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Inevitably, there will be shards in your life. Don't hold on to them. They will only hurt you. Let them go, take a step back and watch them. And maybe there is something you can build out of the broken fragments of your life.

Happy times with my fraternity brothers at the Phi Eta Mu Fraternity Convention! Keep up our high ideals!
#PhiEtaMu #PhiEta #PuertoRico #fraternity #FratBrothers

Robert Frank spits some truth about the upcoming fight 😂😂

Omega Psi Phi on the campus of Virginia State University. Students can apply to any number of 52 HBCUs including Virginia State University with the Common Black College Application at www.commonblackcollegeapp.com. #vsu #omegapsiphi #commonblackcollegeapp #hbcu #fraternity

Miroir me montre toujours mon jumeau en perfection

FSU 🔥🔥🔥


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