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Painter #FranzMarc, born today in 1880, explored abstract pictorial modes to depict nature as a means to express universal aspects of existence. His work, "Stables", from 1913, will be on view starting Friday as a part of "Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim", along with 170+ masterworks from the Guggeheim collection. #GuggVisionaries #Guggenheim #GuggenheimCollection

Weekend #Flashback ... upload failed- #Kultur & Stille - schöne Beispiele hier Bekanntes mit anderen Mittel neu entdecken #FranzMarc

Check out the bags for our current exhibition. Franz Marc's "Black-blue Fox" (1911) just got a mate. How do you like them? .
#blauerreiter #franzMarc #fox (📷@matthias_willi)

Now on view, “Form in Fragments: Abstraction in German Art, 1906-1925” highlights the various ways in which abstraction informed and troubled Expressionist pictures. Comprising over 60 works on paper from LACMA’s collection, the show includes works by Otto Dix, Lyonel Feininger, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, and Paul Klee, as well as a selection of early abstract films by Hans Richter. Visit the exhibition in the Ahmanson Building through September 24. #lacma #FranzMarc #abstractart #horses

Franz Marc, "Horse in a Landscape", 1910, oil on canvas, 85 x 112 cm, Museum Folkwang, Essen.
Franz Marc, 1880-1916, was a German painter and printmaker who is known for the intense mysticism of his paintings of animals. He was a founding member of Der Blaue Reiter, an association of German Expressionist artists. Marc’s early works were painted in a naturalistic academic style, but after discovering French Impressionist painting in 1903 he adopted a more modern approach, using simplified lines and vivid colours. During a trip to Paris in 1907 he encountered the work of the Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh, whose vigorous, emotional brushwork profoundly influenced him. In 1910 Marc met the Russian-born painter Wassily Kandinsky, who was a member of a group of Expressionist artists. Marc joined the group in 1911 and worked closely with another member, the young painter August Macke, whose idiosyncratic use of broad areas of rich colour led Marc to experiment with similar techniques. Marc & Kandinsky formed a new group of artists in 1911 named Der Blaue Reiter. Having long been interested in Eastern philosophies and religions, Marc responded enthusiastically to Kandinsky’s notion that art should lay bare the spiritual essence of natural forms instead of copying their objective appearance. Kandinsky and Marc developed the idea that mystical energy is best revealed through abstraction. Marc believed that civilization destroys human awareness of the spiritual force of nature; consequently, he usually painted animals. Horse In Landscape' is one of the earliest works where Franz Marc, inspired by Kandinsky, experiments with colors. In this painting, there's a purple horse with a blue mane and tail looking over a landscape defined by yellow, red, green and blue areas. The horse is standing with its back to the observer, so that it can take the viewer's perspective. In this painting, as in his other mature works, Marc used a well-defined symbology of colour: blue, yellow, green, and red each stood for specific emotional qualities. Marc joined the German army in 1914 and was killed in combat two years later.

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A basic hairflip infront of a masterpice. • Deer in the Flower Garden by Franz Marc • #franzmarc #kunsthallebremen #masterpiece #art

"fate of the animals" -- franz marc (1913)
#art #franzmarc #derblauereiter #germanexpressionism

Art work of the Day: Franz Marc, "Cattle", 1913 from our permanent collection. 🙂
Kunstwerk des Tages: Franz Marc "Rinder", 1913, aus unserer Ständigen Sammlung. 🙂
#museumludwig #franzmarc #permanentcollection #expressionism #expressionismus #koeln #cologne


Weekend #Flashback ... upload failed- #Kultur & Stille - schöne Beispiele hier Bekanntes mit anderen Mittel neu entdecken #FranzMarc

ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, is an often misunderstood condition and my experience of it has shaped both my experience of the art world and my own art
Like other neurodivergent conditions people with ADHD have different traits that affect the way they experience the world. We can find it difficult to filter out sight and sounds or have a single point of focus. However this can go from multiple input distractions to finding; colours, patterns, sounds or even thoughts so irresistible they cause hyperfocus. This hyperfocus or obsession is difficult to control and I found different painters work or even their ideas can cause a hyperfocus for me.
I have spent years trying to work out what elements I find irresistible, from an idea withing Paul Klee’s Pedagogical Sketchbook, to colours, patterns, compositions or concepts of other artists, that have really impacted on me through my condition; #GillianAyres#DonaldJudd#WillemDeKooning#RobertRauschenberg#FranzMarc#GerhardRichter#BridgetRiley#MarcelDuchamp#AlbertIrvin#YvesKlein#MarkRothko#FrankAuerbach#HowardHodgkin#vincentvangough
Elements of individual works have influenced me in my approach to the creative process. In the 1920s Paul Klee took a line for a walk with complimentary forms, and Rauchenberg with Erased de Kooning Drawing 1953 created an original work from existing work. He didn’t destroy a De Kooning drawing but transformed it creating an archeology to the work within its narrative challenging the permanence or finality of any work.
The elements include; pallets, proximities and positions of colours within the composition as well as the theatricality of place in relation to their setting. These relationships are transposed into my own format including application which comes from childhood experiences of untangling knots (brightly coloured mop heads) and sorting colored beads that my mother used to utilise my traits.
Instead of trying to supress a condition that is a fundamental part of my own identity I have learned to indulge my traits as part of my creative process, as such my painting is an embodiment and expression of my sensory and emotional experiences of the world.

Deer in the Snow, 1911, Franz Marc
#franzmarc #expressionism #fineart #germanart

Just beautiful - „The blue little horse - Franz Marc“ | 1912
Visit the amazing collection daily, except monday, until the end of year for free... my favorite artwork, still so modern. #franzmarc #modernegalerie #saarlandmuseum #saarbrücken #saarland #großesentstehtimmerimkleinen #art #artwork #bestmuseum #expressionism #colors #expressionismus #freeentrance #artworldly #modernart #1912 #visitsaarland #exhibition #kunstsammlung

Eyes to the right. Always loved Jan van Eyck's #portraitofaman, currently gracing the cover of The British Art Journal. #art #arthistory #josephwrightofderby #anthonyvandyck #georgestubbs #augustmacke #franzmarc #vase

Franz Marc's Two Wolves • Swipe left for reference • @vampbodyart#modernart #franzmarc #vegantattoo #vegansofig #adelaidetattoos #ladytattooist #expressionist

Franz Marc's Two Wolves • Swipe left for reference • Tattooed by @roxtattoo#contemporaryart #twowolves #franzmarc #vegantattoos #adelaidevegans #adelaide #tattoosofadelaide #tattooedladies #veganlife

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