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Virtual reality camera operating is here! 😜 #freeflymimic @freeflysystems #freeflysystems #fatsharks @aaronsbot

NEW VIDEO posted at magrents.com #freeflymimic setup and overview see the full video on the mimic item page! #gomagnanimous

@maxmammods' weekend arsenal:

#MōVI M5 x 2 / #FreeflyMIMIC / MōVI Ring

Two times the fun. 😉 #freeflyMIMIC #freeflyTERO #abelcineCHI

At next week's Media Resource Expo be sure to head over at 11:30AM to catch RBC's in-house MoVI Specialist Dylan Law's Tech Vendor Showcase on the new Freefly MIMIC! Learn how this new camera control technology allows operators to execute complex moving shots with precise framing after just minutes of practice! Don't forget to pre-register for the Expo, you'll be entered to win a $1,000 prize! Visit our website for the registration link! (www.rule.com) #FreeflySystems #FreeflyMIMIC

Click the link in my bio! 📽 @terraflowmedia Had a sick time filming my first car a few days ago!! Thanks for the help⬇️. 🏎 @littlekeuy 📽 @tuck_voisin 📽 @thomas_carloss #copyrightprobs #bmw #428i @freeflysystems #movim5 #freeflymimic


MōVI Pro Special: Get a free Bush Pilot with each #MōVIPro purchase, now through the end of October. ⠀⠀
Bush Pilot is a compact FIZ knob that attaches to MIMIC for instant and easy lens control. Fly low. Fly fast. Learn more at our website. Link in profile.
#Photography #Filmmaking #FreeflyMIMIC #Freeflyers #FIZ #SetLife #OnSet #Cinema #Cinematography

Meet @petermckinnon's new best friend. Peter turns the excitement up to #eleven in his latest YouTube video as he unboxes a much anticipated MōVI Pro. Link in profile.

#filmmaking #unboxing #freefly #movipro #youtube #cinematography #mimicmode #FreeflyMimic #MIMIC

We brought the big boy toys to @lostvillagefestival and they didn't disappoint! Cable cam rigged with @sonyprousa FS5, Odyssey 7Q+ and @teradek, mounted on a @freeflysystems MōVI Pro and controlled by a Mimic! Can't wait to share this footage 😷🚀🎥
Big thanks to @andrewjlawrence and his neverending kit bag 🙌

Is there something missing here? No camera !!? Well, it's on MoVI Pro and fully operated remotely from Pan and Tilt to Focus, Iris and Zoom! Thanks to Freefly MIMIC and Pilot Technology that makes it happen easily. #freefly #freeflymovi #freeflypilot #mimic #freeflymimic #advancedmedia

#SpotTheRock: @mns1974bts with our #Navigator & #Satellite controllers on his #MoviPro!

Now available in store! (Direct link in our bio👈)

Director wanted a bird's eye view shot descending and spiralling into the scene, so we rigged a RED Scarlet-W with a 10mm Arri Ultra Prime on a Movi M15 controlled wirelessly by a Freefly Mimic.
Attaching the Mimic controller (without the handlebar) on a monitor mounted to an O'Connor 2575 head allows maximum stability for the operator. Since the pan axis can free rotate, aiming the lens downwards simulates roll. You just need to rig the Movi on a rope with a pulley and carefully bring it down.

#reddigitalcinema #scarletw #arri #ultraprime #freefly #movim15 #freeflymimic #cameratricks #cinematography

Tinkering with #MoviPro #FreeFlyMimic and #FreeflyAlta today. My youngest son operated the #LumixGH5 doing #behindthescenes work. I really like Mimic, so awesome can't wait to shoot with it in a couple weeks with #ArriAlexaMini .
#FilmSaints #FilmSaintsProductions #BirdsEyeOfBigSky #Montana #FlatheadValley #Kalispell #Whitefish #Bigsky #406

Managed to squeak in a little bit of filming with @jennabeaann and @teamfun47 on the last day of glacier shreds! Footage to come soon #teamfun #freeflyer #freeflymimic #happehday

🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘@Regrann from @cloakroom_media - Handheld to TERO in less than 10 seconds ⏰ #freeflyers #freeflytero #freeflymimic #mōvimethod #mōvipro #mōVIbuild #mōviring @freeflysystems - #regrann

I got a chance to use the @freeflysystems Movi Pro on a travel job recently in Mexico with the Red Helium and I must say it worked like a beast. I was a little nervous at first making the decision to rely entirely on a camera stabilizer to get me through the whole shoot, especially knowing we'd constantly be on the move to different locations and without much time for each setup. I felt the Movi Pro would give us better value to our content for what we were going for rather than go hand-held for the whole thing, which I always love doing. After hearing back from people, watching test footage and a week of prep before heading down I was feeling good about it. It did not disappoint but thats also because I had the right accessories to make sure it went smoothly. For camera we used the @reddigitalcinema 8K Stormtrooper which is a monster of a camera that gives me a ton a flexibility and is incredibly light. Attached to the body was the Latitude from @RTmotion which gives camera & focus control to my 1st AC/focus pullers handunit which is absolutely essential for doing gimbal work. Either that or using the fingerwheel, which they also have and I used as well. On the back of the camera I had the very small @paralinx dart connected via hdmi sending a solid wireless feed to my director @joshdiamond who had a @smallhd monitor to watch from. Probably the most important thing you can put on camera other than your lens is filters and we wanted the cleanest image possible so we went with the @formatthitech Firecrest ND filters which look so damn fresh.. those clouds!!! My goodness. Used the @brighttangerine to hold those bad boys since its the lightest mattebox for gimbals that I'm aware of. Last but not least was the @kesslercrane baseplate which the camera sits on and connects to the movi so I can easily pop the camera on-off or quickly switch to a tripod. Loved this setup and not many tweaks I'd need to make. The whole rig was 20lbs, hell of workout which I'm all for but maaaybe the @readyrig would be worth a try next time I plan on shooting all day in various terrains 😅✊🏽

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