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Unataka Kuwa Juu Na Chini Ujaseti Pumbavu #Moto🔥#FreeNation #WorldWide #966

Can these girls shut it already? At least Otobo had the decency not to skip bail. If they believe they are innocent, why didn't they opt to stand before a Judge and exonerate themselves?
Running abroad to spew infantile coprolalia, only serves to put on view the strength of their character and delineate the probity of their claims.
What value do they have to offer themselves, let alone us as a nation, saying they won't come back to Nigeria, did anyone tell them that Nigeria is a dumping ground for international miscreants?
(Convener, #FreeTheSheeple movement, Leader, #FreeNation)

Should all rappers write their own lyrics..? & if someone uses ghost writers, can they still be put in the GOAT discussion?

Moja ya watu muhimu katika jeshi la #freenation ni big producer @osam_966 ni #moto sana mkali

#tmezaliwa free tunaishi free tuko kama #freeNation uwiiiiiii #sakahela #TBT

Akili Za Ucku..3:42 #FreeNation

明日は一緒にゴルフ🏌️ #amoir

Waliopoteza matindaaaaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂🤥🤥 #WAPO @naytrueboy amazing track #freenation


Unataka Kuwa Juu Na Chini Ujaseti Pumbavu #Moto🔥#FreeNation #WorldWide #966

In 2010, a protest camp was established in the occupied regions of Western Sahara. This camp was named “Gdeim Izik” and many political figures have recognized it as the first movement that started the “Arab Spring”. Unfortunately this month long protest was brutally dismantled by forcible measures taken by Moroccan authorities against the peaceful Sahrawi protesters of Gdeim Izik, which resulted in a genocide and atrocious crimes against humanity committed by this aggressive country. We lost tens of lives, and many others were wrongfully obtained.
After many demands to hold a fair civil trial for the detained innocent protesters, today, the verdict has been announced: - Perpetual Chain:
Ahmed Sbai / Brahim Ismaili / Abdalahi Lejfauni / Larosi Abdelyalil / Mohamed Bachir Butanguiza / Mohamed Bani / Abhah Abdalahi Ahmed Sidi. - 30 years in prison :
Naama Asfari / Mohamed Burial / Chiej Banga. -25 years in prison:
Hasan Dah /Abdalahi Taubali / husain Ezaui / Mohamed Lamin Haddi / Mohamed Embarek Lafkir / Juna Babait. Sidahmed Lamyaied. - 20 years in prison:
Mohamed Tah / El Bachir Khada / Abdalahi Taubali. - Released:
Deich Daf: Sentenced to six and a half years, but the sentence is less than the time spent in jail / Bakay Arabi: Sentenced to four years and five months, the sentence is less than the time spent in jail.
A couple of days ago, I saw a video in which appeared a daughter of one of the prisoners. When she was asked about what she thought the verdict would be, she grinned at the camera and said that her dad was going to be released. Just the thought of the pain and the disappointment that she must be feeling brings tears to my eyes.
The Moroccan dictatorial regime has not only wrongfully put in prison innocent people, but it still has the audacity to do such degrading act in the name of justice when we know that this system was purposely made to beak us.
I might not be entirely sure how the universe works which can be very frustrating at times. Regardless, I know that no matter what, Good always triumphs over Evil. So in the meantime we will continue to fight and we will not be silenced until justice is served 🥀

Moja ya watu muhimu katika jeshi la #freenation ni big producer @osam_966 ni #moto sana mkali

Haití 1804: la primera nació, formada per descendents africans esclavitzats, que aconsegueix la independència, derrotant els francesos. 🇭🇹✊🏿 #sanssouci #sanssoucipalace #milot #caphaitien #blackhistory #france #africanamericanhistory #frenchhistory #slavehistory #haiti #ayti #haiticherie #freedom #freenation #liberte

Dear future wife,
Let me make a promise.
You're going to be that special someone, whom I'll never lose in life.
You're going to be the special someone, with whom I'm gonna smile.
You're going to be the special someone, with whom I'm gonna laugh.
You're going to be the special someone, with whom I'm gonna cry.
Your smile will be mine.
Your laughter will be mine.
Your eyes will be mine.
And your heart will be mine.
I'll take you to your favourite restaurant.
I'll help you with your cooking.
And I'll help you with your baking.
I'll carry you to the terrace every night to have a post dinner conversation.
I'll bring you back to the room and cuddle with you.
I'll lie on your lap and fall asleep.
I'll wake up to your face and kiss your cheeks.
I'll make coffee with you and have it in the balcony.
I'll give you gifts and blindfold surprises.
I'll take you to your parents whenever you feel like.
When you're sick, I'll look after you just like a mother looking after a child.
When I come back from work, I'll come with your favourite chocolates.
When I fight with you, remember that I will love you no matter what.
I'll hug you from behind.
I'll sing for you.
I'll tell my daughter that she has the most prettiest mother in the world.
We'll have a small house, a car and a garden.
You'll not only be my wife.
My best friend,
My girl friend,
My heaven,
My second mother,
And my better half.
Hold my hands and close your eyes, Walk with me, and I'll never let you down.♥ ❤ 😘My future wife 😘
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明日は一緒にゴルフ🏌️ #amoir



История значит следующая. Гуляли без налички, нашли аттракционы, деньги только на карте, но магически выпали из карманов летающих людей , мы пока стояли думали взять или нет, подбежал ребёнок и собрал наши потенциальные билеты. Ну мы не отчаялись, пришли на следующий день , а они уже уехали Карл. Понимаешь Карл? Уехали!👾👾👾
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@Team966 @wakudabuaa966 mtyu mbaya... #washa #freenation #master ... Huyu jamaa mi simpend 😂😂👉🔥🔥🔥link ya moto ya @naytrueboy ipo mu Bio @morrywakitaa37 @kidman966 @samtrueboy966 @lucas_trueboy

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