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Although you may have heard otherwise, red team won🤷🏽‍♀️❤️ #fpink #fgreen

Adding a little color to my life and I may even get some on my fingers. I'm crazy like that! 😜#aurorapen #fountainpens #fpink #penlife #sfpenshow2016

New ink: Ishida Bungu Hakodate Twilight Blue

Ink Challenge 2017-004: Pen Day.
This year the Ink Challenge isn't only about the inks, but also about pens I own.
I kick off with a pen used in the writing sample of day two.
The Edison Collier Blue Steel with a steel 1.5 stub nib. This nib is a crisp stub, giving nice thin lines and very broad stokes.
The nib is a size 6, is interchangeable as a whole nib unit and is friction fit. This means you can pull the nib and feed out off the nib unit to clean it thoroughly.
The Collier is one of the larger sized pen bodies from Edison Pen co. It is a thick pen, so not for small hands. I like this size a lot though.
The logo can be found engraved on the nib, as well as a metal bookmark that was included with my pen.
The finish is stunning, blue and dark blue swirls with metallic spickles that give the pen a metallic finish. A detailed shot of the finish will be posted as well.
#edisonpenco #edisoncollier #fpink #fpgeeks #inkchallenge2017
Ink used today: Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

Might as well have some "crazy" fun with your currently inked list. ( sound on for more fun ) #fountainpen #fpink

우리 언니❤️😘❤️
#selfie #starbucks #고마워 #사랑해 #Fpink

On International Women's Day, let's remember all the survivors of domestic abuse, assault, and all the other things they may have endured. To all the women who've been through hell and didn't let that stop them. . . and to all the men who didn't fail them. . . ❤ "If you're not raising your boys to respect women, they will never become men." - Unknown #quote #handwriting #fountainpen #fountainpengeeks #fpgeeks #twsbi #twsbieco #robertoster #fpink #ink #internationalwomensday


Although you may have heard otherwise, red team won🤷🏽‍♀️❤️ #fpink #fgreen

New ink day! My friend gave me the stuff from our @wonderpens order. 😄✨📔🖋 Bonus calm pupper who accepted to stay there while I was taking photos instead of ruining everything. Good boy 💖
Bottles of Noodler's The Raven (Canadian Exclusive) & Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses (such a lovely red!)
Samples of Sailor Four-Seasons Chu-Shu, Kin-Mokusei, Fuji-Musume and Yuki-Akari, and Pilot Iroshizuku Kosumosu
Life Stationery Kappan Writing Paper (smooooooooth)
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115/730 #randominkaday Ishida Bungu Hakodate Twilight Blue

New ink: Ishida Bungu Hakodate Twilight Blue

Ink Challenge 2017-113: Robert Oster Signature - Blue Denim.
Today's ink is close to some teal inks, and initially I wanted to do this ink review a couple of days ago, but my preparation took longer and I felt inclined to show some teal and denim colored inks this week. I then chose the easy way out with the Lamy Petrol. Now the drawing is almost as I wanted it to be.
The ink is a denim colored blue, that is used in the jeans with a brush, without diluting.
In a closeup of my handwriting you can see the shading that is present in a good ratio. In places the sheen takes over, see the doubled lines in the closeup of the drawing.
It is a great flowing ink, that also dries fast enough for my writing speed.
#robertosterink #robertostersignature #ink #fpink #fpgeek #fpgeeks #inkaddict #inkchallenge2017 #inkreview

Ink Challenge 2017-113: Prelude
I thought it would be nice to show why it takes some time for me to get new drawings on IG on a daily basis nowadays. In contrast to last year when I rarely made any sketches, and just drew what came to mind, I now take the time to go from concept to art. For today's entry I made four sketches.
In the first slide at the bottom you see the wire diagram made with a Sailor King Cobra nib and Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho ink.
The top sketch is made with a sailor Cross Point and Sailor Cross Music nib both with Pilot Iroshizuku inks, Yama-Budo and Kon-Peki.
In the second slide a pencil sketck is made and finally a pen drawing with a TWSBI 580 with B nib and Robert Oster Signature Purple Soul.
The last drawing is used for reference of the final drawing. In this case it took me about a week in preparation before the final result came to life.
#pilotiroshizuku #pilotiroshizukuink #ink #fpink #robertosterink #robertostersignature #fpgeek #fpgeeks #inkaddict #inkchallenge2017

