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Played a little game of add on (with myself haha) whilst repping @shockabsorberuk this evening... ☝🏼➕☝🏼 Last line is pretty gross. 🙈 TDRs still aren't consistent enough apparently!! Also, featuring the one and only Mr Otto Baybutt (@baybutt)! 🐾 #SHOCKYOURSYSTEM #shockabsorberuk

I had accepted that I would never be able to do a lâché back, until @pashatheboss completely changed that in 30 minutes!
Im over the moon excited to have unlocked this silly mental fear!! Full crédits to @pashatheboss and @parkourporpoise for spotting me.
Watch the progression by swiping left. And expect to see more of these! 🙏🏾❤️

This is so sick😎
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Have you ever been this desperate for cell service? 😂 #canyouhearmenow #faceplant #professionalninja
This shoot I worked on for @foursigmatic was SO ridiculous 😝 omg LMAO I haven't gotten this dirty since I was a little kid when I used to like rolling around in the mud hahah #mudpie
Hope you guys smile watching it as much as I did working on it 😜

🏃🏽Vlog of @stekasaurus Bday Jam up Now, Link in Bio🏃🏽
🏃🏽Go show him some love as he is a beast!
☯️Since breaking both my wrists and rehabbing them daily to try and get them back to 💯, I have mixed up my training and have been sticking my toe into the free running pond.
☯️Your Brain should be excited by teaching it new things and connecting new Neuro Pathways.
☯️This will keep you young, smart with critical thinking and improve memory.
☯️Aim to do something new and or scary each day in a way that expresses your energy, and forever live young in body and mind 🙏🏽
Some of the talent featured in the Vlog;
Go show some love 👊🏽💯

Worm of the day: @shifer_what doing what he does best, jumping on things that weren't remotely designed for jumping, who thinks they could do this challenge?? #slowmotion #parkour #jumping


Head-turner........ palabra tees

Bebaskan hidupmu dengan berbagai hal yang sangat positif ,bebaskan hidupmu dengan berbagai hal yang menarik dan indah,dan bebaskan hidupmu dengan terbang bagaikan burung di langit yang sangat luas
#parkour #parkourlife #team3run #flips #freerun #freerunning #freerunner #like4like #parkourindonesia #parkourgenerations #parkoururg #sunset #sunset🌅 #pesonaindonesia

Daily Backflip No. 697 (Year 2, Day 332) // friyay? #thedailybackflip

Que bueno es poder llevar tu imaginación a la realidad & no hallar limites 😊 #Parkour #saltos #freerunner #libertad #movimientos #fluidez #parkourlife

🕸👍 Credits: @lilamok says:
Getting my old Moves back 😍 | | | |

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🕸👍 Credits: @bobreesecookiemonster says:
So when professional parkour athletes stay in the same house and try to take a rest day, this is what happens instead of training...

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« Ne demeurez pas dans le passé, ne rêvez pas du futur, concentrez l'esprit sur le moment présent. » BE FREE #freerunning #parkour #freerunner #freerun #tracer

Day #6 ~ I'm really happy with today because that first line I did took a lot of massaging and many attempts. The rest was just fun times 😁

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