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We all make mistakes and that's okay! No human is perfect and no recovery is perfect. The most important thing is that you keep trying. It's through making mistakes that we learn and we grow so much stronger.
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Where ever you are in your life right now that is okay! You deserve to give yourself so much love, and keep believing in yourself. Recovery from an eating disorder is possible! Need our help, please call 08000883151 or email hello@breathetherapies.co.uk, to find out more and how we can help!
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You can see the WIN News report on our Facebook page (Teen Challenge Victoria)....but this is Ziek's story:
Ziek was bullied and picked on at school for having four fingers on his hands. He faced some pretty dark times. As a baby he had major heart surgery, and his mother had to make a tough decision to save the muscles in his hands by having his index fingers removed because they weren't working. Ziek turned to drugs to anaesthetize the pain. Before coming to Teen Challenge, Ziek was aware he needed a double valve replacement in his heart. He had given up on life, thinking he was going to die he partied hard in the thought that he would 'live hard, die hard'. Coming to Teen Challenge Ziek has found a new outlook on his health and life. He has been at Teen Challenge for 4 months, made new friends and has prepared his body for the surgery through our new Road to Freedom bike program. Ziek faces his surgery for double valve replacement next month, and now has a better fighting chance then he did before entering the Teen Challenge program. Thank you to Tat 200 for donating 12 bikes and helmets to get the new Road to Freedom program up and running. Thank you for reading this story and please share. We have more beds available and by sharing this people will hear of the good work at Teen Challenge. #teenchallengevic #freedomispossible #thereishope #thereishelp #giveusacall0358523777

Are you or someone you know struggling with addiction? Have you or they destroyed everything and everyone around you yet? Now is the time to find out who you really are! #teenchallengevic #freedomispossible #thereishope #thereishelp #giveusacall0358523777

Chapters 3-5 and Session 2 underway!
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Keep going! You are stronger than you believe! 🌟
Contact us for help and support today! We have four different treatment pathways: eating disorders, psychological therapies, well being and weight management.
Find out more and how we can help by contacting:
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There is no one else like you Love, THAT is your SUPER POWER💥!! I have found that one of the most freeing things was when i tossed the “have to” (earn my value) life and started living the “want to” (what makes me happy)life. Heck if i want to wear my transformer pants and not do my hair - I AM!😍Own who you are, the quirks, the silliness, love abundantly no matter what’s returned, smile carelessly, laugh until your abs hurt.... who cares! YOU are YOU, and that is so very beautiful!!! #youbeyou #loveyoself

The biggest things that helps contribute to loving this journey and staying consistent .. is yes, my preworkout enervibes😜💥 but more so MY TEAM🙌. Knowing we are doing this together! I always check into my app before my workouts and am ALWAYS INSPIRED by all our beauties around the nation CHOOSING to step it up and make themselves a priority!
I LOVE this team! I LOVVVE this life!
YOU are worth some of your own damn time!!!!!! ARE WORTH THE LIFE YOU WANT!

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An amazing man with an amazing mind left this earth late last week. Professor Pieter Rossouw was the most influential, forward thinking man I've ever had the pleasure of learning from in a PD presentation last year. I didn't know you personally, but your passion and wealth of knowledge for neuropsychological science was astounding and is the reason my passion for the topic went to the next level after hearing you speak. I commit to learning more in this space and creating therapies that revolutionise mental wellness practices to see complete restoration of the mind regardless of the trauma experienced. My prayers for peace for the family. Pieter's legacy will live on. #freedomispossible #sciencecanproveitnow #theoriesintopracticalapplication #neuroscience #youcanchangeyourmind

My room crew 😚 So many laughs, memories & lifelong friendships. How was this possible? This business has given me the freedom to drive down to Tampa, Florida & spend a week with my mama & the weekend with these ladies! 👭👭 It IS possible for YOU! This is a group of support, love & friendship. You're never 🚫 alone. Why aren't you with us?!
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My husband came home from work with this toque (or whatever the rest of the world calls it... beanie?), and it reminded me that today is #bellletstalk day. If you stop by @bell_letstalk and watch their official video (the one I attached to this post), they’ll donate $.05 to mental health initiatives.
We DO talk about mental health in our house. We have had our struggles, and we have met them head on... and moved forward. Life is worth living— and living to the fullest. Keep the conversations happening, and let’s continue to remove the stigma. ❤️

What is your greatest fear?
How would you live differently if you knew that that fear only has power over you to the degree you allow it to?

What if you had the courage to confront any fear that paralyzes you and keeps you from moving ahead, would you take your chance?

What impact would being unstoppable have on your income, health, relationships, career, goals, and your faith? What level of influence would you attain if you lived fearlessly and unapologetically? When you look under the covers of the word security, you find fear hiding there. This is the reason most people say, '‘Get a good education.’' It’s not out of the love of study or scholarship, it is out of fear—the fear you won’t get a good job, or be able to earn money.
Look at how our teachers motivated us in school—it is motivation by fear. They say, ‘'If you don’t
study you will fail.’' So they motivate students to study by the fear of failing. When the student graduates and gets a job, once again the motivation is fear. Employers say verbally or nonverbally, '‘If you don’t do your job, you’ll be fired.’' The employee works harder out of fear, the fear of not putting food on the table, the fear of not having money to make the rent payments. The reason people crave security is fear. The problem with security is that it does not cure fear. It simply throws a blanket over the fear, but the fear is always there, like the boogeyman chuckling under the bed.

You're just one step away from living your life to the fullest, from being financially free, from getting out of the rat race, and it begins by choosing freedom over security, multiple income over a steady paycheck.
The more security you seek, the less freedom you have.

We achieve the best of ourselves on the other side of fear.
David Ahiome

Day #24/365: Watching the preparations for the @kensingtonchurch #weekendservice. Some see a bunch of blue chips. I see worlds of potential! #freedomispossible

Day #13/365: Big project unfolding today. Videotaping our Divorce Recovery talks so we can reach more. Grateful for the leaders and friends taking part. #freedomispossible

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