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LATE NIGHT GROWN FOLKS CONVO @queenletty you preached a word right there sis ... I was telling one of my nieces tonight to find somebody in your youth. These men will wait til they are grey headed, slept with everything that can get wet, credit bad, 4-5 baby mommas, d*ck don’t work, high blood pressure, done had a stroke, a heart attack and diabetes. They r on all kinds of medications, fat as fuck, teeth turning brown and they’re balding , now here they come .... Kesh I been liking you for a minute and now I think it’s time. Time to do what ? 👀Get your ass a home health aide ? 🤕🤒I can’t do nothing w/you or for you. You have given the best parts of you awAy to women who didn’t mean a thing to you. Now you want me to take care of you. I’m the “Afterparty”. Your career as a “professional fucker” is over so now you finally want to be with me? Ohhhhhh, Ok let me take you through orientation on your new position as a Professional Trick! On this job your gonna get F*ckd and f*cked around in the same night .I like em big so I expect they to pay like they weigh .... You can be broken but you bet not be broke! 🤑🤑🤑🤣😂🤣#freefame#callmegreatgranny#findyousomebodytoplaywith #wastetheytimeandspendtheirmoneyALL2018#eachoneteachone ! . Shirt from @myhaircrush .
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