It's roughly day 200 of the year.

So far this year I have had #suicidal #thoughts on roughly 200 of those days.

Every single day the words have escaped my lips, "I want do die." Sometimes I am very surprised by them. Sometimes they're not in "my" voice.

But I am #strong like a #lion.

I will #roar in loud defiance of my #mentalhealth until there come days free of any idea of #suicide.

I will roar and fight and play in the sun until there is peace in my less than cohesive mind.

Those days will come. This lion isn't going away.

Not even with the things her head has thrown at her recently, revelations and realisations and a whole extra level of voices.

We were doing amazingly in recovery after the falling down last year. The setback is actually full of hope. It means a major cause can be tackled beyond symptom relief.

#dissociation #dissociative #hearingvoices #recovery #freedomispossible

No matter what I go through, my hope is in His Name.

FREEDOM- one word that has a completely different meaning to us all. .
Freedom to me is no longer having to take vacation days from work. Its that dream that I have for my future to see the world while still making an earning based on the hard work that I put in. It’s being able to work hard from home while simultaneously building a community of women who want better for themselves and the lives that their living.-
Freedom to me is being able to support my future family while being RIGHT THERE with them. Without having to run off to work every moment of the day. .
I have several thoughts when it comes to the word freedom, but it’s all stems from a dream; and it’s a dream that I acted on when I thought I was truly risking it all. .
What does freedom mean to you? Are you willing to take the first leap and begin creating not only a healthy life but a life full of freedom for yourself? Xo #heathyliving #supportingeachother #supportyourself #supportothers #freedomispossible #workhardanywhere #findhappiness #findhappinesswithin #inhalelove #exhalefear #divein #messyhairdontcare💁 #messyhairday #sandiego #lajolla #lajollacove #californication #lajollahasmyheart #deepbluesea #letgo #letgoofthepast #reinventyourself #goenso #sundayvibes #sundayinspiration #sundaymotivation #sundazed

Our Willowdale CR Summit team on our way back to Philly. What an amazing three days! Our cups are filled and we have so many new and creative ideas to bring back to our CR family! Thank you Saddleback! @nancewebz #celebraterecovery #ecs2018 #foreverfamily #freedomispossible #canttakeaselfietosavemylife

So I talk about Young Living and essential oils all the time but have I told you that I am also a distributor? Hey, I know MLMs have a bad rap, and I believed it all too but Young Living is different. Nothing is ever promised to be easy, sell itself, or get you rich quick. However, this!!!! Gameplan!! Who doesn't want it all laid out for them? Sarah Harnisch does that in this book. This book was recommended to me a while ago, but I am stubborn and didn't believe the hype. But finally I bought it, I know, I should really get audible😏
I have almost finished it, and it is the kind of book I will keep close by and read again and again for reference. She tells her story, which is totally relatable, and also tells you how she made healthier choices, how she gained freedom of time and money teaching about YL essential oils.
If you are interested, I certainly cannot lend this book out but you can find it on Amazon. I will be happy to help you get started with Young Living though😊
#youngliving #essentialoil #lovinsummer #wahm #momboss #bossbabe #gameplan #whatsyourgameplan #businessreference #freedom #freedomispossible #healthieryou #healthierchoices #saynotoyuck #iwillhelpyou

One common misconception about Intuitive Eating is that you listen to your hunger and fullness signals, and if you’re not hungry you DON’T eat!  While it’s true that you listen to your hunger and fullness cues. Intuitive Eating is the antithesis of rules. So, if you’re making it a rule NOT to eat when you’re NOT hungry that is NOT Intuitive Eating. (That’s a lot of nots!). Honor your hunger, pay attention to your fullness, stop eating when you are comfortably satiated.  However, if you know you’re going to be at work for the next 5 hours with little time to eat, and you’re not hungry right now, then you should definitely still eat!  Or, sometimes you just want a lovely dessert and you’re clearly not biologically hungry. That is perfectly acceptable, normal, even important. Enjoy your dessert, eat it mindfully, and move on with living life!! Talk to me. Do you still have food rules lurking in the back of your mind, like not eating unless you’re really  hungry, or not eating after a certain time at night? These can be big stumbling blocks to becoming an intuitive eater.


Oh its definitely caffeine! And when I pop in a spoonful of my TRIM, things get DONE!
Over the past 2 months, with life taking some crazy turns, I fell off the weightloss wagon...🙈
But then, yesterday I ran out of milk for my morning coffee and had no choice but to substitute in some trim 😍
Next thing I know, my bedroom and kitchen are clean! Woah! I totally forgot how much energy I get from just ONE tablespoon of TRIM!
So if you're looking for a product that brings energy, tastes great and is easy to use, Trim is where it's at 👈
1 🥄 a day will bring you to your happy place💃
BuT WAIT, there's more! This formula also contains HA (hyaluronic acid) collagen to help you tone and firm up your skin, while losing weight, from the inside out 🙀

What are you waiting for?!? DM for details and let's get you started TODAY!
And to sweeten the deal, I'll hook you up with $10 off your first order and let you in on the secret to getting yours for free 😉

