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Un caffè in compagnia!!! ❤️

원두 부자 ☺
☕ 라떼아트 교육 문의 (서울 경기 출장가능)
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Good Morning...❤️💋☕️

I am full, from eating too much supper.
I am, however, never too full for a delicious night cappuccino (did you see what I did there? I was going to write nightcap).
I digress. What more can I say, other than @sweetbloomcoffee Colombia El Obraje makes a lovely cappuccino.
What are you mixing with milk? 🤔☕
Also, a special shout out to @matchbookcoffeeproject for providing the lovely coasters with last month's Ecuador No Use Gancho release.

Old Bean

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