114/730 #randominkaday Robert Oster Torquay

Some @teddysphotos for this week's #mondaymatchupgiveaway! I love Diamine Oxford Blue in the @edisonpenco Nouveau Premiere in Arctic Currents. I only wish this photo did justice to the lovely sheen of this ink!
#leuchtturm1917 #leuchtturm #bulletjournaling #bulletjournal #edisonnouveaupremiere #diamineoxfordblue #gouletpens #tenerifesea #fpink #fpaddict #fountainpen #fountainpenaddict #fountainpen #fountainpens

Ink Challenge 2017-112: Three Shades of Teal
I wanted to see what my two most used teal inks look like compared to the Lamy Petrol. The competitors are:
1. Lamy - Petrol
2. Diamine Teal
3. P. W. Akkerman (Dutch Masters) - no.05 Israel's Zeeblauw.
The three inks are ordered from dark to light, the colors are different as well as their intensity. The Petrol is a very dark greenish teal , the Diamine Teal is a medium greenish teal, while the Zeeblauw is a light bluish teal.
The sheen diminishes with the darkness of the ink. It can be seen in the triangle that the Petrol is almost completely engulfed with a red copper sheen, while the Zeeblauw has just a small amount.
The shading is great with both the Diamine and the Zeeblauw, and the Petrol is a mile behind.
Another big difference between the inks is the dry time. The Zeeblauw dries fast enough for fast note taking at work, making sure you can turn the page without any problems ahead. The Petrol is usable enough, but the Diamine takes too long for me.
Overall the Petrol is the winner, followed by the Zeeblauw.
#pwakkermanink #lamyink #diamineink #ink #fpink #fpgeek #fpgeeks #inkaddict #inkcomparison #inkchallenge2017

113/730 #randominkaday Kobe #51 Kano Cho Midnight

First time ever inking this staple black ink

Ink Challenge 2017-111: Lamy - Petrol nib comparison.
I tried the dark teal colored limited time only Lamy Petrol with different nibs today.
All the nibs show some nice reddish sheen, but only the Broad and Stub tend to show some shading as well. These two nibs also tend to let the ink look darker and with more sheen on the edges. I like the looks the best with the Broad nib, very intense in color and still a fair dry time, even though it is longer than perfect.
#lamyink #Petrol #ink #fpink #fpgeek #fpgeeks #inkaddict #inkchallenge2017

112/730 #randominkaday Diamine Sargasso Sea

One of my favorite orange ink color.
- INK: Omas orange.
- PAPER: Galgo Parchemin.

#fountainpenink #inkaddict #calligraphy #fountainpen #fountainpens #pen #omas #omasink #orange #fpink #incaddicted #ink

Franklin-Christoph Music Nib with Kobe No.58

New inks! Thanks to @g00nerette

Ink Challenge 2017-110: Lamy - Petrol
I ordered a bottle of Lamy Petrol a couple of weeks ago during a pen meet at La Couronne du Comte. I picked up the bottle a day before the Inxperiment arrived in the mail from Appelboom Pennen. In the package was a sample of this limited edition ink as well.
Now that I have used it for some days, I thought it may be a good time to give you some feedback on my findings, so you can still order it if you like.
It is a dark teal ink that did not give me a lot of shading with my Sailor 1911 H-M nib except for the moments I try to flex the nib a bit. I haven't tried it with other fountain pen nibs yet. It does however give a nice reddish sheen on most papers.
The dry time is very usable in every day writing on regular paper. The flow of the ink is great and the ink is well saturated.
#lamyink #ink #fpink #fpgeeks #fpgeek #inkaddict #inkchallenge2017 #inxperiment

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