Yesterday was #nationaltreeday and I learnt that #trees are well more than just aesthetics in this day. #treedayevent #freelancephotographermelbourne #eventphotographer #melbourneeventphotographer

Pantone {2372cp} not going to lie, I’m clutching at straws trying to find purples in Portland and glad to be moving on after this bland photo. If you’ve ever seen Portlandia, it sums up our time here better than I ever could 💕

{Pantone 2369 CP} the most colourful hotel in Palm Springs. We’re currently in Portland and struggling to find the right in between purple and blue colour

I’m a little slow on the old gram and replying to emails while on holidays in the US. If you ever get a chance to visit Vegas I highly recommend the neon boneyard, this place is a dream

{Pantone 7678 CP} A Palm in the desert 🐪 🌴

{Pantone 527CP} Farewell Vegas, it’s been an insult on all of the senses which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed 💕

{Pantone 513CP} our hotel is a few drunken steps away from this place

{Pantone 248 CP} Viva Las Vegas ⚡️ my lens was a little blurry which sums up the last few days 🍾🎲🎰

{Pantone 2068 cp} continuing on with this project in America after almost a year break. This Ray bans building was being painted over with this delicious Pantone 2068cp shade 😍

Our last day of a 4 day shoot, in 13 #QLD locations and 28 talents including these beautiful people. All good things must come to an end but can’t wait to see the family :) #translink #queensland #commercialphotographer #willtravel #freelancephotographermelbourne #talentandcrew

Cheeky Sophie is my fave model and we’ve been teamed up quite a bit lately, lucky me :) #fashionjewellery #studiophotoshoot #melbournephotographer #freelancephotographermelbourne #productphotographer

Worked at an aged care facility this week and this #nonna lit up the room and was the star of the show! Hope she’s still around when I need to go in! #agedcare #corporatephotography #freelancephotographermelbourne

These #yellowglasses can help from #bluelight which can be harmful and cause fatigue. #productphotography #freelancephotographermelbourne

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