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AWESOME! Bono Preaches Capitalism! 🙌🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #CapitalismCures #iHeartCapitalism #TPUSA #Freedom #Bono #Capitalism #FreeMarket

Antifa is the genuinely most ridiculous ideological group of people out there. Reason being, isn't even because of their ideas. It's because of their complete intolerance for others, be it doxxing, tearing down anything with a slightly different ideological background than them, or just being actual idiots as most of them don't seem to know what they even want other than "muh capitalism is bad." What's even worse still, is when right-wingers become reactionary. "Hey the left has identity politics, so we should have ours!" "Hey the left tears down our statues and destroys our cities, let's destroy theirs!", etc. That is the wrong way to go about things. Other than their poorly executed and thought out ideologies, the fact that the left does those things is why they suck. Don't become them, it's incredibly counter-intuitive to trying to stop them, bc then we have to stop you. Be a man of principles, don't let weak-minded collectivists change you the way they have others.
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Небольшая часть фотографий со вчерашнего благотворительного мероприятия в поддержку приюта Печатники, организаторами которого были ребята из @dark_horse_eco. Было невероятно атмосферно и дружественно! Я была рада предоставить свои штуки на этом мероприятии и спасибо вам, что вы почти всё раскупили!

Основная идея фримаркета —международного движения Really Really Freemarket — это сокращение потребления, разумное использование вещей и бережное отношение к ресурсам Земли.
Было всё, что нужно и даже больше: музыка, веганская выпечка (наивкуснейшая), фри маркет. Было 2 зоны - freemarket и charity shop. Некоторые вещи можно было взять бесплатно, а часть вещей была за рекомендованный донейшн, где каждый мог купить вещь за столько, сколько пожелает. Так же можно было просто положить деньги в специальные коробочки. Любой кто заглянул, точно ушёл не с пустыми руками. Ведь тут ты совмещаешь приятное с полезным, а от осознания того, что ты часть чего-то важного придаёт всему мероприятию и цели его проведения мощный заряд двигаться дальше! Надеюсь такой формат благотворительности станет регулярным и популярным.
Больше информации о мероприятии есть во встрече на фейсбуке:

От себя скажу, что такие мероприятия - это нечто большее, чем просто круговорот предметов. Очень важно давать вещам вторую/третью/седьмую жизнь и уметь разумно потреблять. Не просто бороться с эгоизмом, признавать, что какие-то действия себя не оправдывают и можно было бы их не совершать. Признавая и осознавая - мы личностно растём и развиваемся. А когда это происходит параллельно с такими вот мероприятиями и где тебе в этом помогают - появляется стимул двигать в нужном направлении! #adoptdontstop #freemarket #support #darkhorse #приютпечатники #благотворительность

"Believe me, the next step is a currency crisis because there will be a rejection of the dollar, the rejection of the dollar is a big, big event, and then your personal liberties are going to be severely threatened."
By Ron Paul

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“Re:ver Night Market -再生夜市場-”

1888年 明治時代より続く信洋舎製紙所の西野正洋さんによる出店です。
ぜひぜひ、NightMarket で手に入れてください。

開催日時/8.26 sat 15:00-21:00

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From the folks who get their feelings hurt by inanimate objects comes the summer's newest thriller...
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This is how Anarchy works
And it is truly a beautiful thing 😊💖🙏 #VacateTheState #BornFree #GoogleVoluntaryism


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1. My morality is based upon two factors; my belief in natural rights and biological coding. I've made a post about this before, but to sum it up briefly, altruistic organisms that live in close communities and live long enough to witness the repercussions of their actions are better fit for survival than selfish animals. Altruism, at it's core, is selfishness disguised as selflessness. By acting selflessly to help another, you are unknowingly acting to benefit yourself and allow your genes to be passed on at a higher chance.
2. While I don't have any objective, cosmological meaning to my own existence, I have given myself a subjective reason for life, and that is to educate people about libertarianism and anarchism. I wish to see my offspring grow up in a better society than we have today that values the individual above all else and is based on freedom, not artificially acquired order.
3. Not really. Faith, by definition, is belief with evidence, something which science does not hold in common. Science is based off of observable, testable, and repeatable experiments that can be proven true without a doubt, and if new contradictory evidence comes in, then we will begin believing that within seconds, something that followers of a religion cannot do so easily. Also, faith is inherently a positive philosophy, while atheism is a negative philosophy; a rejection of faith.
4. No, it is a lack of religion. You wouldn't say that people who don't play sports are actually playing their own type of sport, would you?
5. If an unproven belief system that has fueled wars, exploited millions, and tries to oppress those who don't believe in the system was held as fact, then I think there would be groups that would reject this sort of behavior. That's kind of like asking why a resistance group would form in a dystopian society. Why would they form? After all, they don't hold any of their own beliefs, they just reject them.
6. I don't hate God, I just don't think he exists for obvious reasons.
7. I've read parts of the Bible as well as the Quran. Sure, some of these books held some inspiring literature, but they're not based on fact. They're stories, and that's that.

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Religious views part 2: Atheism. (Pic unrelated) You all know what atheism is so I will take this time instead to explain how I came to atheism and to offer additional comments. I go to Christian school and upon arriving, there was one teacher that, through a series of private discussions, took me from a point of not caring about religion, to being a diehard Christian, even a creationist. (This was when I was in the 6th grade) It was nice and it made me feel warm inside, etc etc. I wasn't a creationist for very long, (A few comments on creationism: I think Genesis, and the entire Bible for that matter, was written to be interpreted literally and that a lot of it simply isn't true. And I think it's absurd that creationists will admit that any religion was made to answer seemingly unanswerable questions about nature but they won't admit that about Christianity for no real reason.) but I lost belief in God, gradually and about a year or two later. I remember looking out my window on certain nights and thinking of a godless universe. Beyond earth, there are planets and stars and beyond that there is nothing. It was a certain feeling that I'm having trouble describing. Allow me to transition to the song "Imagine" by John Lennon because it is this feeling that he tries to evoke with the line "imagine there's no heaven. It's easy if you try." That's exactly what I did and it really, truly, is easy if you try. But this brings me to part two which pertains to this particular song as it changed my outlook on a few things. People don't like atheism or atheists because they enjoy imposing atheism on other people. In other words they're in your face about it and they can really be dicks. But this song removed that from my perception of atheism. The world Lennon imagines is the future; atheism is the future. And the transition to atheism will be, imo, one of the greatest things that has ever happened to the human race in all its history. Also: I wanted to mention that atheist world views can come from a place other than a desire to feel smarter than other people. I know this has been cheesy/gay/dramatic but I wanted to get these thoughts out.

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