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For episode 111 of #Americangothic you can see the amazing art team's tribute to Freedom From Fear in the top of the collage and the original Rockwell painting below on the right. I had the hardest time thinking of what to make when I realized that's is those who I love in life that take away my fear. So I took a key and wired it to hang from a heart that had a lock in the middle. I wrote on the back "Love is the key to Freedom From Fear." I knew I was going to give one to the director but I hadn't decided who to give the other one to. For some reason when we were filming on July 4th (it's not a holiday in Canada😝) I grabbed both of them and brought them to set. While filming I noticed @virginiamadsen 💓 seemed a little sad. Then I saw on Instagram that she posted that her dad who had passed away last year (and who has a crooked smile like me) was born on the Fourth of July and this was her first July 4th without him. Who gives you more protection, more love and more freedom from fear than your daddy? I knew I had to give her this piece and I didn't wait until the end of the season like I did for everyone else. I left it in her trailer that day. I miss her a lot and can not believe I was lucky enough to work with her for six months! @americangothiccbs @cbstvstudios #freedomfromfear #love

Berada di padang gurun tp tidak untuk berputar putar...😛#freedomfromfear #holylandtour2017#egypttrip

I realized that in the past I have sentenced myself to the comparison prison. I catch myself tripping over my words and stumbling through life because I get nervous I will "say or do the wrong thing". But I want to pursuit a life that is so genuine and so passionate! I'm determined to celebrate exactly who God made me. And that includes the parts of me that might not be appreciated by the crowd. I want to stare my fears in the face and conquer them without relent. I will no longer allow this "fear of not being accepted" straight jacket my freedom. The pursuit to please everyone is exhausting and will always leave you feeling dry. #freedomfromfear #madewithapurpose #screwperfection #mustardflowers

"I want to thank you for keeping your heart open when doors and borders are closing.” Abeer Pamuk, Human Rights Defender from Aleppo, Syria, when she addressed President Carter during our Human Rights Defenders Forum this week. Pamuk took this photo of two Syrian boys in 2016. #FreedomFromFear #humanrights #Syria #compassion

Yesterday I shared with you that fear almost took my legs out from under me during our adoption process. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what is out of my control. Fear of the what-if's and the not-enoughs.
Lately, as I've shared more of my story with friends, I keep hearing the same words echoed back to me. I'm not alone in feeling held prisoner by fear. But I'm also not alone in realizing that this does not have to be our reality. •• As we put our faith in Christ, God promises to take care of us. NEVER to leave us. We know this, in our heads. But still we are so afraid in our hearts. Afraid of not enough.
1. That we will not *be* enough. This one is personal. (identity)
2. That we will not *have* enough. This one is provisional. (trust)

Both are an affront to who God is. The God who lives in us and shepherds us with utmost faithfulness and ability. He cannot be anything other than enough. HE is the God of more than enough. He is a good Father. And He promises abundant provision as we seek Him. Whether that's provision of wisdom in a hard decision, energy in parenting, courage in new relationships, strength in weakness, financial provision, deliverance from crippling anxiety, joy in mourning... I've realized that I have to be able to say “ENOUGH!” in the mocking face of fear. "I've had enough!" Because fear holds me back no more. It is for freedom that I've been set free.
Because God is more than enough for me. And He will not fail to meet me when I call on Him.
The same is true for you dear friend.
"And God is able to make ALL GRACE ABOUND to you, that always having ALL SUFFICIENCY in EVERYTHING, you may have an ABUNDANCE for every good deed." 2 Cor. 9:8.
#freedomfromfear #realloveinreallife #adoption #imagebearer #beingmadewhole

Let's go where they can't find us ⚱️#chocolate #skin #freedomfromfear #happyvibes #goodvibetribe

Today's Positive Affirmation/ I am more than capable of bringing my dreams to life.
What dreams are you going to bring to life?

I choose freedom from the 9-5. 😄😄👍👍🎉
#positivelife #freedomfromfear #dreamscape #dreamscancometrue

I went ahead and pushed past fear today ... I have lived in my neighborhood for 4 years. Most of those years I've been behind the walls of my home, continuing to adjust to a new norm. I have always loved others, meeting new people and getting to know them, but my time and heart have been full with the litltle souls within my home. I have had a deep trust that the natural love for others placed within my heart would be free to shine again in coming seasons... And today it was so incredibly lovely to watch that unfold! We spontaneously planned a bike parade down our street this morning! We handed out home made flyers yesterday, and today we had about thirty + show up to just be together. Neighbors came out and waved and everyone genuinely enjoyed the idea. And to think I was afraid of offending others or being rejected... Freedom is always happening. #freedomfromfear


this is what 'love winning' looks like... with Tatianna & Dailenny ❤️🖤 #opentochange #bikeforchange #lovewins 🏳️‍🌈

Regain confidence through hypnotherapy & NLP

We're not building our fame.
We're building a family. 💀
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Good morning loves ☀️ Soulful Sunday blessings to you 🌺
Who’s ready for a fresh start?
I woke up this morning feeling very reflective and a bit antsy. You know that feeling… one million things to do, and not knowing where to start? Anxious about the week ahead? Worried about how you’re going to “fit it all in.” Yup. I know the feeling.

