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80 degrees one day 45 degrees and raining the next has caused me to have the sniffles and a sinus headache. This diffuser blend smells awesome and helps me be able to breathe again💙💛❤️ #doterra #breathe #elevation #frankincense #essentialoils #essentialoilsarelife #diffuser #aromatherapy #sinusprobs #tnweather

🔥Frankincense is an aromatic resin that has been used for thousands of years for medicinal, spiritual and ceremonial purposes. Frankincense resin is made from the sap of trees in the Boswellia genus and can come in the form of an oil, liquid resin and crystallized resin. The aroma of frankincense is uniquely warm, deep, rich, and incense-like!
For many, frankincense oil provides a natural solution for mild to moderate cases of depression. This oil is a good alternative to common antidepressant medications, which act slow, and can have various side effects
Frankincense essential oil has a calming effect on the mind and the oil is used in the management of depression and chronic anxiety. Its organic, woody scent uplifts the mood and has been found to have a balancing and regulating effect in people who suffer from extreme emotions and perpetual restlessness
Frankincense oil is easy to administer to ease headache pain. Its recommended that the sufferer place a drop of high quality, pure frankincense oil on a finger or thumb and apply it directly to the roof of the mouth for instant relief. However, if the sufferer maintains the view many share that anything that is healthy tastes bad, they can apply a couple of drops of the oil to the temples and gently massage until the essential oil is absorbed or they can diffuse into the air which works extremely well!
Frankincense oil also can help break up phlegm deposits in your respiratory tract and lungs, and can potentially relieve bronchitis-related congestion.
Be sure to add some frankincense to your weekly or daily routine! I diffuse it personally almost everyday and it's amazing! Be sure to sue a quality oil!!

I carry both resin and therapeutic grade #FrankincenseOil, which is taken from #Boswellias when it is extracted from the bark of the tree. The milky-white sap will quickly harden to a resin and then its scraped off the tree in the form of pear-shaped droplets.
Today, the essential oil, acquired by steam distillation of the resin, is widely used and holds great therapeutic value for those who aren't dependent on the medical establishments poison or looking to get off of it.

Frankincense is probably one of the best oils for neurological support. It helps with the function of the central nervous system in particular. Whether it’s helping with clarity of thinking, or balancing the emotions, frankincense has a lot of benefits to offer.

Frankincense oil promotes #relaxation and feelings of calm, it really does its AMAZING.
You can simply rub a few drops mixed in a carrier oil on the back of the neck when you feel stressed or put it on the soles of your feet where the pores are the largest!

Frankincense can be used to relieve conditions where pain and tension are present.

Diffuse frankincense at bedtime to help you slow down your breathing and relieve nervous tension and anxiety. You will sleep like a baby!

Add 5 or 6 drops to a diffuser and breath in the oil to open the senses and create a calming atmosphere.
Massage a few drops into the balls of your feet daily to boost your immune system. You can also diffuse it throughout your home or in your bedroom at night.

#Frankincenseoil can help balance hormones and improve memory.

#Frankincense can be used to relieve conditions where pain and tension are present.

Remove moles, skin tags, and warts. Apply a single drop 3 or 4 times a day until gone.

Put up to six drops in a sink or bowl filled with very hot water then bend over the sink with a towel draped over your head to contain the steam. Breathe in the vapors for at least five minutes, adding more hot water as needed.

It's also knowing to relieve itching and has antiseptic properties!
A single drop applied to the affected area will bring immediate relief.
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www.frankincense.world don't you love this album ? I just listened to the whole tracks now and I'm like wow ☺️ #Frankincense

Walk umar walk. So happy umar dapat catch up development dengan normal baby. Start meniarap 9 bulan sebab busy menggaru. Alhamdulillah syukur sangat 😊😊😊

GIVEAWAY!!!! To celebrate my two new blends: ROSE and FRANKINCENSE & LEMON and MOTHER'S DAY I am giving a lucky follower 1 of each of the 125gm sachets. Simply.
1. Follow me @mimosa_botanicals
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Competition will be open until this Sunday 30th April. I will notify the winner on Monday 1st.
Open to AUSTRALIAN residents only.

