Today @coachzachdeck posted the last class of this #REMOTEKINSTRETCHMEMBERSHIP session. It was a peek at what his advance class is like. Even though I still had to catch up on 2 classes I couldnt resist.
To say this class was humbling would be an understatement! It called for ankle weights and 2 lb dumb bells. Thank christ I didnt have them haha. It was ridiculously challenging un loaded for me. .
This vid is of the 1/2 90 over mid height yoga block. Honestly dont think I could have done the low loaded but that doesnt mean I have made some great progress between the first class and now! .
Zachs #kinstretch classes are great, love the way he sequences them but most of all in love that he tells you WHY he sequences the way he does. .
I have not only made some great progress from both his personal program and now this kinstretch session I have learned alot about both FRC and my own body! .
Thanks for all the gains and knowledge bombs Coach Zach!
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Because it’s Monday and this exercise is just torturous. But in all seriousness, this exercise is phenomenal for strengthening your hamstrings and working on knee flexion control while in hip extension.

If you currently perform hamstring curls, you’re likely doing them 1) seated on a machine with your back supported and hips at 90 degrees of flexion, 2) prone on a machine where you’re again supported, but your low back is able to compensate via lumbar extension, or 3) with a physioball where your back is yet again supported, this time by the ground, and you can still overextend in your low back.

This variation of the hamstring curl works on controlling knee flexion at terminal hip extension. As you can see, this is really challenging core stability, hip extension, AND knee flexion.

By achieving this starting position, you’re “locking” your lower back into a position that minimizes the lumbar extension compensation. From there, fully extend your straight leg into full hip extension. Once you’re in full hip extension, keep your knee/leg  as high off the ground as possible and start contracting your hamstrings to pull your heel towards your butt. That’s 1 rep. Rep this out 5-10 times, trying to fight through any muscular cramping.

If you have a question, drop us a comment!
Move your body better to live a pain-free, stronger, and healthier life.

Happy Monday from the Huskies! Don’t forget to set goals and work hard to achieve them this week! •

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Join us for Trivia Night and Silent Auction on November 10th at 7 pm! Bring your family or invite your friends in a team of up to 4! The event will be held at Jasper High School and sponsors the Jasper Robotics Team. Mark your calendars!
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Eccentric Neural Grooving •
Holding a stretch never really did anything for me when it came to progression. Ever since applying principles from @functionalrangeconditioning , the body responds very well

This is a version of the famous pigeon stretch which always gave me pain and I never seem to get anywhere with it.
The position is now pain free, the ranges are opening up, and the hips are feeling strong as ever .
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Truth- J #frc #frcmemes


🔊 ON 🔊

Details matter! Why quality of movement matters so much are in the audio of the videos. Simply put, how you practice to move under high stress environments, is how you will move in high stress environments.

Thanks for putting in the work @aidan.xholly! I’ll shoot you a message a hook you up with a free month of @advancedtherapyperformance #90mphformula remote programming as promised! I’m even going to throw in a mechanical screen to help progress that lower half in conjunction with his training program. ⠀
Below is the chin-up that was used for @aidan.xholly.

-Make sure every rep is done with PERFECT form
-Start and end with a dead hang
-Control the negative portion of each rep
-Don’t reach your neck/keep a neutral spine
-Flex your glutes hard during the whole movement and keep your legs long!
-Movement is more important than reps. If you have a less than optimal rep, STOP! Reset and get it PERFECT. Fixing how you move is most important.

Train chin-ups 3x a week on non-consecutive days
Week 1: 25 total reps each session
Week 2: 35 total reps each session
Week 3: 50 total reps each session
Week 4: 3x max reps each session
Week 5: take a video of yourself retest your 1 set max

How to utilize total reps
-With perfect form, complete each session in as few sets as possible.
-Week 1, Day 1 will likely be something like 5x3 then 5x2
-Week 1, Day 2 will likely be something like 8x3 then 1x1
And so on...
-You will have days that you crush it (likely week 2) and you will have days that crush you (likely week 3 day 1 and 2).

Amazing what a few weeks of hard work focusing on technique can do. Imagine what will happen to his ball velocity and mechanics if he continues to progress.

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Walking lunges are one of my favorite exercises. They have such a wide array of benefits. Whether you are an athlete, are rehabbing an injury, or just want to put some mass on your legs, they are a must do. Try them at the end of your workout to really finish off the muscles.
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Stretching your hip flexors, trying to lengthen the hamstrings or foam rolling the glutes will definitely feel nice but it is NOT mobility

Actively in control and having strength in your range of motion (aka mobility) is what we strive and work towards


We want to have access and be moving well in various patterns for a long time to come 😊

Tribe working on end range strength to improve the quality of movement and health of their hip.

Learn. Play. Grow.


