i trust you.✨
you already know when something feels right.
you already know what would help.
you already know what would make it feel better.
it's thanks to your wisdom that you've made it this far.
it's thanks to your inner knowing that you've had experiences you loved.
you can be trusted.
your intuition can be trusted.
that feeling in the pit of your stomach is more reliable than any statistic.
that "hmm I think" inkling knows what it's talking about.
trust yourself. if you ask me, you've earned it.✨

“Do it now. Sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never.’ ~ unknown .
Honestly, I have lived in fear for so much of my life. I was afraid of what people thought of me. I was scared of making a mistake. I was petrified of letting people down. .
Those fears paralyzed me so that my “I’ll do it later,” became “never.” I refused to step out into the unknown. I stopped trying - especially if it was something that people would be able to see - like my fitness journey. Or worse, helping others with THEIR fitness journey. 😬
I mean, what if I wasn’t perfect? What if I wasn’t the “right size” or I didn’t eat a 💯 organic, raw, vegan diet? 🥕🍏😋😂
Well, it turns out I’m NOT and never will be perfect. Shocker, right? 🙈
But seriously, I don’t need to be perfect. I just need to keep moving forward. I want to grow & learn and be better than I was yesterday. And I love encouraging others to do the same. 👭👭
If you live in fear like in have, you are so not alone. But I’m telling you, if this mom of 4 can step out of her comfort zone and make a change, you can too. 👊
So what are you afraid of? What steps have you taken to beat those fears? I would love to hear. Who knows? Maybe we can inspire each other to do something that scares us this week? I would hate for our “later” to become “never.”👂😍
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Living in a constant state of fear is damaging and detrimental to your physical and mental health. But with a clever shift in how your thoughts process fear, it can be powerful motivator to lift you out of a rut and set you in motion. It takes great strength to burst through that comfort zone and get in a place where you challenge the uncomfortable.... but it’s possible, it’s achievable. Positive self- talk can be a huge step in breaking through fears and anxieties, the key is to be consistent and patient, speak gently, allow thoughts of doubt and negative emotions to pass through like bad weather. The problem is that most people cling to their fears, because it’s part of who they are.

If you aren’t ready to face your fears, you probably won’t transcend them, and that’s ok, but keep the thought alive, that one day you will push through, and let go. - - #lettinggooffear #anxiety #fear #flightorfight #feelthefearanddoitanyway #instahappy #instastrong #positivementalattitude #positivequotes #freedomfromfear #selfbelief #youarestrongerthanyouthink#atticus

Enjoying my new daily ritual if a gratitude journal along with my daily morning journaling. Thanks for the gratitude journal Alec and Andrea Sharr
#dailygratitude #freedomfromfear #reikifrederickmd #journaling #transformtojoy

@abbymoralee has taken us through #MHAW18 with our eyes focused on the person behind the mental health diagnosis, just as the person of Jesus would have done. Here are Abby's 4 takeaway points when finding what to say (and what not to say!) with a struggling friend:
1. Move towards them yourself: 
Be humble. Seek to understand them well enough to pray for them. •
2. Move towards them as a community:
Figure out what needs to be done and do it, and seek the wisdom of the community.
3. Move towards the family: 
Don’t brush it under the carpet, but talk openly about it. Enable them to ask for and accept your help for the long term.
4. Most importantly, don’t lose sight of Jesus. Keep Christ and him crucified at the centre of your conversations (1 Cor 2:2) in the firm knowledge that “suffering from broken bodies cannot restrain Christians from spiritual growth and even fruitfulness." •
#FreedomfromFear #HeisOurPeace

Из Мьянмы я привезла магнитик, на котором написано: Freedom from fear. Свобода от страха. Рядом - 🕊 и лицо Аун Сан Су Чжи.
Каждый день я на неё смотрю, и это вместо тысячи слов.
О ней написали песню U2 («Не останавливайся»), а Люк Бессон снял фильм («Леди»). Национальная икона, лидер освободительной борьбы. Красивая 🌟
Много лет Бирмой рулила военная хунта, и была жопа (Бессон снимал именно об этом периоде). Происходил в стране преимущественно наркотрафик и кой-чего по мелочам. Я думала, что так и осталось, пока не прилетела в Мьянму минувшим январем 🌴
В 2015 году были проведены парламентские выборы (!), и военные потеряли своё большинство. Мягко, без переворота - в эволюционном ключе - Аун Сан Су Чжи победила. Поскольку смотрела фильм Бессона, я радовалась за неё уже как за родную 🧚‍♀️
Не знаю, чьему магнитику могла бы верить больше.