I'm so in love with my new coffee mug!!!!! Thank you, @wolfmommy 😍😍😍 I tried to convince the kids that my first favorite was Friday...they didn't believe me 😂 #frankincense #allthefrank #yleo #frankincenseismysecondfavoritefword #mamasaysthefword

I almost forgot how much I love these baby snugs 😍 Post coco oil + #frankincense massage and a feed sesh were followed up by some solid snuggles. In love. That is all. Goooood night my friends 💗🐣💗🐣💗🐣💗


Does your dog have a yeast infection, skin rashes or itching?😳 Capone is a bit chubby and has a fat roll under his neck that traps moisture which then turns into bacteria and yeast! He started scratching his neck and chin area 4 days ago and when I took a peek .........ugh.......black skin, red patchy area and severe itching! Return of the yeast infection!

I am so blessed to have my essential oils in my medicine cabinet so I can take care of these simple problems that occur on occasion. 💢STEP 1: Shampoo his neck with the On Guard foaming hand wash which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Shampoo the area every 3 days. 💢STEP 2: Mix 6 ounces of organic witch hazel in a 8 ounce glass spray bottle. Add 10 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil Add 10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil Add 10 Drops of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil 💢STEP 3: Spray the affected area 3 times a day until symptoms subside. 💢STEP 4: DO NOT feed any grains or carbohydrates and that includes veggies with sugar in them like carrots and sweet potatoes as they feed yeast.
ADD PB Assist (double encapsulated Probiotic) to their diet daily ......continue for lifetime as yeast stems from internally and getting the digestive track in balance is very important! HUGE reminder to me to keep up on my orders ...I ran out and he was off his for 1 week and WOW it really affects his system! 💯Day 1 Capone was itchy, red and black skin ......after his second shampoo on Day 4 his skin was 100% clear!

#dog #pets #yeastinfection #naturalpetcare #holisticpetcare #essentialoils #coastalessentialoils #kristarandall #frankincense #Lavender #romanchamomile #probiotic #digestivehealth #digestivebalance #dogsskin #alternativehealthcare
#rashes #itching

Help your skin #heal and recover quickly! Correct-X is a multi-purpose, all-natural ointment that helps #clean and #soothe distressed #skin. #health #wellness #athlete #outdoors #healthyskin #frankincense #helichrysum #melaleuca #cedarwood #lavender
Correct-X® Essential Ointment


Frankincense, Helichrysum, Melaleuca, Cedarwood, and Lavender—all CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils known to help assist in soothing skin irritations—form the base of doTERRA Correct-X. This multi-purpose, all-natural ointment helps soothe skin and keep it clean while recovering from distress. Correct-X provides a moisture barrier that helps protect while simultaneously soothing and hydrating the skin. This petroleum-free, preservative-free ointment absorbs quickly and is gentle and non-irritating, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

This is the truth! Love supporting our health with these amazing oils and our Young Living oil infused products!! Life changing.💛
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You can rub Frankincense on your hands after a long day of gardening for warming and soothing effects. #frankincense #MapleStEssentials

Back to normal life today and taking control and using tools (oils) from my wellness box! First on the list, Bible reading, then Zumba, then lunch with friends, then kids, Zumba Toning, and family time. Phew! Glad I can support my Immune system to get through this day. #Monday #wellness #youngliving #momboss #frankincense #oregano #peppermint #zumba #friends #family