Preparado para dar el ultimo asalto del año en Estoril?
Intentaremos dar lo mejor de mi y te todo el conjunto, como en esta imagen en Estoril 5p, con todo el equipo humano detrás todo es posible #motobengaracingteam #frc #peluqueriasergio #xabyrallyrcing, vamos a disfrutar como todos nos lo merecemos mucho gas team!!!!!!! #31+32 recuerda 9y10 de noviembre no te la pierdas!!!!!!!

Yea baby! Kakav je to trening bez dobrog društva? Baš zato @fitstudio.thalia otvara termine novoj grupi za bodyweight trening gdje razvijamo:
- primjenjivu snagu i seksipil
- mobilnost i posturu
- snagu primalnog čovjeka
- kvalitetu života
Neki ljudi žele vježbati, ali ne vole atmosferu komercijalne teretane jer tamo ne dobivaju pažnje od stručne osobe niti nekoga da ima pomogne:
- postaviti ciljeve
- upoznati svoje tjelesne snage i slabosti
- napraviti znanstvene testove i procijenu
- napisati program treninga
- uvažiti individualnost svakog klijenta

[Move It Monday]

2 short clips of what partly made up today's training.
Video 1: Shoulder CARs
Video 2: Power clean - 15m sled sprint

#Repost @marco_rku
• • • • •
Someone left their jacket on top of the white board yesterday...I decided to throw it on. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Sometimes it's hard to get going early in the morning, I completely understand. So my job as a coach is to get people moving, get people excited and get people ready to get after it. The easiest way to get people comfortable with you is through a little humor, at your cost not theirs 😆. .
Many won't understand how much I enjoy what I do but for those who make their way through the doors of @rku_athletics I want them to know that I'm there because I WANT to and not because I HAVE to. .
If you're not loving what you're doing then why even do it? We live in an age where opportunity is out there, you just have to look and work for it. .
Don't leave your jackets behind because I'll wear them 😁💪🏽. .
They have fun but I still make them get after it.
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I hope all my #rockstar golfers are doing their #frc #cars while their coach is gone! No excuse NOT to stay mobile...10 minutes a day...and it doesn't have to be all at one time!

#fitforgolffitforlife #fitforgolf #dcga #carseverydamnday

Me 🤨🧐🤔 “how can I teach standing shoulder capsule ER PAILs and RAILs to a group of 10 with only two door frames and no rigs or cages.....” 💡 Also, me “so much else going wrong - should I even post this...👎🏻🤦🏼‍♀️?” #romtraining #rangeofmotiontraining #howispendmybreaks #coffeeandcars #frc #functionalrangeconditioning #functionalrangesystems #makeshitworknice #controlyourself #bruteyogi

Smiley Shoulder Axial Rotations ☺️

Providing rotational inputs to your shoulders (via axial rotations) is a low-stress, low energy way to improve shoulder health!

Just make sure your shoulder is actually rotating.

There is a tendency for the wrists and elbows to move more than the humerus.

If you focus on rotating your biceps (and smilies) you will achieve greater glenohumeral rotation, which is the ultimate goal with this particular drill.

Try these at different angles and orientations. The least stressful for most people is lying supine with the floor supporting the shoulders 👍🏻

As always, stay out of painful ranges, and check out @functionalrangeconditioning for more mobility inspiration!

#smilestakeyoumiles #mobility #shoulders #wellness #justmove

GUYS! My client got his first pistol squats today 💪🏼 we add that to the list of handstand, headstand, strict HSPUs, l sit pull ups, 10 strict pull ups ! Alongside his general programming we run mini gymnastics cycles to achieve 🤸‍♀️ goals! Here are some of the things we had to work on in the last few weeks:

Not seen here: lots of 🍑 work: banded clamshells, banded glute bridge, single leg work etc. We needed more glute & hip strength & stability to achieve the pistol safely 🤸‍♀️special focus on hamstring & hip mobility & strength: you have to be able to hold out the other leg without it touching the floor; the hip flexor has to be working while that hamstring is lengthened-top of pistol holds, straddle & L hip flexor work, active hip flexion hamstring stretch, 90/90 Work, squat pails & rails were organized in warm ups or accessory pieces 🤸‍♀️bottom of pistol work: I used a counter balance bc I had him using one as right now we still might need some more ankle dorsiflexion + it helps him create tension. Originally we had to elevate him for bottom holds & slowly lower the height bc he couldn’t hold the non working leg up enough 🤸‍♀️slow eccentric pistol no concentric (both feet to come up) client was only allowed to lower to a height he could control & this height decreased weekly =full pistol !! (He was allowed to hold his foot for today & this was after he did a bunch of eccentric work 😓!) I wasn’t planning on letting him try yet, but he was slaying everything today!
No knee caving in, no ankle shaking everywhere anymore, & the strength to hit great range of motion with control!
Sorry ya gotta swipe, iMovie being a 💩
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Get off your #asana and move your #malasana
Took me a few to accept @scott_moving_forward squat challenged but I did it and my hips are on fiyaaaaaaa!!! Your turn @k.jamesirl show us what ya squat
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