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It is outmost crucial to BELIEVE in yourself. Surround yourself with people that also believe in you and pushes you to expand your boundaries. Remove negative people from your inner circle ⭕️. When some of those negative people are your love ones, shorten the interactions. Understand the tremendous negative impact a negative person can instill in you by allowing too much time with them.

Negative thoughts easily reaches our subconscious mind ( Our inner Temple) whereas positive thoughts require tremendous effort to be impressed up on our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is the blueprint if our reality. Wherever idea, thought, dreams, hope, Belief you put in there it will do it’s job to create such reality for for you.

What is your website doing for your marketing? ❌Nothing much? ❌An online business card with crickets in the background? ❌Your clients find you elsewhere?

Your website can be so much more!
All through JULY, we're sharing #websitemarketing and #websitemanagement essentials to turn YOUR website into a full-blown marketing monster. The good kind. 🦄 ❗

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TIP NO. 3: Readability.

Happy readers are return readers (which is what you’re aiming for, FYI 😊). Think of guests coming to your real home. You cater to their needs, you do your best to make them feel comfortable and cherished.
Well, the same goes for your website visitors, aka your potential clients and business partners.
Here’s some things you can do to make them want to stay a bit longer.

1. Choose a font that’s easy to read.
2. Make your content 14-16px.
3. Contrast is key: black on white works best, choose your background and find colors accordingly. Avoid writing onto visuals (images, colorful graphics).
4. Keep your sentences short, sweet, and to the point.
5. Keep your paragraphs short (4 lines max).
6. Highlight key points by going bold rather than italic.

Your homework:
✔️ Give your website to 5 trusted entrepreneurs you know (not family members or SOs!) and ask for honest feedback regarding readability.
✔️ Ask them to look for keywords: your signature item/service, your contact details, testimonials, … ✔️ Optimize accordingly.

Makes sense?
We love feedback! Let us hear from you! 💛

I've been living in a guesthouse for three months and missing having a living room. So I made myself a beanbag one on the terrace ♥️👌

Back at my favourite work/gluten-free crepe spot. ♥️

The tide will eventually turn in your favor if you stick with it Long enough. If you agree Tap ❤️

Everyday is a second chance my friends. Double Tap ❤️ if you agree.

Overnight success, isn’t really overnight. So stay encouraged in your journey 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

In March I spent 9 life-changing days at coliving and coworking community @sunandco_javea and I finally got round to writing about it on my (brand new) blog! Link in bio. (Thanks to @nussbaumerphotography for the pic!)

OK Monday, let's do this.

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