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Driving the back roads again through Plant City and saw this tiny run down restaurant with a giant hand-painted rooster on it. Damn I bet this place was great. 178/365

Tweaked the camera, it now allows nice panning, like you're shooting from a drone :) #freecamera #infiniteflight

Do you want to win a free camera and lens?
Send in your best image and explain your reason why it's your best. 1. size your images 640 on the longside
2. write a description of your photograph as to why you chose to send it(whether if it is a personal reason or technical reason)
3. send it to artbueno@outlook.com

I will choose the 5 best photographs from the submission and will announce the winner of this contest April 15th.This contest is only for US participants ONLY | #cameragiveaway #freecamera #photocontest

#tbt to that time my mom woke me up on my fifth birthday and told me I could have anything I wanted for breakfast and I ran to the freezer and grabbed a Red Baron deep dish 'za. #🍕#iateboth #freecamera

Playing around with an instant camera I got in the mail today #freecamera #yesss #mitch #mojavephonebooth

When a poacher decides to donate a camera to me on my hunting land.... I always be sure to leave them a thank you letter in its place.... it was super nice of them to show their face so clearly.... and they were even nice enough to back up to the camera with their truck so I could get their tag number.... #notrespassing #thankyou #freecamera #igotyourtagnumber

@thebucketlistfamily is giving away a 360fly! Jump over to their page and find out how to win.

#lifeuncropped #360degrees #360fly #freecamera

My FREE 360 camera from LG came today. I Am so excited to try it out!!!! #LG #LGG5 #360camera #lifesgood #freecamera


Driving the back roads again through Plant City and saw this tiny run down restaurant with a giant hand-painted rooster on it. Damn I bet this place was great. 178/365

Testing out a new old camera of mine. Likes good to me Sarah. So Whole Foods is in the background of the photo. Is that water where the "spring" water comes from?? 177/365

Just some rose laying on a window sill. I wonder if was a Cyrano de Bergerac kinda thing that didn't pan out. 176/365

So here is the photograph I was taking when the cop showed up yesterday. Ya know, I think him and I could have been friends. Maybe I could have explained film photography to him and he could have told me about macrame or sports or something. Ehhh well. 175/365

So a cop came up to me today when I was taking a photograph of an old car in front of a business that was closed and told me I wasn't allowed to do that. I asked why? And he actually said "Because I said so." I was if that was a law and then explained to him how I was allowed and would help him with understanding the law, if he needed it. He left. So here's my mug shot on 2007 Polaroid 4x5 Sepia tone film. #beweirdstayweird

There's something slightly magical and poetic about leaving your toilet on the side of the road. Like the world gave me shit, so here you can have the place where I put it. 174/365

I took the dead guy's film deep into Plant City and hung out with a few meth heads. They wouldn't let me take their photos because they have warrants. I never asked to take their photos. I gave them each a bottle of water and a half of can of Pringles and told them to be nice and good luck. All in all, a good day, until the cop showed up. #crowngraphic #sepiatone #4x5film

Look what fell out of a Ram Dass book. "Be Here Now". I forgot all about this day, until now. #ramdass

I spent way to much time around people this week. If you need me my calls have been forwarded to Reggie Cat and he always forgets. 173/365

We're hitting the Bay area today! Follow the LucidCam 🚛, share a pic, and you can win! #LucidCam #VR #FollowThatTruck #ShareaPic #LucidTruck #Giveaway #FreeCamera #WinaCamera

Have you ever just glanced over and seen something that was odd. Look how this baseball is directly under this feather. I thought is interesting. 172/365

Back on the porch taking pictures of sweet Sarah. Mom always said don't feed stray animals. They'll never leave. I'm ok with that. 171/365

This is the last of the five photographs Giselle Brewton sent me for the project and she did not disappoint. This is by the most creative portrait I've ever seen. Well done Giselle and thank you again for being a part of this idea. If you are not aware of how awesome Giselle is, your life is lacking. She is a jack of all trades and you should go immediately and make yourself aware of her awesomeness. 170/365

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