser #unique #freespiritedstyle #myownstyle

Happy Friday, friends! We are spending the day prepping for @wwinshow.nv! Come see us in the La Palma Room at Booth L2912 next week! #thejewelryjunkie 📷: @officiallyquigley

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