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Dressed in pink lace, this girl is ready to take on the world! Lacey was born at #31weeks weighing 1 pound 15 ounces. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her! She still has some hurdles to overcome, but I know she will do big things!⠀

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Sometimes the most frustrating part of the NICU stay is when the only hurdle left is learning to eat. Parents are often so anxious to get baby home, but learning to coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing is necessary for safe feeding. Sometimes babies need special bottle nipples, sometimes they need help pacing themselves, and sometimes they just get tired. Feeding tubes can help give them a rest so that their next feed is more successful. They may look completely ready to come home on the outside, but feeding is definitely something they need to master before they can get discharged. #nicumoms , what was the most frustrating part of your NICU stay when you were on the “home stretch”? #freenicusessions

This sweet little 2 pound 11 oz peanut just turned one year old! She was born at 29 weeks. If you missed her #freenicusessions session last year, here is a sneak peak. You can find more photos on the blog, but you’ll be seeing her again soon at her one year session. I can’t wait to see how much she has grown! #29weeks #29weeker #29weekpreemie @dali078 @nickgrothe #imovie #madeinimovie #video #slideshow #videography

Looking forward to sharing some new preemie toes with you soon 💕 I spent my day off doing some of my favorite things: eating pizza with friends, going to a movie, and photographing this sweet babe. Now that you can follow hashtags, head over to #freenicusessions and you’ll be able to see all of the NICU babies I photograph in one place #31weeks #31weeker #31weekpreemie

Make sure to head over to the @beemightybabies Facebook page tonight before you snuggle into bed. Bee Mighty interviewed his sweet mom and she talks about when she found out she was pregnant up until he was born at just 26 weeks weighing only 1 pound.
There’s more to his story that his mom will share in another interview later. I shared his mom’s version of Charlie’s life story on the blog last year. You can read about it here:

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I guess it’s safe to say I should keep offering my #freenicusessions You all must enjoy seeing these sweet babies! #2017bestnine #bestnine2017

Tiny toes 😍 #freenicusessions

The tiny little feet of a preemie! Choose an organization from the link in my profile to donate today 💜 #worldprematurityday #freenicusessions

Not all babies get to come home and spend their first Easter with their mom and dad. Louryn spent most of her first few months of life in an isolette, away from her parents. Until you experience this, you have no idea what it’s like to be in mom’s shoes. It’s hard on mom and baby, so let’s work towards reducing prematurity. Donate today to a local or national organization via the links in my profile. #worldprematurityday #freenicusessions

This little elf was born at just 28 weeks, weighing 2 lbs 6 oz. Today he is a healthy 18 month old who is running, talking, and doing all things babies should get to do. • Sully was able to sit on Santa’s lap last year at the Germ Free Santa Portraits, all thanks to those who donate to @piercesproject and another organization that supports preemies: @beemightybabies 🐝 Bee Mighty provides funding for medical therapy and equipment to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) graduates. Bee Mighty was established so that families can focus on each other and concentrate on the development of their child without the added stress of financial ruin. • Click the link in my profile to support Bee Mighty so that others make it to Santa’s lap like Sully did 🎅🏼👶🏻 #worldprematurityday #28weeks #28weeker #marchofdimes #freenicusessions #nicugrad #beemighty #beemightybabies

If you’re in the Charlotte area, consider a donation to Pierce’s Project • Pierce's Project was founded in order to help support families of premature or chronically ill infants before, during and after their NICU stay. I have donated my time to this non-profit, who is SO passionate about supporting families of micropreemies in the greater Charlotte area. Pierce’s project offers support to families with babies at Novant's Hemby Children's Hospital and CMC's Levine Children's Hospital. • This organization is responsible for providing hair and makeup for this beautiful mom’s NICU portraits that I took shortly after her preemie arrived 💜 Donate today at the link in my profile #freenicusessions #worldprematurityday #piercesproject

It’s World Prematurity Day! Did you know that 1 in 10 babies are born premature? As a NICU nurse, it’s not surprising to me. We have over 50 babies in our unit at this very time, and it’s been steady for weeks. We send babies to our progressive care unit, and we even discharge babies home from the NICU, but their bed spaces just get filled with another baby shortly after. The NICU journey isn’t easy for babies or their parents. Consider donating to a wonderful cause to support these little nuggets! Your donation will help prevent prematurity and reduce premature birth. Donate to @marchofdimes today and your donation will be TRIPLE-MATCHED! If you know someone was was a preemie or had a preemie, do it in their honor. [Link in profile] #24weeks #24weeker #24weektriplet #triplets #triplet #multiples #twins #freenicusessions #nicugrad

This little bug had her sitter session today! I photographed her when she was just a wee little peanut in the NICU, and now she is a healthy 8 month old. She was born at just 29 weeks, weighing 2 pounds 11 ounces and now weighs over 15 pounds. As her mom likes to say, “Yay!” Scroll to see her in the NICU and check back soon to see her now! ➡️ #29weeker #29weeks #freenicusessions #sittersession #avayahsbabyplan

Sometimes, all you need is a little hand from mom and dad ✋🏼🤚🏼 #24weeks #24weeker #triplet #triplets #multiples #freenicusessions

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