Looking for some #inspiration , I opened up A Course in Miracles.  I flipped the page to Lesson 330: "I WILL NOT HURT MYSELF AGAIN TODAY.”
For some reason, this message resonated so strongly with me, it brought tears to my eyes.
It reminds me that in ANY given moment we have two options: to see EVERYTHING as a #miracle , a #blessing , or a #gift , OR to see what happens to us as a burden, a reason to #JUDGE .

How will you #choose to see the events of your life today?
Whatever comes your way today – I challenge you to see it as a gift. I challenge you to see it as an #opportunity to find the good, to #expand , to #learn , to #grow above and beyond whatever you feel is limiting you in that moment and move closer towards what you really, really want.
We are not bad, we have not made mistakes. Our ONLY “mistake” is judging ourselves and one another. This is what holds us back. #free yourself by stepping into this #awareness and as A Course in Miracles says, “be saved from what we thought we were.” TODAY is your fresh reset.

Stay tuned for more #inspiration & updates on my first #transformational program- which is sure to offer YOU a #freshstart
#blessings #fearlessfemmes #freedom #freedomfromfear #awakeninspireempower #freshreset #mistakes #love #expansion #selfhealing #selfgrowth #peaceofmind #soulfulsunday #acim

Regain energy and your natural zest for life. Hypnotherapy & NLP techniques get to the core of outdated beliefs & release them.

Acts of Love are impossible without Freedom From Fear #DykeMarch2017 #LoveIsTheLaw #FreedomFromFear

ElliotOracle.com/blog Tarot Card of the Day: The Six of Swords, “Positive Changes are happening for you now, surrender to them.” For full free card interpretation visit my Tarot website, Link in bio⬆️ #elliotoracle #angelcards #surrender #freedomfromfear #wicca #pagan #goddess #artemis #artemisofephesus #crystalball #crystalhealing #yoga #tarotexpert #tarotreading #tarot #sixofswords #tarotcardoftheday #magic #success #abundance #greatmother #surrenderingfear

The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is part of a Hindu mantra. It bestows liberation from fear, and is traditionally chanted 3 times at the beginning of a journey for protection. Check out this rendition by the Kef 17 crew ' hot off the press'. from this evening's class! #mahamrityunjaya #mantra #liberation #nofear #freedomfromfear #conquerfear #protection #omshanti #peace #liberate #chant #yoga #hinduism #yogalight #yogajourney #yogalife #unityindiversity

Elliotoracle.com/blog Tarot Card of the Day: The Nine of Cups: “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”-Rosalind Russell for full card meaning visit my tarot website, link in bio⬆️ #elliotoracle #tarot #tarotcardoftheday #yolo #bliss #passionforliving #tarotreadersofinstagram #success #abundance #joy #dionysus #hathor #hethert #bacchus #winelovers #magic #angels #angelcards #getoutthereandlive #crystalball #winatlife #wealthconsciousness #followyourbliss #delight #joy #freedomfromfear

Hiya #fearlessfemme 😘
what's your #superpower ?💪🏻❤️ Featured: super cute #underarmour #wonderwoman athletic gear I purchased here in beautiful #Bethesda . It will assist me in channeling my #superhero self in and outside of the gym.

Life seems to be a gamble. Sometimes, so too seems to be our #physicalhealth . Unpredictable, dynamic, constantly changing… The message today is: #celebrating your #body in any state.

We often compare ourselves to others or to ourselves at some earlier period in time. We fixate on being “better versions” of ourselves; improving #fitness , losing weight, the list goes on and on. We always seem to be chasing some idea of what we MIGHT BE at the expense of honoring WHAT we are and HOW we are in this very moment. Does this resonate with anyone today?

It’s difficult to practice an attitude of #gratitude when you’re fixated on #selfimprovement .
How often do you take a moment to honor the beautiful body that you have & all that it can do RIGHT NOW?

Yesterday I injured my back doing something so seemingly minor… I felt something “pop” and instantly stiffened down my back. I spent the rest of the day affirming perfect health, trying to ignore the stiffness in my body. Then, just before bed, I had a complete breakdown. The #fears crept up and nested in my mind. I felt helpless and weak. I just wanted to be comfortable in my body again, and feel capable of doing all the activities I enjoy. I silently promised never again to take for granted the amazing things that my body can do.
What if, after #exercise , I (we) celebrated and gave thanks for the strength and perseverance of our body, rather than assessing the number of calories we burned and what we can do to “up” the workout for next time? My vow is to spend a few moments after each activity giving #thanks for what has just transpired. 🙏🏻 💕
Your body is #amazing as it is and deserves to be loved and #celebrated . YOU ARE SUPERHERO, Just as you are. 💪🏻 🙅🏼 #Honor yourself for all that you can do right now. This is the platform for #expansion .
#attitudeofgratitude #transformation #health #freedomfromfear #freedomfromfearfridays #bodylove #awakeninspireempower

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