Who else lives cemeteries? They’re all beautiful in their own way. This gorgeous photo is from New Orleans and shot by @issalyssarae Thank you Alyssa. 115/365

I could stare at the shades of blue in this photo of Irvine Beach for hours. Thank you so much Kim. 114/365

free camera----------------
懐かしい写ルンですの独特の雰囲気いいですよね☺️☺️☺️上の年代のゲストも多いので親しみもあるしゲスト同士撮りあって楽しんでほしいな〜#ゲストテーブル #freecamera#ペーパーアイテム #ペーパーアイテム手作り

I found this photo from last years project. I’m glad i found it now, but wish i had it then. Thank you Katie. 113/365

So if you see the weekend, can you tell it I missed it and like to have it back. “Life’s a blur and then you die.” -Ferris Bueller 112/365
As great photo photo by @yexeniayoung

I’m supposed to be pretty and pink. Apparently Nosferatu scares the pink out of film. 111/365 #americasnexttopmodel

Today seemed like a good day to give this away. I gave to an amazing person and the writer of The Meow Song. 110/365

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