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Frank Ocean x ASAP Rocky πŸ˜…

Which Frank you pick ?! πŸ‘€

Well, #BROCKHAMPTON (@brckhmptn) dropped #Junky earlier today and they announced that #Saturation2 will drop next week on August 25th. I really fucked with the dark bridge they implemented on this song, it makes me want to go 90 on a curve that says 20 πŸ™„ (I FUCK WITH THE SONG HEAVY OVERALL TOO). #DomMclennon (@daddys.shotgun) undeniably had the best contribution on this song. But how can I forget #AmeerVann's (@ameervann) verse though? He goes hard on any beat. Do you think this album will top #Saturation? @kevincinema (3RD TIME REPOSTING BECAUSE IT WAS GLITCHY, SORRY πŸ’•)

No one left to call upon πŸ’”
Chill playlist for vibers in my bio, filled with multiple genres and 400+ songs, over 24+ hours of music. Check it out and give it a follow πŸ™πŸ½ Bunch of great soft/chill tracks to vibe, sleep, study and do even more too..Enjoy Guys πŸ’˜
Goodnight 🌌🌌🌌
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Favorite Collab w/ Tyler?

brockhampton ( @brckhmptn ) just dropped their new music video "junky" for their upcoming album "saturation 2" . what do you think of it, and how does it stack up with the other singles they have released?

How Many? ⬇️

Since the last one did AMAZING, I figured why not do this again.
Personal: 5
Actual: 4-5


@princessnokia shot for @fyffest / @goldenvoice β€” all packed and in route to Oregon to shoot @globaleclipsegathering this week! Couldn't be more stoked for this magic βœ¨πŸŒ™

Forrest Gump, you run my mind boy #forrestgump #frankocean #miami


what's album of the year for you all so far?

Deep things ❀ #frankocean #ivory #gratitude #kunst #art

An artist in peak form, bounding into new territories. Check out Tyler, The Creator's 'Where This Flower Blooms' // πŸ”»


"You showed me love
Glory from above
Good Glory, dear" 🌸

'Ob es nun an jenem letzten Blick aufs Meer lag,' // st.maries
#frankocean #france #summer #auszeit #ocean #happiness #techno #blackislife #ck

What's a young/new artist you wish to see reach his/her prime? I personally can't wait to see J.I.D make his best project ever. I've been saying it a lot but he just has so much potential.

not a love story yet

i didn't think i would ever be as passionate for an artist or group again like i was for odd future when i got into them back in 2011 but i was wrong because god damn, i can't get enough of brockhampton. these guys are the best thing that's happened in my life when it comes to music since odd future. im literally fucking obsessed with them. i haven't stanned any artists this hard since odd future and i think that's insane because odd future completely changed my life and got me into hip-hop when i was 11 years old so for some artists to captivate me just as much as they did back then is crazy. i think i love them so much because they remind me of odd future and i miss the odd future days so much so listening to them really takes me back to those days and it makes me feel so good. like, not only are they extremely talented, but their personalities and their aesthetic resonate with mine so well. these dudes are slowly becoming some of my favorite artists of all time and i can't fucking wait to see what the future holds for them

Thoughts on #TPain without Autotune... and on his influence on modern hip hop..?

feelings come, feelings go β˜†Β°γƒ»*:.。.β˜†β€ _(*οΎŸβ–½οΎŸ*)Ξ²))β˜†.。.:* #endless #frankocean

jaden smith by frank ocean β€’ met gala, 2017 | #frankocean #jadensmith #metgala #filmisnotdead #filmphotography #film #curated

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