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early in the night before chelsie shot me with a water gun on my face and i had to rip off my eyelashes , then i got a BALL POINT PEN to redo my eyeliner before we hit the club. #FREACC #iforgiveyou #houseparty

Ok, so I finally finished editing and writing the imagine lol... sorry for taking too long. Even if it takes me half a day to post, I'll be posting at least once daily, this is just a slower theme that's all :)
[Jimin pic creds to @ichiraku.ramen.delight]
Remember to let me finish post the imagine before you start commenting please :)
You hadn’t felt the sinking of the bed next to you, nor heard the door open before that. But you did feel the soft shaking of your body a few seconds later, shifting in bed towards the disruption.
“Mm?” You asked sleepily.
“Shhh,” you heard from above you. You froze in bed. You weren’t expecting someone, and you remembered closing the front door and locking it.
“It’s me, baby,” said Jimin, feeling how tense you were. You gave a sigh of relief and looked at the clock on your night stand.
“It’s two in the morning!” You whined. “Wait, how’d you enter? You don’t have a key!” You said as you rubbed your eyes and leaned on your elbows.
“Spare key,” he said, turning on the lamp on your bedside table. He was smiling broadly.
“How do you know where my spare key is?” You said, yawning.
“Please, that rock key holder is faker than Yoongi’s dye jobs,” he said laughing. “I’m surprised no one else has entered your house!”
“Oh, come on, baby. Don’t get mad at me,” he said pouting. “Tell me you love me, baby,” he purred.
“Leave me alone, Jimin,” you said, turning your head away from him.
“Oh, baby girl, you couldn’t be any more obvious,” he said, running his finger along your jaw and leaning close to your ear. You couldn’t help but take in a sharp breath.
“Am I really that obvious?” you said sweetly,batting your eyelashes. He was turning you on, the way he was very gentle and very cautious. He knew what he was doing to you and you were bad at hiding it. So why should you insit?
“Oh, you are,” he said kissing your jaw and then going down your neck. “I love it,” he whispered and licked your neck, leaving a wet stripe exposed to the cool air. You moaned his name softly.
“Is this what you came for?” You asked in between breaths. [More in comments]


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