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One of my favourite behind the scenes from todays shoot with #viviennalorikeet #fashion #melbournefashion #fashionphotographer #freelancephotographermelbourne

Fishing wire, to hold up the straps, still comes in handy in this day and age #handbag #productphotography #fashion #freelancephotographermelbourne #melbournefashion

Trade show for rev heads happening at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre today, called the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, quite a mouthful... #eventphotographer #melbournephotographer #freelancephotographermelbourne #freelancephotographer

Corporate lifestyle images are about trying to capture staff in the their natural environment, sometimes staged and sometimes not. #corporatelifestyle #corporatephotography #freelancephotographermelbourne #freelancephotographer #melbournephotographer

Sometimes working with children can be so easy and natural. "Hey kids, look at the plane!" #snapshot #workingwithchildren #freelancephotographer #melbournephotographer #freelancephotographermelbourne

Feeling hungry? Your a meat eater? Try biting into this photo or visit @thirdwavecafe for the real thing. #foodphotographer #burger #melbournephotographer #freelancephotographer #freelancephotographermelbourne


There’s nothing like breaking up the week with exciting product photography! Well not as good as using real models but hey. #productphotographer #packaging #deepetched #productphotography #freelancephotographermelbourne

I photographed an event for a new estate opening in Wollert (yes a suburb in #melbourne ) and the only person not to take a tour was the #photographer ! Could of made for some amazing pictures but oh well, I’ll get them on my drone. #wollert #chopper #helicopter #eventphotographer #melbournephotographer #freelancephotographermelbourne

{Pantone 2450CP} Saigon street vendor

{Pantone 7636cp}
If you ever find yourself in Sapa and looking for a trekking tour, I highly recommend Sapa sisters.

This beauty was our guide (Pan) actual sister and she is a rocket. We met her at our home stay before we went to a village party, which she insisted everyone drank at - even though we had a long day of trekking ahead of us the next day.
Sapa is a fascinating place to visit with its tourism based on how the locals live, and i couldn't help but think about how much it will change from now until my next visit.

{Pantone 1945CP} Can't believe it's been a over week since I've been home, Vietnam already feels like a lifetime ago. I'm going to keep on with this project as I have a stack of photos and hope it's enough to finish this project off 🙏🏻

{Pantone 2040CP} Cats of Vietnam 🇻🇳 this was taken during a yoga retreat. Featuring @sachfoulkes penguin socks 😍

{Pantone 200CP} Hue's imperial city. #rmitabroad #rmitglobal #rmitvietnam #rmitxvietnam

{Pantone 2350CP} I've not had the chance to photograph a couple during my time in Vietnam but that doesn't mean I've not stalked couples on their overly posed and highly stylised photoshoot (with a team of at least 5 people). This couple needed to lay flat as they passed under a bridge to get to the famous Japanese covered bridge for their photoshoot #rmitabroad #rmitglobal #rmitvietnam #rmitxvietnam

{Pantone 3546} A series of miscommunication with the local taxi drivers lead us on an unexpected adventure to Hue's Imperial city #rmitvietnam #rmitabroad #rmitglobal #rmitxvietnam #travelvietnam

{Pantone 185CP} Leaving Dalat today to explore Hoi An and all its wonders. I've become such a chicken flying and hardly look out the windows these days but glad I did today 😍

{Pantone 2347} 🇻🇳 Vietnam celebrated Independence Day a few weeks back and flags waved from every street corner ❤️

{Pantone 2034} Saigon is not known for its art scene let alone a street art scene. I was drawn to this because of the statement it makes considering government censorship is still strong in Vietnam

{Pantone 2034 CP) this woman had so much swag. -------------------------- I'm happy to be at the tail end of orange, that was a struggle to get through and wasn't sure why, but upon reflection it's probably a colour I'd normally avoid when talking photos so it's been an interesting challenge 📸

{Pantone 173CP} Fairy Stream in Mui Ne - this Chinese woman and her friend were taking the sweetest photos of each other, I lurked behind them and snuck photos like a creep #rmitvietnam #rmitabroad #rmitglobal #rmitxvietnam #travelvietnam

{Pantone 2028 CP} Hoi An ❤️

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