Because of their connections to birds feathers have always been a symbol of freedom, not just physically but also mentally & spiritually #Hollistic #FreedomFromFear #YouWereMadeForThis #NaesNaturallyNourished #NaturallyNourished #TrustWhatYouAre #FeatherFollowing

The GREATEST freedom is when we understand we are here to have our OWN human experience and ALLOWING others the complete FREEDOM to have their own.

RELEASE the need for other people's approval.
RELEASE the fear of other people's disapproval.

That way we can actively have appreciation for other people's opinions while still having clear boundaries for yourself of what's not ok.
The biggest reason why people don't speak their truth or follow and nurture their own path in life is because we are afraid of being judged.

What if I told you rather than suppressing your frequency and shutting off the inner voice of the soul you can shift this.

YOUR happiness is NO ONE else's business.

The GREATEST gift is the EXPRESSION of our own HAPPINESS, the RADIANCE of our own joy, the RADIANCE of our own frequency and being, the RADIANCE of our own AUTHENTICITY.

Want the solution?? FIGURE OUT what makes YOU happy ...
And do THAT 😊

Do ALL of it!

And encourage OTHERS to do the same.

Simple .. ❤️ Love and Peace

#raiseyourvibration #elevatefrequency #freedomthinkers #freedomfromfear #freedomfromwithin #divinefeminine #divinefeminieflow

👉🏾#fear is the mechanism behind control. 👉🏾 Fear is the universal language of agreement/consent which is used to manipulate and enslave. 👉🏾It’s the fundamental fabric which holds the slavery matrix together. 👉🏾 Fear is the nectar that feeds and strengthens low vibration energies, it opens doors to negative experiences...........................................
💪🏾 Solution: To process fear so that you cannot be controlled. Sit with it, allow yourself to feel it, let it grow as much as it can, accept it, send it love and repeat until it dissipates, repeat whenever you are triggered by fear. 💪🏾 Every fear trigger you process is one less hook which anchors you to the false illusory low vibrational slavery matrix. 💪🏾 By processing fear you are increasing your vibration and creating more space for positive experiences in your life, thus helping to increase the vibration of humanity. 👍🏾☺️
💪🏾 You are a naturally high vibrational powerful being and have limitless energy. Don’t let fear hijack your free will from having a more beautiful pleasant experience of life.
In lak’ech
I am another (your)self. #fearless #mayans #freedom #freedomfromfear #freedomfromslavery #indigenouswisdom #firstnations #melanin #solutions #love #highvibrations #highvibrationliving #freeenergy #highfrequencyliving #exitthematrix #matrix #iamnotthebody #iamnotthemind #empowerment #freeenergytechnology #love #freewill #choosejoy

Be free to live your heart-led life. Let go of all that holds you back.
Do you want to be:

Free of symptoms that doctors can’t explain?Confident, focused and less anxious?Calm, courageous and clear?

If you are in overwhelm and you feel stuck

I will help you find AND resolve the underlying causes of your distress or pain.

Link in bio, schedule a free online video call to discuss how you can be free from all that holds you back.

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Destroy in order to rebuild #consciousness #freedomfromfear #jcole #killedward

As we were leaving the hospital this afternoon the volunteer who wheeled Betsy out (my amazing friend on the left - throw back photo of course 💗) was shocked to hear that “we’d had fun.” She said in the 5 years that she’d been at Mayo she’d never heard anyone leave saying they’d had fun ... it’s all in perspective I suppose, but Betsy and I can make almost any situation fun even the ones that aren’t supposed to be. I am pleased to report that her doctor said her lymph nodes were clear and that they removed all the cancer during her surgery. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to be by her side and to have enjoyed all our fun over the past 6 days. Thanks to all who sent prayers and love 💕💗💗💗 🌺🍍🌺
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Not gonna stop this time baby! Hang tight mums coming ❤ #freedomfromfear #fight #nevergiveup

Learning to dance with the fear I’ve been running from 🎶

#photography #canont6i #flowers #bloom #freedomfromfear

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