QisLoma Handmade Soap is comprised of the classic olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, enriched with shea butter and goat milk. We don't add any essential oils or fragrance oils, only pure extracts and organic additives, so we use only natural "perfume" (and color too) to scent our soap. Frankincense & Myrrh is our signature soap. It's a very earthy soap with the resin extract of Frankincense AND Myrrh in one! Both of these combat the aging process as well as act as antiseptics. Myrrh is one of the best cicatrisants which means it stimulates cellular growth so its a healer as is frankincense. We use fresh ungraded boswellia sacra resins and high grade commiphora myrrha for our sacred frankincense & myrrh luxury soap. Keep calm, our soap sweat. It's a common soap reaction referred to as "Glycerin Dew". Glycerin is an organic compound also known as glycerol. It's a clear, odorless liquid at room temperature and ours is derived from vegetable oil. It's a natural byproduct of the saponification process. Glycerin is a humectant/hygroscopic - this means that the glycerin moisturizes by drawing water into itself. The theory is that when you wash with glycerin soap is that there will be a thin layer of glycerin left behind, which will then draw moisture from the air, onto your skin; thus moisturizing your skin. We don't put an expiration date on our soap. Generally the soap itself is shelf stable, depending on what oils go into it. The soap gets better with age and will last longer as it becomes harder and generally the milder the bar becomes. In actuality, soap with goat milk soaps age beautifully. A preservative is not needed in goat milk soap. If the soap has been made properly, cured and then stored properly, it will not go bad. No alcohol used, no animal fat, no sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and no sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES) - therefore the soap is light on lather but deep in cleansing. So don't be fooled by it. No paraben. The soap colour is derived from pure pomegranate extract. High moisturizing content. So rich and moisturizing - ideal for even a very sensitive skin. QisLoma Handmade Soap is kind to your skin, your health and our environment 🍃 #qisloma

Getting the house in order! ENERGY CLEARING! Always take time to clear the negative energy from your home and replace it with positive energy and love..trust me, it makes the atmosphere so much smoother and the vibrations higher. And..don't forget to let the windows up..lol. It's a spring board for balancing out your personal energetic aura!! BLAZING...#palosantosticks #incense #candles #rosemary #sage #Frankincense #myrrh #ancientscience

"bloup" The Organic Flowering apple juice is now available at the LE SWEETSPOT. Enjoy unlimited The Flower Power Organic apple juice. LE SWEETSPOT 108 rue Mouffetard Paris 75005
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Meanwhile, I'm in the living room just trying to wake my brain up and focus with this trio blasting through the diffuser #essentialoilswithdani #essentialoils #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #peppermint #frankincense #jadelemon #roadtowellness

Goddess Scrubs by CannaGetHealing.
-Canna oil
-detox salt
-Goddess signature oil from Dubai
-Frankincense & Myrrh -Healing crystal 2oz $27 4oz $55
Store Pick up at 1426 Park Rd NW DC & 2337 18th street NW DC
Online store will launch this week! For orders and inquiries contact us CannaGetHealing@gmail.com ❤Namaste
#goddessscrubs #naturalproducts #bodyscrubs #cannatopicals #cannabis #healing #crystals #crystalhealing #Reiki #frankincense #handmade

If you would like to find out more about what is in your everyday cosmetics and body products, head over and check out the Environmental Working Groups website (ewg.org) and their database of Cosmetic Products - Skindeep 🍃
#doterra #essentialoils

Goddess Scrubs by CannaGetHealing.
-Canna oil
-detox salt
-Goddess signature oil from Dubai
-Frankincense & Myrrh -Healing crystal
Only 2oz $27 4oz $55
Store Pick up at 1426 Park Rd NW DC & 2337 18th street NW DC
Online store will launch this week! For orders and inquiries contact us CannaGetHealing@gmail.com ❤Namaste
#goddessscrubs #naturalproducts #bodyscrubs #cannatopicals #cannabis #healing #crystals #crystalhealing #Reiki #frankincense #handmade

My young son woke up coughing. Whipped together this blend to rub on his chest to help sooth him. Easy enough for him to apply throughout the day. ❤ #abundantlyjoyful #yleo #youngliving #rollerblend #lavender #frankincense #lemon #RC

Replenishing body butter, pamper your skin with rich hydration and luxurious feeling. The base of his new formula combines Shea and cocoa seed butters, known for their deep moisturizing and ability to promote skin suppleness. • Wild Orange essential oil is known for its purifying benefits. • Douglas Fir essential oil is purifying to the sin and provides uplifting aromatic benefits. • Frankincense essential oil is rejuvenatingto the ski and has a balancing effect on emotions.

#essentiallyblessed5 #frankincense #douglasfir #wildorange #bodybutter #doterra

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