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Hermione x Ron
Hermione x Harry
Hermione x Draco
Hermione x Fred
Hermione x Pansy

Those are my favourite but I’m open to any Roleplay 💓

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rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion, girl I guess that must be you

-headcanon Hermione-
Name: Hermione J. Granger
Age: Depends on roleplay
House: Gryffindor
Love interest: No one yet
Blood status: Muggleborn
Titles: Prefect, Leader of S.P.E.W

Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Brown curly hair that’s busy/messy, brown eyes, deep shade skin. Height is 5’6 with a slim body.
Personality: Hermione is a hard working student who is determined, she is kind but comes off in the wrong way due to her bluntness and honesty. Hermione is an activist, she is fighting for elf rights where she created S.P.E.W. Hermione also comes off as bossy and stubborn yet she doesn’t like to admit it. She is a very patient person but when she snaps, she snaps. Despite her negative traits Hermione is always looking out for her friends, whether it’s for studying or sports she will always support you.

Awwww💚 Lubicie Draco?~ Luna
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I actually don't remember reading about this in the books but it's always good to read about it more.
" When we're introduced to Viktor Krum in the book, JK Rowling writes about how he is pronouncing Hermione's name wrong - saying it like 'Her-my-own' rather than 'Her-my-o-knee'. The fan theory holds that Rowling actually included this passage in the book to school the reader on the correct way to pronounce Granger's name, as well as Krum." - Article
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Ah yes, the dark lord’s lesser known name:

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