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Chance overrated,underrated or neither?

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what are your thoughts on KYLE ( @superduperkyle ) and his music? i personally really enjoy kyle, i've been listening to him since "beautiful loser" ( 4 years ago ) so he's been one of those artists that i've been rocking with for a while. i enjoy the different sound he brings to rap, and his ability to sing. and i think that with all the hype surrounding ispy and being on XXL, he'll have the opportunity to really push all of his music into the mainstream. ✊🏽

i've been listening to 'blonde' compulsively for the last couple of days
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1 year ago today, #FrankOcean released his album #Blonde featuring the tracks "Ivy", "Nights", & "Nikes". Comment your favorite song off this album below! πŸ‘‡πŸ”₯πŸ’― #HipHop #History #WSHH

1 year ago today, #frankocean came out with his #album #blond

2 Artists. 1 Album. Who you got? πŸ€”

Officially 1 year since Blond/e was released. Which song do you think deserves a music video?

What's Would Y'all Rate #Blonde & Whats Your Favorite Songs From The Project? πŸ€”πŸ‘‡
Today marks the one year anniversary for #FrankOcean's legendary album "Blonde", i'm not about to sit here and ramble about how amazing this album is becaue i'm sure y'all heard that enough today, but to make my summary short on how i feel about this album, basically man this shit has become an essential to my everday life, i listen to it every single day, at least a few tracks, everything Frank did on this album was so unique and imperfectly perfect. Frank took a risk and he made a timeless album, an album that never gets old. I would've never thought Franky would be in the position he is now years ago in the #OddFuture days but i always knew he would be good. If he keeps releasing projects like he has and shit if there better than what he's released? Were looking at what MIGHT BE a music legend, im talking top 5-20 MUSIC LEGEND IN ALL GENRES. My hopes are high, hopefully he doesn't take another 3 years to release a project but I'm sure it will be at least 1-2 more because the man is a perfectionist lol, lets pray for the best. πŸŒŠπŸ’•


Calvin Harris - Slide (#GPSMusic Remix)
β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
(Video 4/4)

Check out Serena's dope violin solo in the fourth and final clip of our Slide remix!

LINK IN BIO or visit: youtu.be/2Z1jhfdrHKA

Vocals 🎀
β€’ Baby C: @babyc604
β€’ Faze: @faze.ep
β€’ Jesse: @jessenorsworthy

Violin 🎻
β€’ Serena Eades:Β @freedom_rising

Produced by 🎧
β€’ #GlobalPartyStarters

Song recorded, mixed, and mastered at the A-SLAM Studios in Vancouver.

If you'd like the MP3, please don't rip it from YouTube, as the quality will be poor. Simply join our email list and you'll get a link to our downloads folder on the confirmation page: globalpartystarters.com
β€’ File Name: GPSMusic-SlideRemix-Final

Check out the original song and remember to subscribe to Calvin Harris' channel: youtu.be/8Ee4QjCEHHc

Watch Next: "Tonight" ft Elise Estrada
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How I feel about my next meal, everytime 😍... #BsJukebox

Do you slide on all your nights like this?! I might... πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜› #Niciey'sbday #girlsnight #welive #lovemygirls #danceallnight #frankocean

Despite our history,
Somewhere in your nights you're stuck when you think of me...
Despite the life I lead,
All this life in me,
Spirits watch me, pants down,
Can't be embarrassed of it.
I feel their smiles on me
I feel their smiles on me

Racing inspired fashion is super comfortable and adds a great focal point to any look. This Indian summer/Fall we dare you to try swapping out your bland sweatshirts for a comfortable-oversized piece that's splattered in a racing brands logo. We're obsessed with this long sleeve vintage Yamaha shirt. Designer Marcelo Burlon says "Motor-cross is a theme that’s always present and keeps coming back. It’s evergreen." We couldn't agree more.

Lesson from today, brockhampton is amazing, they will blow the fuck up by 2018, and they can't make a bad song. Also learned that a lot of people also like brockhampton so if ur one of them hmu, it'd be cool to chat about them, they're amazing and different. Anyway gn guys, and tomorrow I'll post more OF shit.
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Only a monster could look at my last post and think it was for attention. Bitch, it was for AWARENESS. But like Stoops says, I got nothing to prove to no one. So here's actual footage of @oh.hellerthere and I, shaking off the haters! *still our favorite weekend until this weekend when we finally see Sylvan Esso* #sylvanesso #82517 #hollywoodpalladium #lalgbt #lalesbians #lacoliseum #FrankOcean #FyF #fyffest2017 #TheWoods #theTrees #MyHappyPlace #MyBestie #mybestieismylover #myLover #YoNo #facetious #πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

Album: Elephant Eyes
Artist: Omen
Release Date: July 21st, 2015
I'm gonna start off by saying Omen is so fucking underrated, it's crazy, especially how he's still underrated compared to his fellow Dreamville artists. He's a talented lyricist and very similar to J. Cole, they talk about the same things and have the same vibe all together. With Omen being underrated aside we come to his debut album "Elephant Eyes" no doubt an amazing project. Filled with spectacular lyrics, flows and production. The features by Ari Lennox, C.J. Hamilton, Bas and J Cole. They all did very well on their parts and helped fuel the album. The intro starts off with a skit about making movies transitioning into a drum kicking beat with Omen spitting lyrically about some artists that he looks up to. LoveDrug, a love anthem featuring CJ Hamilton with a nice R&B/Hip-Hop vibe. The title track Elephant Eyes an uplifting feel to the ears, this shit got me wanting to dance a little. Father Figure, pretty much the song in the title in whole. You find Omen rapping that he grew up with no father figure but he had Nas, Eminem and other rappers there for him as he grew up. Sketches of Paranoia featuring Bas is one of my favorites from this album, with both of them spitting lyrical facts back and forth for a good 5 mins with a nice and clean beat. Sweat It Out featuring Ari Lennox from Dreamville got this song to perfection with her melodic and beautiful singing on her hook. The whole song making this album consistent and easy going to the ears. Big Shadows, to me Omens most lyrical and heartfelt song on this album. He hits hard in feels and contemplates the listener with his deep lyrics. Things Change featuring lead artist in Dreamville. Cole kicks the song off with heat filled verse, theme filled. Omen rivals Cole with his verse lyrically and emotionally. Overall thoughts on this album from me are that this album is very consistent, mentally stricken and lyrical. Omen did his thing on his first album and if he did this well on it I can't imagine what he can do next

Started a watercolor study of Frank Ocean tonight and then moved it to photoshop and messed around some.. #frankocean #blonde

Lately my dreams been keepin me up at night. I usually just pull out a pen and write.
But I can't help but think, would I be heard? Or would my words get lost within the world?
#latenightthoughts #welcometothewoods #nbdy .

[movie: romeo + juliet, 1996]
β€’ Claire Danes's first day on set filming with Leonardo DiCaprio was the topless scene after Romeo and Juliet have first spent the night together.
β€’ Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio initially did not get along well on set. Danes accused DiCaprio of being immature, while DiCaprio said Danes was just uptight.
β€’ Romeo and Juliet first kiss which takes place in a cramped elevator with the camera dizzyingly swirling around them was achieved by making the elevator into sections and putting the camera on a circular dolly. As it spun round, stage hands would lift and very hurriedly replace the elevator panels to accommodate the bulky camera equipment.

Idk where I would be without music. I connect to this album on a spiritual level πŸ•ŒπŸ’« See more via link in bio.

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