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Proudly representing an awesome organization with my husband tonight! FTND exists to provide information about the harmful effects of pornography by raising awareness using science, facts, and personal accounts. Did you know that there is no real way to tell if a video is of a drugged, abused and terrified sex trafficking victim? FTND shares true stories & testimonies on their website/blog of people breaking out of the porn industry, being freed from sex trafficking and much more. I am blown away by their dedication to fight for real love, healthy relationships and freedom. I have a deep passion for this topic because I have known many people who have struggled with pornography & have seen what it can do to a person’s heart, mind & soul. I’m pumped to rep this brand with A because he is a living testimony that breaking free from the stronghold of pornography is MORE than possible! Together, we consistently make the powerful choice to fight for real love, a healthy marriage and to champion others to walk into the same freedom! // “At Fight the New Drug, we realize that for some people, info on the effects of pornography is coming a little after the fact, and they’re already consumed by a toxic porn habit. If this is you, or someone you know, never fear—you are not alone.

In a world where pornography is generally described as something that’s “natural,” “cool,” or “healthy,” there are countless teens, men, and women who struggle with a crippling compulsion to it that’s harming their lives and relationships. And judging by the latest research, these struggles are verifiable and real issues.

But what kind of help is there for those who struggle with a pornography compulsion, obsession, or even addiction? As it turns out, a lot. There’s actually great support for anyone in need of a recovery-focused community, and one of those places is a platform called Fortify.” If you or someone you know is struggling with anything mentioned above, please check out @fightthenewdrug and @joinfortify online! Get the facts about why pornography is harmful and get educated! You are not alone & you are more than a conqueror. Freedom is possible!

TACOS 🌮 and 🍸.

Last night I enjoyed time with my friends—eating & drinking. It was awesome 😎

Do I feel bad about it? NO.
Guilty? NO.

I used to spend HOURS at the gym punishing myself after ANY type of what I thought was an indulgence—a drink, chips, a cookie, even a BITE of something.

Then.. I would take it a step further to restrict myself for the day because of the “excess food” I ate the night before..

What’s the difference today?
>>a simple 20 minute workout.
WITH post workout refuel.. imagine that?

#foodfreedom #fuel #fooducation #fearfullyandwonderfullymade #perspective #sandiego #healthcoach #healthisalifestyle #truth #freedomispossible #lifeismeanttobelived #changeisachoice #godisgood #faithoverfear

Excited for tomorrow night, freedom from addiction is necessary to live the life God has for us! Whatever the addiction maybe, food, porn, drugs, alcohol or any crutch which are propping is up, this night is for you! Come join us @c3newhope #freedomispossible #newhope #nowisyourtime

Are you READY for our annual CR Ice Cream Social? Join us Monday night at 7pm and be READY for a fantastic night of fun and fellowship!
#celebraterecovery #freedomispossible #12steps #icecream #beattheheat #onemore

You do *not* have to carry the weight of the world anymore. By working through the Big Book’s 12 steps with my sponsor, I was able to:
1) acknowledge my shit
2) forgive others for their shit
3) humble myself enough to ~let go~ of all the other shit that I or someone else created in my life.
#itworksifyouworkit #seriously #youcan #getasponsor #recovery #recovered #recoverygangster #addiction #addict #hope #healing #step4 #step5 #12steps #bigbook #alcoholicsanonymous #aa #na #ca #youmatter #freedomispossible #spirituallyfit #spiritualsolution #goddope #mysideofthestreet #godisthesolution #thywillbedonenotmine

Great turnout at the West Chester Mayor’s Opioid Action Task Force Advisory Panel Discussion! #celebraterecovery #opioidepidemic #freedomispossible

You hate that job yet you keep waking up to it everyday.
You want to quit but you can't.
You don't want to look bad in the eyes of everyone.
Besides, it pays your bills and they've told you that there are no more jobs anywhere, that if you leave this one, you're gonna be back to where you started.

But for how long would you continue to do something you hate all because you're being paid?
What if you could answer four questions that open up your mind and help you see things from a different perspective?
Would that be sufficient to set you on the path to breaking free or at least getting started?
Tonight at 9pm I will be asking four crucial questions you need to answer before you take that huge bold step.
Don't miss it for anything.
It promises to be exciting and interactive.
See you soon.

Safe in daddy’s arms💕.
I love summer when this guy is home more often. Just sitting here dreaming about the day my business is going to get us to a place of total freedom in the summers so he can be home ALL the time🙌 And I. Can’t. Wait.
#freedomispossible #debtfreejourney #thiscouldbeyou #momhustle

A Slovakian strawberry 🍓

What. A. Trip.

Hello, 34! ⚡️🧡🤯 Total physical & mental freedom are possible exist! The proof is in the strawberry.
#mindsetcoach #anxietyrelief #freedomispossible
#freedompreneur #shestipsygoestospace #hairstylistcoach #alignyourself #travelalways #limitlessliving #entrepreneurwoman

Tonight we’ll be talking about Step 5 - what that is and what that looks like in recovery. Join us at 7pm! Wipeout camp began today so while things may look a little different, you’ll still get the same awesome CR experience you’ve always had! #celebraterecovery #freedomispossible #step5

If you want to be free....you gotta let others in to help unlock those dark places that keep you in prison #teenchallengevic #freedomispossible #letothersin #letushelpyou #newbeginnings #dontgiveup #giveusacall0358523777

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