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Just picking up my awards last night #clinical #TBE #foxinthebox #blessed #HWUFC

Very happy to sign with @lechpoznan1922 Can't wait to start playing here🚂🚂 #kolejorz #foxinthebox

And we're off 😊 #foxinthebox

You have done well, my son. #foxinthebox #oddsbk

Check out this #teamOsaka goal from the #foxinthebox Eddie OMalley #OsakaStyle #Repost @joebrennan13 this goal could be contender for goal of the season Eddie O'Malley @hockey_ireland @fihockey

Alas, it's been two weeks, and we are well aware of where the boundaries now stand. We were all left disappointed with Cathaí-gate last week, but you know what, it made everyone crave a lad that bit more. Without further ado, #MeetTheLadsMonday is back, and we've got Tuborg's top scorer to sink your teeth into!
Name: Brian Murphy
Age: 20
Position: Fox in the box ™: Bruiser
Can't live without: Sersh, goals and POK

"I grew up in the box. Little toe-pokes. One touch finishes. I lived in the box. Even when I was thinking outside the box, I did it in the box. I look at my older brother, Matty, and he's scoring goals for Damba Banter. It's no coincidence. We're cultured, built to do this, built to be in the box. Ever since I've been single though, the 18-yard box is the only one I'm getting into, if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I'm back on the market, but it's tough, you know. At one stage I thought I had it all, but now all I've got is this belly and a fucking clinical eye for goal. Girls can be so shallow when I try to approach them, they just look me up and down and say "I don't kiss fat guys" or "haha state of your belly", it can be really demoralising. In France I lay down my marker and had 6 girls lined up, "6 in 6 months" I said, "best of luck to you" the lads said. But I've had fuck all luck. They don't even spare me a passing glance once they see the belly, and I've had enough of it. Swear to god, once I polish off the rest of this baguette I'm cutting down big time. If I'm back on the market I've got to put myself in the shop window, and who'd pick this out of a shop window? The 6 girls on my list certainly wouldn't I'll tell you that right now. I'm top scorer on the pitch, and I need to be top scorer off the pitch too. 1 month left to get in 6 boxes. I was born to be in the box."

Warning shots sent out by BM, and we hope to bring you more on these 6 women he speaks of as it develops. It's great to have a lad back in our Monday and we certainly hope that another one never goes by when we don't get to bring you the Tuborg you deserve to meet. Until next Monday, folks, this has been #MtlM

#MeetTheLadsMonday #ForzaTuborg #FoxInTheBox

Only a couple more minutes and we would have been out! #foxinthebox #escape #goodtimes with #greatfriends we'll be back!

The bank robbers got the loot!!! Not a great picture, but a really great time. Thank you Room Escape Miami! #foxinthebox #miami #braingame

7 goals from centre half isn't bad #FoxintheBox #FitzysRaging #EasyMoney


Escaped like the bosses we think we are. #foxinthebox #fbbcfam

#TBT #2005 Hosted AFC Wimbledon at home in the league and I hit the back of the net , Must have listened to @garethkeeping on finishing #foxinthebox #goodolddays #football

Quoi de mieux pour passer une bonne journée qu'un bon escape game?! Être avec les coupains et souhaiter la bienvenue à ta nouvelle bougie !!
Et bien #foxinthebox #boulogne est fait pour ça !! Une room et une game master parfaites !!
Très bel anniversaire ma coupine !! Que le meilleur de ton passé devienne le pire de ton avenir !! 🌟💖😘
#birthday #goodtime #escapegame #withfriends #withlove #firsttime #goodday #happy #funny #amitié

Great response after Saturdays disappointing result. Me and @woodzy_goodz link up is unstoppable at times. 🤙🏽👊🏽💪🏽👏🏽⚽⚽⚽and @ryanauger1 hits the top bins with a free kick.. soz 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🥅 #15YearPartnership #olddogs #tikataka #3-1

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