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Unicorn Freckles, I think I was able to recreate them just fine, I did forget to add the white to my colored soap for that pastel. Off to make more! I am excited making these to have ready to open up my Etsy and have available for National Unicorn Day!! Scented in Violet, Strawberries, Vanilla and jasmine! The perfect dupe of Marc Jacobs Daisy!!

It’s amazing how far you can push your physique! 🙌🏽 I know the #shredded look isn’t for everyone, but I took my body to this level for a specific sport (bodybuilding) and for a specific reason (to kill it on stage) 😈💪🏽

As a Latina, this is not the ‘everyday’ look I like to have 🙈 I love my curves and all thickness that comes along with it 😋🍑🍰 But I love my body at all different stages...and we all should 😍❤️ •
Not sure when I’ll hit the stage again, so for now I’m just working on building more muscle, increasing my overall strength and enjoying having the body I WANT💪🏽
That being said, when I do decide to compete again, I’ll make sure I’m UNDENIABLE! 🙌🏽 #Mirnavated #RedHotMirna #MirnavationMonday

The gorgeous @mcmillanbawz

All I got is this ambition.

Die letzten Sonnenstrahlen des Tages mit @maikind99 genutzt. Danke dafür 🖤#latergram #sisters #shorthair #freckles #curvygirl #curves #curlyhair

Do re mi💊 . Part 2 of yesterday🍃 // cr: @bear

We create our future.

Era de pintalabios rojos en días negros, de energía alta en días bajos y de sonrisas amplias en días pequeños.

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