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yesterday. 🖤

Days like this ❤ @vardannayak #freespiritedlife 💃🏻it's was only about YOU & ME ... Now
New Life New role to play 👨‍👩‍👧 #Family #NewlyMommy #NewlyDadda 👼🏼 #Newduties

Hey you, yes I'm talking to you. You who's mind is confused, who's heart is overwhelmed and who's soul is weary. Read on this is for you. Just you.
Nowadays my conversations with my parents usually revolve around me explaining them all the things that I want to feel/do in life. Everyday I share with my mother the messages, the conversations that I have with few of you, who take out the time to drop a text, a DM, a comment telling me how much you love what I'm writing and talking about. Be it the Instagram stories/ posts or the poetry on my new page @aaobanefreespirited .
You tell me you love me. You tell me you love what I write. You tell me reading my poetry makes you want to fall in love or start writing/start taking pictures/start dreaming/stop hesitating/start trying out new things and so on. And I realised that this is what makes me happy. This is what makes me feel productive and worth something and not the endless hours in a cubicle.
Soon I'm about to start a phase in my life where I'm expected by my family and society to start "adulting" "be more realistic" and "get a job". I finish my masters this summer and I have made up my mind that this year I will try and redefine the term "adulting" & "being more realistic" for all the adults around me in the hope that, when the next time someone like me is about to start "this phase of adulting", he/she doesn't feel that doing this is the only way to move forward in life for them. Instead there is another way, that's been crafted just for them, inside their hearts.
क्यूँकि ज़िंदगी में उनकी हसरतें ही तो उनकी मंज़िल है...बस उन्हें सुनने की देरी है।
So go on, for once dare to dream with open eyes because being free spirited is not limited to what you do, instead it is all the things that you just simply do. #aaobanefreespirited #freespiritedlife #befreespirit #daretodream #freespirit

Never let your loyalty to someone keep you prisoner to their bullshit...... #freespiritedlife #selfie 😀😀

"Love the free spirit, but love her passion and excitement. Never try to tone her down or rein her in. Love her independence and her bravery. Love her high-pitched animated voice and silly ballerina dance moves and sun-scarred body covered with foreign script tattoos and cloth bracelets and obsure-stone rings. Love her tales of adventure and her incessant pleas for you to travel with her, to open your eyes to a world greater than the one you’ve always known…"🌙 #freespiritedlife #FavArticle #lovemeforme #icantbeanyoneelse

Today all my childhood dreams have came true 👧🏽. Im in love with majestic creatures 💗#buchona #freespiritedlife

If you don't like people telling you what to do or what to wear, and love doing your own... Then you're definitely a @yolancris #bride💕.
Congratulations to our #freespirited spring brides getting married this weekend 👏🏻👏🏻.
#YC #yolancrisbrides #freespiritedlife #bohobrides #realboho #bohobrides #weddingdress


Sometimes you just need to sit back and loosen yourself a lil' bit.. Stop pushing yourself to the things u can't control... #selfiemaniac #freespiritedlife #confidentwoman

yesterday. 🖤

perfect day with Ben and Rose.

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