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That lazy Sunday vibe has everything just leaning back dreading Monday. 203/365

#tbt to that time my mom woke me up on my fifth birthday and told me I could have anything I wanted for breakfast and I ran to the freezer and grabbed a Red Baron deep dish 'za. #🍕#iateboth #freecamera

Do you want to win a free camera and lens?
Send in your best image and explain your reason why it's your best. 1. size your images 640 on the longside
2. write a description of your photograph as to why you chose to send it(whether if it is a personal reason or technical reason)
3. send it to artbueno@outlook.com

I will choose the 5 best photographs from the submission and will announce the winner of this contest April 15th.This contest is only for US participants ONLY | #cameragiveaway #freecamera #photocontest

My FREE 360 camera from LG came today. I Am so excited to try it out!!!! #LG #LGG5 #360camera #lifesgood #freecamera

@thebucketlistfamily is giving away a 360fly! Jump over to their page and find out how to win.

#lifeuncropped #360degrees #360fly #freecamera

Tweaked the camera, it now allows nice panning, like you're shooting from a drone :) #freecamera #infiniteflight

Dana (@dana_stirling ) is testing a new gift ! #freecamera

Playing around with an instant camera I got in the mail today #freecamera #yesss #mitch #mojavephonebooth


That lazy Sunday vibe has everything just leaning back dreading Monday. 203/365

It was a busy weekend for giving cameras away. I noticed a girl looking inquisitive about what was happening next to her. So I explained and asked her to be a part of the project. Thank you Molly for joining. I can't wait to see what you see.

Check out the Miami Vibez Edition of my project. Thanks to Megan and Christian for such fantastic and inspiring people.

I had another amazing day meeting local people to be a part of the Free Camera Project. While meeting with friends I met two strangers who are now part of this idea that spawned from a question. Patrick thank you for being willing (well basically blindsided) to join in and contribute.

So this is my Florida Attack Duck. Her name is Kim Kardashian. She has a lot of sass and a bad attitude when she's hungry. She likes stale bread, Gucci, and cat food. I'm sending her to your house to collect photos. Today is the 202nd day of the year. Like sand through an hourglass, life is passin' you by. #justcheckingin 202/365

I was able to give this little gem to a girl I've known for many years and we have never spoke more then 5 words to one another. Yesterday we spoke quadrupled that. Best of luck Madison. Don't screw this up.

I was bestowed the great honor of giving this camera to someone who has become a great inspiration. It's refreshing to meet people like this. Maybe I should leave my cave once in awhile. Ehh. Thank you Megan.

This is how I've been feeling lately. I can't complain because this project has been so inspiring. I've found something to push me harder than I've ever pushed myself. I have multiple book ideas and the amazing Free Camera Project. I blame each and everyone of you. 200/365

Well I'm going to conclude Ben's contribution to the Free Camera Project. He sent me quite a few photos. All of them are better than the next. Wow Australia looks more amazing then I thought. All his photos will be on my website and Ben will have his own page as well everyone that contributes. I must admit Ben got me way more "likes" and comments then my own photos. Kinda humbling. Thank you again Ben. *zoom in on the license plate, it says sunshine state. Ha! We BOTH live in the sunshine state. 199/365

What an amazing photo. I can't believe Ben gave this to me. This is stunning in so many ways. 198/365

Another stunning photo from Ben. I am still flabbergasted at the fact I made a friend from Australia and he owns my cameras and sent me photos. 💥 Thank you again and again. 197/365

It's a perfect Sunday in Australia. I bet it feels perfect there most everyday. Beautiful photo Ben. 196/365

I gave this lil' guy to a friend of mine at work. He's a really musician with an album coming out soon. I can't wait to see what Eric brings me.

I work my shit job to dedicate my Saturday nights to taping off cameras to make people happy. Why would I want to scream at someone in a bar about something pointless never to impress them enough to disappoint myself. This is where I find happiness.

A fuzzy kinda blurry time exposure I shot while the power went out.

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